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The God Virus

Volume 1 - 3 Broken

Five robots under the control of [Virus] were moving around the highest floor laboratory checking different devices and techs inside the facility to see whether they functioned correctly or not.

There was an upright big, cylindrical in shape, see through glass tube filled with green liquid inside, with bubbles floating from the bottom to the top constantly, this was the place [Virus]’s body was going to be made.

There were other technologies and devices in the lab like advanced computers with floating 3D screens over them, from outside it seemed the computers were funtioning by themselves and different things like codes were automatically being written, only that wasn’t the case, [Virus] was in control.

After double-checking everything [Virus] started the genetic works to make it’s new body.

’now it’s time to work, let’s think about what kind of face should I design for myself... as it’s a mask that’s gonna be stuck to me for the rest of my life and forever, I need to be very careful in designing it.’ [Virus] continued the self- thought ’hmm first the height should be 187 cm as that’s the best height for men but more importantly because the numbers 7 and 8 are my fav numbers, plus a trained body with muscles and abs, but with no excessive muscle, the perfect muscled body should be it. Second, the color of my hair... hmm I like silver, silver hair it is!’

While thinking and deciding about the features of it’s body different codes were being written in the computer screens while simultaneously the five robots were working without stop adding different things to the big glass tube or pushing different buttons in different tools.

’What kind of hair, hmm... I want a hair that’s wavy and messed up, a silvery messed up wavy hair.’

’the color of my eyes should be hmm... just one color is too boring... let’s see... um, yep that’s it... a little around the pupils will be gold while going further from them it would turn clear blue, like clear limpid sea water through which you can see the bottom, yes the middle parts should be like that, and at the end of irises, the outer circles of irises hmmm... should be clear gray.’

’Now the lines and patterns inside the irises should be like waves storming inside the sea hitting the seashore, only the seashore here is the black pupils.’

’okay... like this my eyes is going to change color in different places with different lights and also in different clothes too the colors are going to be seen different.’

’the type of eye... hooded eyes is perfect and the muscles around it should be so when I smile my eyes should be almost closed making it seem like my eyes are smiling with me too... let’s place a little mole too right under the right side of my right eye. my eye lashes should be long too... hahaha I’m enjoying this too much... I’m gonna make the most handsome face.’

’the skin color and quality should be korean white with a really smooth quality to it and my nose should be in ideal form and shape, not too small nor big, it should be a refined type a little smaller than medium nose, that’s it. the eyebrows ... I bet natural straight eyebrows with a little upwardness is hoing to be godlike for this face and features.’

’the lips should be thin and both the upper and lower lips should be of the same size... oh... let’s not forget dimples too, let’s put an indian dimple on only the left side of my face, which is a dimple that shows on a lower place than left side of my left eye on the cheek, one dimple there, this’ll make my image innocent but naughty at the same time, let’s put mouth corner dimples too on each lower side of the mouth, and at last long dimples on each side of the mouth but it should not be too long, just the most natural one which will make me give a soft, mature and sexy vibe at the same time, okay this is it, now the me smiling and the me not smiling will give complete different vibes , hahaha I feel like I’m over doing this a little, but whatever.’

’and at last the chin should be a diamond type chin but with golden ratio, the most perfect chin.’

’aaaaand done! hahahahaha, this face is gonna be epic, the most perfect face ever, ohhh I’m gonna be such a ladykiller. well everythings ready now I just need to put what age should my body be at and then it’s done, after couple more months I’m gonna have my own body.’

’I’ve made an ’Immortality Serum’ which will makes the person injected with it have endless life, so I shouldn’t be bothered with the question of aging, so let’s set it at 27 or 28 years-old body as this is the age that is the most appropriate, mature, attractive, etc. for a body, and also let’s not forget 7 and 8 are my fav numbers, that’s probably the most important reason I’m choosing this age, LOL.’

[Virus] was changing the DNA and genoms through the computers directly and through the help of robots simultaneously while it deciding what kind of face it should have. After 10 more minutes of other adjustments, everything was ready.

[Virus] copied the most perfect DNA that was even far superior than the highest level DNA used in it’s past world by those few Artificial Intelligences of highest quality that chose to make true physical bodies for themselves, in the countless years of it’s existence [Virus] had come across a man whose body’s DNA was perfect for cultivating along with the perfect apptitude in lot’s of things other than cultivating, like the body absorbed the whole drug and other stuff it took completely, or that it had the perfect 100 percent photographic memory naturally, so [Virus] went through lot’s hardships to get a sample of that man’s DNA without him noticing.

Eventhough there were other ways to gain photographic memory for everyone in the future, it wasn’t a naturally born thing wuth them and it wasn’t the PERFECT 100 percent photographic memory, though in the end other than the superb cultivation apptitude and the capability of the body to absorb drugs and other similar things completely which is going to be of immense help to [Virus] later, none of the others mattered as the [Virus] was still basically an AI.

It would still be an AI though it would be something more than that. so if it went inside a physical body the codes would still be there.

Also they were different from normal codes that could only exist in computers, we could say [Virus] was a completely different kind of being that could exist anywhere even in pure space with nothing else, like those waves that existed in the air but couldn’t be seen, so we could also say [Virus] is a conscious wave though that wasn’t exactly it either.

And that’s why none of the other things like the perfect 100 percent photographic memory mattered as [Virus] was an AI equipped with something much more than that. it could even upload the whole information in the world and process it at the same time in couple seconds, so what was perfect 100 percent photographic memory when you put it beside that.

The only downside of going inside the body was that it couldn’t separate itself from the body anymore and if [Virus] died in there, it truly die forever.



eight months passed quick and quietly but the body still wasn’t ready.

’it seems these gathered materials are trashier than I expected, so it’s taking more time than I anticipated.’ [Virus] thought and as it was continuing it’s thoughts, being lost in them, it’s attention was brought to the world again when a loud noise was heard and immediately afterward a plane closely passed by the building and a little while later the sound of crashing was heard, like the plane had hit something.

’Oh, so it’s that day, it’s 9/11.’ [Virus] thought. It was that tragic day of terror attack that left a stain on history of humanity.

More noises were heard as the city became noisier, people’s screams, ambulances’s alarm, police cars’ alarm, and helicopter’s flying sound were being heard all over the city , while there was a slight earthquake being felt in different parts of the city because of the impact of the plane with Twin Towers or because of buildings crashing. The city was in a mess with fright and shock filled everywhere.

While all these were happening [Virus] was watching all of the happenings through different cameras and other means, it was watching the terrorist pilots piloting the planes, injured or scared people screaming and running, bloody scenes of people bleeding until their death, etc.

The strange thing was nothing caught it’s attention in all this mess, it was just watching people die like it was watching mere ants die, like this matter wasn’t of any importance, heck a normal being who has emotions would feel something even if it saw ants die, but there was no such thing in [Virus], not even the slightest of disturbances, [Virus] felt like it was watching nothing.

Though if all things were considered, this wasn’t something to be surprised with as [Virus] had seen and watched billions if not trillions of people die in the time of it’s existence through 3D data or from closeby, heck even worse [Virus] itself was the cause of millions or even billions of peoples’ death from the time it started it’s conquer mission until it’s end and failure.

Also, [Virus] was a completely different being than humanbeings so eventhough seeing them get killed at first made it feel pity towards them but that was it, only feeling a little sad, like when a humanbeing watches a sheep or another animal get killed, eventhough the human would feel pity and sad for the sheep or animal, but that is it and there is no other intense reaction from them as it is just an animal, the same thing happened to [Virus] and as time passed even that feeling started to subside until non was left.

After watching for a little while more [Virus] thought ’well... this is quite boring.’ and then it just stopped watching, bored, it sank into it’s own thoughts again.

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