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The God Virus


And finally his hand came to and touched her boob.

But oddly his hand couldn’t feel the boob! thinking it was weird he looked down to his hand only to see his hand was no longer there, it was on the floor but he forgot about that for a moment as a golden beauty was standing beside him by a long sword in her right hand looking at him with eyes so cold that could probably freeze the magma inside a volcano in a second.

It was at this moment that finally the pain came of losing a hand came to him as he started screaming on the floor "AAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHGGGAAAAAA..."

Lots of blood also splashed on Ella’s face and body as she completely froze.

"How dare you lowly things touch master’s woman." this was the only thing she said coldly.

As everyone was still dazed by the happenings the sound of footsteps were heard, everyone finally came out of the daze wanting to attack the crazy golden beauty while the lackeys of Tom were scared shitless as one of them even pissed himself. As the gansters were interrupted by the footsteps they looked at the source only to see a man who seemed to be around 27 or 28 was walking towards them as he started clapping and while clapping he said "Congratulations, you guys successfully made me angry, this is the first time since I came here that I’ve become this angry."

"Okay... more words would be useless... kill them them all, but first cut their two hands and then their two legs... no all their three legs. then at last behead them... oh also leave that Tom boy for the last as I have something to say to him." Virus ordered with the same tone like he was talking about everyday stuff like ’The weather is so nice today.’

"Yes Master." The golden beauty said as she started moving with a super fast speed that normal people couldn’t even see, one moment she was there the next moment she apoeared beside somebody and started cutting him.

The warehouse was filled with blood, hands, legs, and little legs. it was also filled with screams and begging to be spared as they were being slaughtered like chickens... no not chickens as that would be over statements, they were being killed like ants or even less.

Completely not bothered by the happenings around him Virus started walking beside Ella as he finally came beside her, he stopped and asked while cleaning the blood from her face.

Seeing her still in daze and no response Virus knew the shock was probably too much so he first untied her as he took a pill out and put it inside his own mouth and then took her chin and kissed her as he pushed the pill inside her mouth and then throat.

After the pill went inside her stomach, weirdly she calmed down in a second as she came out of the daze. It was a pill that made trauma go away and calm the person from that trauma.

After looking at the slaughter happening beside her she calmly took her glance from there as she looked at Virus and said "You came for me... " as he said that tears started falling down her face.

First cleaning the tears on her face Virus hugged her, as she started crying loudly in his embrace weakly.

The golden beauty was finally done with the slaughter, only Tom was left who was still screaming while losing lot’s of his blood, but looking at her master hugging Ella she didn’t say anything as she calmly waited for her master’s orders.

After Ella was finally calm he stopped hugging her as he looked at the screaming Tom who was almost on the verge of fainting.

"I’ll Give you three choices: First you cut you own dick and then I’ll let you die without any more pain, Second the golden beauty will cut it for you and then kill you by the incinerator, Third you will die by this mechanical bug in my hand." Virus said as he took out an iron bug from inside his pocket as he said again "if you don’t choose I’ll choose for you but trust me it’ll be even more cruel in that case."

"My dad... will avenge me... heck... the Snake to Dragon Gang will kill you all." gritting his teeth he said.

"Well... it seems you want me to choose... okay, first cut his other hand then his three legs and at last make this bug go inside him, and at last erase him with the incinirator." Virus ordered calmly making Tom horrified who started yelling "I CHOOSE THREE! I CHOOOSE THREEE NOOO"

"too late." Was virus’ only words as the golden beauty did as she was told and cut his everything and then let the bug go inside him but as the bug went inside him he started screaming like he had gone crazy and nuts.


Seeing him completely break Virus said "Okay... that’s enough, incinerate them all." Virus ordered again.

"Yes master." The golden beauty did as commanded as she turned the incinerator on from which a blue scanning light came out as the next moments everything dead relaed to humanbeings, like the blood on the floor, the dead bodies, hands, and legs started disintegrating on molecular level.

A little while later no blood or body or leg or hand was left as everything was gone, only the still alive Tom was there for which the golden beauty manually chose him as a target by the incinerator as Tom started feeling pain on different level as his molecules were being torn apart but as he has gone crazy it didn’t matter much eventhough he started screaming like hell for a second again before nothing of him was left.

After being done with everything the golden beauty again looked again at Virus who was holding Ella’s hand and said "what do we do now master?"

"Now? we first go home." Virus said as he looked at Ella and said "Let’s go."

and then the three went back by the Lamborghini which Virus drove.

After getting to the highest floor of 4 Times Square Virus gave another order to the golden beauty "Now, go and slaughter every one of those gangsters’ members and then go kill that Tom’s father who raised such an aweful kid, I’ll send the location of every member of the gang and also the location of his father, take my lamborghini, just be sure to not leave anyone alive and if anyone else saw the slaughter or you around, kill them too, I won’t leave any record of you throughout the city through cameras or what not, I’ll erase everything and you too be sure to erase everything with the incinerator, now go!" Virus gave the final order. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

"Yes master." the golden beauty said as she went away to complete her mission.


So a one star reviewer said that my book had fake reviwers so here’s my answer: I wasn’t trying to hide that, I asked some of my friends to come join the site and give 5 star reviews to my books along reading it.

If asking my friends to help me promote my work is a crime then I will live with this crime, I don’t care what others say and I’ll never do, if I’m forced to I’ll just stop writing, big deal.

It’s not like the 5 star reviews make you always read my book, it just introduces it to more readers in this huge app, after seeing it if you like to try, you try it once, if you like it you continue reading further and if you don’t you stop! and that’s it, no forcing whatsoever.

And my book having some grammar errors along with typos. I admit it has some too as English is not my first language, I don’t edit it whatsoever and I write all chapters by my phone.

Sorry for writing here in the chapter section and for taking all your precious time dear readers, as I wanted all of you to read this and I just had to say it and make myself clear so no more misunderstanding happens again!


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