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The God Virus

Chapter 516 - Too Late

Chapter 516 - Too Late

As a matter of fact, Virus could've injected more techniques from his database into the shop. However, Virus knew doing so would result in the same outcome unless he came to possess the Forgotten Pen.

Hence, refusing to commit the same mistake twice, he employed a wait-and-see strategy until further notice.

On the plus side, since he was the legal owner of both the shop and his house, Virus didn't need to pay a single Qi Ingot as rent during the entire month. Not only that, many of the shops in the Dead Pool district that remained as dead as a doornail belonged to him now. That was why Virus wasn't in any immediate rush to do something careless that wasn't going to work.

And tonight, Virus was on his way to the brothel again.

In the past month, going to the brothel had become a natural habit that Virus had to follow like a mandatory schedule.

Visting the brothel like every other night, Blaze Detox entered and was greeted by the stewardess as usual.

"Welcome, dear client. Let me guide you to your room." Full of respect, the stewardess bowed before turning around to guide him to his private space.

Albeit, before she took a single step forward, Blaze stopped her. "No need. You can go away. I'll pick a girl from their waiting area before going to a private section myself."

"Ah, is that so? Alright then." Since Blaze was a daily customer and a VIP one at that, the stewardess didn't mind him roaming around the brothel on his own.

In fact, this had happened many times before as Blaze would go and select a girl himself before dragging her into his private space and start fucking the woman until she was numb to all feelings in the world.

And tonight, assuming it to be like any other night, without bothering to double-check, the stewardess left. 'Well, this is better for me anyway, I can go attend to the other clients.'

The moment she was gone, however, a wanton glint of desire covered Blaze's eyes as he sauntered to the prostitute's waiting section.

When he arrived, he spotted the silhouette of several girls and women waiting to be called over to the rooms of certain clients.

However, none of them garnered Blaze's attention. Instead, it was the image of the tempting girl sitting alone all by herself which attracted his undivided focus.

That was Aily!

In the past month, seeing Aily remain a virgin without anyone touching her, all the other prostitutes had come to learn of how she had a VIP client adoring and protecting her from all the hungry wolves in the brothel.

And that naturally made all the prostitutes look at Aily with looks of envy and jealousy due to the special treatment. Alas, except mocking her here and there, they couldn't really do anything excessive to her since she was under the protection of the stewardess herself.

The pain of loneliness and isolation was their primary strategy to get back at her.

Nevertheless, as Aily sat in a corner all by herself, her eyes were drawn to the approaching figure of Blaze which made her squint recalling his words from a month ago.

"W-what do you want?" Stuttering a bit, she inquired. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

"Haha, how are you? Umm, don't be so alert. I'm here on behalf of Vee to take you to him." Beaming a kind smile, Blaze displayed a genuine expression.

"Are you telling the truth?" Lowering her guard at the mention of Vee, a brilliance of expectation inflamed her eyes. Still, some of her suspicions persisted.

"Why would I lie? He sent me over to bring you to him. We're going to have a double date outside the brothel tonight. You, him, me, and my date who I left with him. They are waiting for us to join them." Acting as unthreatening as possible and full of patience, Blaze replied.

"Really?" Frowning, Aily had difficulty believing him a hundred percent.

"Of course! Don't you know Vee and I are friends? Frankly, he was the one to invite me in the first place, saying he wants to show me his Cultivation Trust shop as well."

Afterward, initiating a casual conversation with the subject being Vee himself, Blaze spoke to her like a gentleman while gradually forcing her to lower her guard fully.

At last, confident about having convinced her enough, he suggested, "Anyway, let's not keep them waiting any longer. Think about it, he may misunderstand why it's taking us so long, wouldn't that be bad for you?"

At the mention of Virus misunderstanding, Aily's last line of defense shattered apart and was gone.

Thus, observing Blaze going toward the exit step by step, gritting her teeth, Aily followed after him.

Subsequently, while the stewardess was busy with another client, without her realizing it, the two left the brothel.

Sometime later, ending up in a dark alley devoid of any people, Aily stopped at last as a dreadful sensation of fear gripped over her heart. "Where are you taking me? Vee isn't waiting for us, is he?"

Pausing in his tracks, a burst of evil laughter resounded and filled the dark alley. "Hihihihi… it's too late now."

Turning around, with a wide grin displaying two rows of white teeth, Blaze confessed, "You see, I've been dying to fuck you for over a month now. At first, I thought Vee would be done with you in a few days at most before my turn to train you into the filthiest whore he had ever seen would come."

Shaking his head, frustration dominated his tone. "But it's been over a month now and yet he refuses to touch you for some reason… and I'm sick of waiting already!"

"You know, I'm even suspecting he's fallen for you at this point and that's why he refuses to make you bleed… since doing so would turn you into the worst prostitute that is destined to be fucked day and night by all the wanton bastards that cannot stop imagining filling every hole in your body with their dicks and essence.." Licking the corner of his mouth, Blaze was dying to jump on her.

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