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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 7 - Show the Cloven Hoof

Chapter 7: Show the Cloven Hoof

Translator: DragonRider

The politer and decorous Jia Yuanling usually was, the more surprised other people would feel at this moment when they saw him flush as if he wanted to have sex with the woman.

His father’s concubine was lying on the ground, improperly dressed. Jia Yuanling, as the son, dared to look at the woman all the time. His behavior was so ridiculous. It also proved what Ling Zhang had said before.

At this time, Jia Yuanling took a deep breath and tried hard to calm down. He did not understand why he felt so hot and had the sexual desire when he looked at the woman’s body, as if the devil controlled him and he could not move his eyes away. But he must hurry to deny it to others!

“I didn’t. Zhang, you’d better honestly admit it. Don’t deny it and fabricate a charge against others.” Jia Yuanling said.

Jia Yuanling thought that he had concealed his reaction very well, but he did not know that his ridiculous appearance had long been revealed. If he did not speak with that lecherous look, he might still be able to convince others, but now...

Ling Zhang looked around and clearly saw other people’s suspicion and dislike of Jia Yuanling in their eyes. He knew that no matter what Jia Yuanling said at this time, it was impossible to let others believe him.

Ling Zhang sneered in his heart. Now, he would let Jia Yuanling and his partners suffer thousands of times more painfully than what he had suffered!

“Did I wrong you? Jia Yuanling, you should see what the people behind you look like, and take a good look at the mirror to see what you look like now.”

Jia Yuanling’s face suddenly changed. He looked around and finally saw how people looked at him. He also saw his father’s sullen face. His father pointed at him and wanted to blame him, but was too angry to speak a word. Jia Yuanling quickly turned to look back and then he was stunned at once.

Jia Yuanling saw that the four men, who followed him, all flushed with blurred eyes Saliva drooled from the corner of their mouths as they looked at the dancer on the ground with desire. And they dared to murmur, “...This woman looks so erotic. I can’t forget her after having sex with her. Hah, it’s so cold to lie on the ground. Come to my arms.”

Jia Yuanling widened his eyes as he looked at them with disbelief. “How dare you!” he cried.

“Eh? What is this?” One of them touched the hand of the dancer and found the jade. He took it out and looked at it carefully before he turned to Jia Yuanling, “Yuanling, why is your jade here? Have you just forgotten it? Take it back, and don’t let people see it.”

Jia Yuanling’s face changed dramatically and he retreated quickly. “Jade? It is not mine!” he shouted.

However, all present saw clearly the word ‘Ling’ carved on the jade. It looked like the ‘Ling’ of Ling Zhang at first glance, but the Jia Family’s pattern on its opposite showed the jade was Jia Yuanling’s. And Jia Yuanling often had this jade by his waist so everyone who knew him could recognize this jade.

“It’s extremely ridiculous. Mr. Jia, your family is so unfortunate to have such a son.”

“That is true. He just pretended that he really didn’t know anything. His words were full of lies.”

“It’s a shame.”


Jia Yuanling looked sullen, his managed calmness gone under the curses from people around. Jia Yin fainted because of anger. The servants of Jia Family were suddenly in a great bustle.

“No, I didn’t. I didn’t do it. It must be Ling Zhang. He did that!” Jia Yuanling shouted in a loud voice with his finger pointing at Ling Zhang. But no one believed him.

“You still want to frame Ling Zhang now. Do you think we are all blind?”

Ling Zhang just watched the drama. Seeing Jia Yuanling and the four people behind him were hated by others when they showed their cloven hoof somehow worked off his anger. But at the same time, he also felt sad for the past him.

In the past, these people could be easily guided by others to curse him himself. Now, even though they all cursed the real culprits, it also led Ling Zhang to believe that it was impossible to rely on these ignorant guys to reach a fair judgment. He must be strong enough to influence others. That was the only way to fight for fair justice for himself.

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