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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 6 - Keep Your Damned Eyes Open

Chapter 6: Keep Your Damned Eyes Open

Translator: DragonRider

“Are you looking for me?”

Just while these people were talking, Ling Zhang suddenly appeared behind all of them. He looked neat and tidy. Apart from a whiff of alcohol, he did not show any inappropriateness, let alone the so-called traces left after fornicating with a woman.

“When I was resting in the wing-room, I heard great noise here and my name being called far away. What happened?”

There followed an extremely awkward silence after his words. No one expected that Ling Zhang would suddenly appear and he looked as if nothing had happened.

“Ling Zhang, how dare you show up!” Immediately someone pointed at Ling Zhang and cursed, “Yuanling regards you as a brother, but you betrayed him to have an affair with his father’s concubine!”

Others immediately woke up to that, looking suspiciously and contemptuously at Ling Zhang.

Ling Zhang snorted coldly and his face sank down as he queried, “What are you talking about?”

“You know what you have done and do you need us to speak it out?” The people?around Jia Yuanling tried their best to make a scene.

Ling Zhang’s eyes chilled down as he suddenly stepped forward. Before everyone could react, he kicked hard at that man’s lower abdomen. There was a bang. The man was kicked backwards and fell, screaming out of pain.

Everyone was stunned by this kick from Ling Zhang.

“Who the hell you think you are? How dare you slander me? Keep your snobbish eyes open to see who I am! How dare you offend Ling family?” Ling Zhang said in cold tone, looking down at the person who was kicked down on the ground. The anger and murderous intent in his eyes were clearly visible, and the fierce momentum frightened everyone to say nothing.

“How dare you…you kick me?” The man sat up awkwardly, and when he saw Ling Zhang’s eyes, he stammered without even the gut to stand up.

“How presumptuous of you to hurt my guest! Where do you think you are? You pay no respect to Jia family.” As the owner of Jia family, Jia Yin was the first to recover from shock.

Ling Zhang turned to look at him. His cold and fierce eyes made Jia Yin and all the people behind him feel chilly and unconsciously took a step backward.

“Where? I just think your Jia family is a big joke. Is there a father’s concubine who would sneak into his son’s yard? Are your son’s guards all dead? Either the gatekeeper intentionally let her in, or the woman had the means to get in easily. Either way, it only proves that she has been here more than once. Need I remind you of what shameful things she has done?”

“And this place is only a wall away from the main hall. Can’t the people in the main hall hear the movement here? You’d better look into the sordid relationship between your concubine and your son. He played her into a coma, and he wanted to use me as a scapegoat? Although I am here alone today, I am not the one to be bullied.”

“What do you mean?” Jia Yin was so angry that his fingers trembled. His eyes, which were fixed fiercely at Ling Zhang, burst with anger as if he were going to eat Ling Zhang alive.

“Are you deaf?” Ling Zhang was not a bit intimidated by his glare at all. “I said your son and the people around him were the ones who have committed adultery with the concubine.”

After Ling Zhang said this, everyone was shocked and looked suspiciously at Jia Yuanling and the people around him.

At this point, all were shocked as they just noticed that Jia Yuanling and several other people standing near the concubine flushed, their breathing quickening and their eyes reddening as if they were caught by a seizure.

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