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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 4 - The Legacy of Mother

Chapter 4: The Legacy of Mother

Translator: DragonRider

After putting the jade into the hand of the dancing girl, Ling Zhang was intended to find a place to hide and enjoy the show. But when he just turned around, there came a sudden bursting pain on his head. The severe pain overwhelmed him, blurring his vision, and made him stagger to almost fall down.

“What, what happened?” Ling Zhang pressed hard on his forehead. “Why does my head hurt so badly?”

The worst thing was that his eyes were getting blurry gradually, he even couldn’t see the way ahead.

Ling Zhang was startled, panic-stricken. “It was not easy to be reborn and gain the chance of revenging against Jia Family. How can I faint here and repeat the tragedy of previous life again?”

No, absolutely not!

Ling Zhang grinded teeth hard, gasping heavily for air. He fought hard to hold himself not to fall down, and staggered to the remote corner. When he struggled to a shelter with difficulty, he had been out in a sweat.

Just after he huddled himself up, Ling Zhang could no longer hold on and lose consciousness.

After falling in a faint, Ling Zhang was still not relieved. A lot of strange things squeezed into his mind, such as small labyrinth formation, trap of claiming lives, trap of hiding,?illusive?trap…

Ling Zhang felt very strange with the knowledge, which he felt very familiar with but the memory was very vague in the meanwhile. It seemed the knowledge had been learned before but was dug out from the depths of his mind all at one time to force him to grasp again.

Some of the traps were painted on the paper with his na?ve hands, some were drawn by stroke with someone holding his hand, some were his personal experience that he had been left to the small labyrinth formation and cried for failing to find the way out.

Who taught him these? The voice of the person was sometimes gentle, sometimes severe, which was so familiar to him that made him want to cry. The warmth and tenderness of kinship rose slowly in his heart, and he remembered, it was the voice of his mother.

“How long has it been since I heard mother’s voice?”

Since mother died of illness, father disappeared, he had not experienced the warmth and care from his parents thereafter.

He could still remember that when his mother died, there were many books left by her in the study, many of which were about traps and formations. However, all of them were burned down by his father later, for his father said that it was those books about traps that killed his mother, which were hoodoos.

His father disappeared just after burning those books. Grandfather and uncle were afraid he would be sad, so they required the family servants to mention his parents as little as possible. Gradually, nobody talked about them. Ling Zhang gradually forgot the traps and formations his mother had taught him as he received formal education in school.

What if he had insisted on learning traps and remembered them in mind? Would Ling Family be less passive in his last life? At least he would have been able to do something; in that case, would everything be different? After all, he had personally experienced the power of the small labyrinth formation laid by his mother. If he had known how to use the trap at that time, was it possible that he could buy Ling Family the opportunity to escape?

Unfortunately, there was no if, the tragedy of last life had occurred, and it could not be allowed to happen again this time.

With that decided, Ling Zhang began to try his best to recall all the knowledge about the traps bit by bit in the mind, and imprinted the knowledge deeply in his mind with all efforts.

It seemed to be a long time after Ling Zhang had thoroughly rummaged the knowledge out and bore it in mind.

Actually, only less than ten minutes passed. There was no noise in the garden outside, but someone would come soon.

Ling Zhang got out of the hiding place upon waking up with eyes becoming deeper.

“Right on time. Perhaps I should add some fuel to the flames to bring more drama,” he thought.

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