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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 25 - I’m Afraid It’s Too Late

Chapter 25: I’m Afraid It’s Too Late

Translator: DragonRider

The engagement with Yuwen family was like a stone pressing on his chest. It wouldn’t suffocate him, but could make him feel uncomfortable.

If possible, Ling Zhang would like to stand in front of the whole Yuwen family and throw the letter of engagement in their faces.

Unfortunately, Tanyang was far from the capital. He couldn’t go to the capital just for the engagement. It was a pity that he couldn’t see the expressions of those people when ?the letter of engagement was thrown in their faces.

“Brother,” Ling Maomao, who was sitting in Ling Zhang’s arms, looked up at Ling Zhang, “Grandfather is calling you.”

Ling Zhang quickly came back from the thoughts and looked at Ling Xingzhong.

“You want to clean up the servants in our family?” Ling Xingzhong asked.

Ling Zhang replied, “Grandfather, I think that we are now at daggers drawn with Jia family and Zhang Chong. They must have hated our Ling family a lot. They won’t do anything bad to us in the open, but they will certainly take action in secret. We have to be prepared, and we’d better clean up those that may have been bought over in advance.”

Ling Xingzhong nodded with satisfaction, “Your words really make sense, then do what you want.”

“Yes,” Ling Zhang answered, and then said to Fu Caiwei, “Aunt knows the arrangement of the servants in our family best. So please give me directions when I clean up them.”

Fu Caiwei said with a smile, “Just the arrangement of the servants, you needn’t call that ‘directions’. Whatever you want to do, just tell me and I will cooperate with you.”

Ling Maomao raised his head, “I want to help, too!”

Ling Zhang looked down at him, “Well, Maomao is the most considerate boy.”

Being praised, Ling Maomao beamed with big smiles and the eagerness to try.

The big dog A’da was sitting beside the feet of Ling Zhang. Ada looked up and rubbed its head against Ling Zhang’s knees, grunting in a low voice as if it really wanted to help. Ling Zhang reached out his hand and touched A’da gently on the head.

Then they chatted about something else. But Ling Zhang and Ling Zhaowen didn’t tell Ling Xingzhong about their plan to kill Jia Yuanling secretly.

Smelling the alcohol on Ling Zhang that did not disperse, Fu Caiwei let Ling Zhang go to wash and have a rest.

After Ling Zhang left, Ling Xingzhong changed his tone and said to Ling Zhaowen,”Did Zhang’er suffer any other grievance?”

“Although he didn’t fall into Jia Yuanling’s frame-up, he has always treated Jia Yuanlinga as a good friend. Taking such a big hit this time, he must be so sad,” Ling Zhaowen replied.

Ling Zhaowen did not mention anything about Ling Zhang’s dream.

Ling Xingzhong sighed, “I saw that he was so silent just now, with some hint of depression in his eyes.?I hope that he will not be affected too much by this incident.”

I’m afraid it is too late.’ Ling Zhaowen thought. The change of the child was the most intuitive to show the influence, but he did not think that it was a bad thing. Only when Ling Zhang grew up could he face the next storm.


Ling Zhang returned to his own yard and looked at the exquisite layout and the blossoming flowers in the yard. Seeing the familiar scene and the things after rebirth, he was filled with emotion. Although the time that catastrophe befell Ling family only lasted about half a year in his previous life, he felt it even longer than the over ten years he had experienced. It was so long that he almost forgot the quiet and peaceful days.

“Young Master, welcome back!” As soon as Ling Zhang stepped into the yard, someone came to greet him happily.

Ling Zhang pulled a chilling face that could reveal his emotions and walked into his yard with a short H’m. He did not go to wash immediately, but sat down in the hall. He said indifferently, “Inform Dongshan and Dongsong to come here.”

“Yes.” Seeing that Ling Zhang’s face was long and chilling, the person who answered Ling Zhang was shocked. He did not dare to delay and hurried out to call those two people.

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