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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 24 - Ling Family Is Indomitable

Chapter 24: Ling Family Is Indomitable

Translator: DragonRider

Jia Yin woke up trembling. But later when being informed that his son was sentenced to exile and Zhang Chong also cut off the relationship with his son, he got so angry that he nearly fainted again. His son dared to tease his favorite beauty! It was such a slap on his face!

If Jia Yuanling wasn’t sentenced, Jia Yin would beat the crap out of him!

However, as soon as he was informed that Jia Yuanling would be sentenced to twenty years in exile, Jia Yin felt his heart was scooped out alive, angry and aching.

“Master, that dancer is...awake.” The steward of Jia Family said carefully while wiping the sweat.

Jia Yin’s eyes became cold as he snapped, “Kill that bitch!”

“I have locked her in the store room. Later, I will give her a bowel of poison and let her die in agony.” The steward said cruelly.

“Scratch her face and cut off her hands before she dies!”

Jia Yin struggled to sit up and then leaned heavily on the bed head with a dark face. He looked at the steward, malevolence in his eyes, “Just let her know what is living death!”

“Yes, I will do as you told, my master.” The steward replied him immediately.

“Where is my wife?”

“She just had the herbal concoction the doctor prescribed. And the doctor said she would wake up at dusk.”

Jia Yin didn’t care about his wife at all. On the contrary, he even detested her, “Ling’er was spoiled by this useless woman.”

The steward dared not to answer his words.

“Where is the Second Master? Do you call him back?”

“I have sent someone to pick up the Second Master. It estimates that he will be back by midnight.”

“How about the Mine field. Is it affected?”

“It’s fine and everything goes well. Yamen didn’t take any action to the Mine field.” Looking at Jia Yin, the steward continued, “Commander Zhang didn’t come out after returning to the Prefecture Encampment.”

Jia Yin’s face became darker when Zhang Chong was mentioned. Then he said angrily, “We gave him so much money and treasure, even selling him all the production of Mine field secretly. What’s more, I asked my son to regard him as godfather, why didn’t he save Ling’er?!”

“ that time, due to the public outcry, Commander Zhang was also framed to defy the law and revolt by that bastard of Ling Family. Tongpan even began to doubt Commander Zhang. Moreover, young master......admitted his guilt himself.”

Jia Yin tossed the teacup away on the table beside the bed suddenly, smashing it into pieces. Jia Yin fumed, “Useless crap!”

“How about Ling Family?”

“They went back. I heard Ling Xingzhong came back.”

“Just in time, they dared to bully our family. Then they should take the consequences!”

“Master,” the steward said carefully, “I think the priority now is to sound about Commander Zhang’s intention. We can’t lose Commander Zhang’s support.”

Jia Yin kept silent for a while with anger suppressed in his heart. Then he said, “Let the Second Master meet me the moment he comes back.”

“Yes, Master,” the steward replied.


As Ling Zhang recounted the whole thing, silence and anger reigned the hall of Ling Family.

Frightened by the depressing atmosphere, Ling Maomao curled himself in Ling Zhang’s arms.

“Bang!” Ling Xingzhong thumped so hard on the table that it caused the cups on the table to vibrate. He was so infuriated, “How dare such a vulgar, filthy thing plant a scheme against Ling Family?”

“Father, now the top priority is to take preventive measures, in case Zhang Chong launches any dirty attacks,” Ling Zhaowen said.

“Our Ling Family is indomitable. We have no guilty either to the king or the ancestry. Will we be afraid of that boor?” Ling Xingzhong thundered.

Ling Zhaowen was rendered a bit speechless. He thought his father had such a bad temper and was not tactful enough compared with his nephew. In the past his nephew was also quick-tempered just like his father. And there was a time when he always worried that his nephew would be bullied for his gaucheness. Fortunately, his nephew had changed, albeit in a painful way.

Ling Zhang didn’t notice Ling Zhaowen’s emotion. He knew his grandfather well. What he thought now was that since his grandfather had come back, should he mention about the thing of breaking off the engagement now?

The author has something to say:

Ling Zhang: I think it’s time to bring up the engagement breaking.

Yuwen Tong: What? Though I don’t know about the engagement, there is no way that you can break it, my dear.

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