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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 23 - Gone Too Far

Chapter 23: Gone Too Far

Translator: DragonRider

Those words instantly brought back a lot of old memories to Ling Zhang’s mind; he remembered the usual way in which his uncle had reprimanded his cousin. Those memories were like currents of warm air, enveloping his frozen heart, thawing it. He couldn’t help holding his cousin tightly in his arms. The first carriage finally came to a halt. Ling Zhang released his cousin and stood before the carriage with reverence as he waited for the passenger inside to step out.

The expectant look on his oldest grandson’s eyes was the first thing Ling Xingzhong saw when he parted the carriage’s curtain to step out. Whenever he thought of the message that had been brought to him by a messenger on a horse, he felt glad at Ling Zhang’s ability to handle the situation so well; at the same time, he was also filled with rage at those who had tried to harm Ling Zhang.

Ling Zhang couldn’t help but feel a sting in his eyes as he stared at the old man on the carriage. “Greetings, grandfather,” Ling Zhang said.

Ling Zhang stepped forward and took his grandfather’s hand in his. While helping his grandfather out of the carriage, Ling Zhang did everything he could to calm his tumultuous emotions. “Did you have a smooth journey, grandfather?” Ling Zhang said in a steady tone. “You must be tired after such a long journey.”

Ling Xingzhong placed his other hand on top of his grandson’s, looked at Ling Zhang and said, “They journey is fine. Quite a smooth one, I’d say. I’ll have you know that I’m still pretty spry at my age. So, no, I’m not tired at all.”

“I already heard about what happened. I received a message on the way back,” Ling Xingzhong continued. “You’ve suffered. But you’ve done very well in handling things. I’m glad you’ve grown up.”

Ling Zhang didn’t expect the news to reach his grandfather’s ears so quickly. “I’m fine now,” Ling Zhang said. “Jia Yuanling tried to set me up. But he’s locked up in jail right now.”

Ling Xingzhong nodded. “You must tell me every single detail about what happened once we get home.”

Ling Zhang nodded as a reply and then turned his attention to the lady who was now getting off the second carriage. The lady was dressed modestly; every single one of her movements carried grace and propriety. Then, there was also her eyes which were filled with warmth.

“Aunt,” Ling Zhang greeted.

Fu Caiwei had stepped out of the carriage just now with the help of Ling Zhaowen. She walked over and stopped in front of Ling Zhang, looking him over with caring eyes.

“How is it going? You’re not hurt, right?”

Ling Zhang shook his head. “I’m alright, aunt. They’re the ones who’re in trouble.”

After a brief pause, Ling Zhang continued, “How did you know about it so soon?”

“We received a note from a messenger your uncle had dispatched before we even entered the city,” Fu Caiwei said. “After that we came back as quickly as we could.” Fu Caiwei heaved a sigh of relief the moment she was certain that Ling Zhang was really unharmed. However, a sharp look formed in her eyes as she pulled a long face. “Jia family has really gone over the line this time. Did they really think that they can bully us, the Ling family, so easily?”

“Please do not get angry, aunt,” Ling Zhang said. “We will get justice eventually.”

“Alright now,” Ling Zhaowen said. “Let’s not stand around at the door, shall we? Head inside and rest. I’ll tell you everything once we’re all inside.”

Ling Zhang picked up his cousin and followed his family back into the house. Ah Da, their pet dog, trotted along with its tail wagging.

The moment he crossed the threshold of his home, Ling Zhang turned his head around and glanced outside.

His entire family was here now. This time, he would never allow history to repeat itself; he would never allow Ling family to fall, ever.


“What did you say!” A loud, and furious roar sounded.

“Second Ma- Master, a disaster has befallen the family. The first master and madam are both in a coma. The young master is currently detained in the prefectural penitentiary for adultery and frame-up charges. He’s been exiled for twenty years.” The servant who answered was now kneeling on the floor, feeling like he was walking on pins and needles. Cold sweat kept seeping out on the servant’s forehead.

“What the heck happened! Who! Who dares to declare Yuanling guilty! Isn’t Tao Feng supposed to be a guest of our family today?!” Jia Zhong’s eyes were filled with wrath when he glared at the servant kneeling beneath him. In fact, he was on the verge of losing his temper and kick the servant.

Trembling in fear, the servant recounted everything that had happened. “…Commander Zhang has severed all relations with young master. Right now, Commander Zhang is no longer the young master’s godfather. Madam is also in a coma. We really don’t have the strength to stand up against Tao Feng and Ling family, Master.”


The table beside Jia Zhong toppled over because of Jia Zhong’s kick. And the entire tea set shattered into pieces on the floor, creating a mess.

“Ling Zhang! Ling Zhaowen! How dare you offend Jia family! I’ll kill every last one of you!

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