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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 2 - One Bowl of Hangover Soup

Chapter 2: One Bowl of Hangover Soup

Translator: DragonRider

As soon as Ling Zhang passed through the corner door, he ceased his grin, the coldness in his disappeared, replaced by gentleness and clarity.

His indifferent expression gradually turned into the weary face of a heavy drinking. And his footsteps moved or acted in a shaky unsteady way.

He pretended like a person who was completely undefended.

“Here he is, Mr. Ling!” There was a shout from somewhere ahead.

This shout broke the silence in the corner and soon two men came to support Ling Zhang, “Mr. Ling! Where did you go just now? Our young master is very worried about you.”

Ling Zhang leant all the weight of his upper body on the one supporting him and lifted his one hand to smoothly rub his frontal eminence. His voice was full of weariness, “I just went to take a rest at the pavilion over there, but I fell asleep by accident.”

“Damn it! We didn’t find Mr. Ling asleep there. If you caught a cold, our young master will skin us. You’d better come with us to the house and get warm,” said by these two subordinates in a tone of consternation.

Ling Zhang waved his hand and told them that it was all right. The next moment he hissed softly, his eyes half-closed, “I have a terrible headache.”

While apologizing, the servants, in an unfriendly manner, dragged Ling Zhang to the main hall of the courtyard with force and fast speed.

Along the way, Ling Zhang pretended to rub his frontal eminence, but his eyes swept around at full speed. All the scene here was too familiar.

Because he had taken the person who owned this place as a true friend and often called on this house and also praised the inviting scenery. But in the end, the beautiful scenery in his eyes became a nightmare which had the power of terror to wake him up in the middle of the night, drenched in cold sweat.

The two servants walked quickly, not caring Ling Zhang was comfortable or not. They quickly rushed to the main hall and helped Ling Zhang in.

When Ling Zhang entered the main hall, there was a strong smell of alcohol mixed with different kinds of food and wine, which made Ling Zhang queasy. In the middle of the hall stood a large table, around which sat five people, one of the empty seats was where Ling Zhang sat before.

A voice of concern came from a person, “Brother Zhang, you’ve come back. Where have you been?” And then he also personally came to support Ling Zhang. His appearance was handsome, and his manner was appropriate and polite.

However, for a moment, Ling Zhang almost couldn’t bear the touch to even kick off the one supporting him. His half-drop eyelids concealed his uncontrollable cold eyes and his anger.

As the man didn’t get any reply, he grabbed Ling Zhang’s hand and called in a low voice, “Brother Zang?”

Ling Zhang shook his head and made a look that expressed him tired of answering.

“Why, Ling Zhang? You’re a terrible drinker, aren’t you? You’ve only had a few drinks and you’re already drunk?”

“Oh, you damn need Yuanling to hold you now. I don’t mean to look down upon you. But you can’t hold your liquor.”

The people at the table laughed loudly. In the past, Ling Zhang would only feel that it was merely joking between friends, and would not believe that their sarcastic tone carried so much ill-will.

“Stop it! Zhang has just reached manhood and he can’t get enough alcohol. Getting drunk fast is only natural. Brother Zhang, come and sit down here. I’ll let the maid prepare a bowl of hangover soup for you. Just drink it and go to the wing room to sleep for a while and everything will be all right.”

When Ling Zhang was helped to sit down in the empty seat and heard the words “hangover soup” and “sleep for a while”, he clenched his fist tightly under the table and tried desperately to suppress the raging fury and murderous intent.

There was a light “knock” on the table, and a bowl of jet-black hangover soup was placed in front of him, which gave off an unpleasant smell.

Ling Zhang gently lifted his eyelids, looking at this bowl of hangover soup and then looking around at the people around him.

“What’s wrong, Zhang? Drink up and take a sleep. It will make you feel better.” The man sitting opposite towards him showed a gentle and handsome smile and his tone was indulgent.

The other four stared icily at Ling Zhang, their eyes carrying something which the former Ling Zhang could not see through, but now Ling Zhang could easily see the malicious intents in their eyes.

Ling Zhang gently curled the corner of his mouth with a hint of sarcasm. Then he slowly lifted the bowl of hangover soup, touched the edge of the bowl with his lips, and drank it down.

Ling Zhang fixed his eyes on the five people around the table without a blink. As opposed to the confused state he had been in for the last life, this time he clearly saw their exultant sigh of relief.

Their behavior was disgusting.

“Come and help Zhang to his room.”

On the way to the room, Ling Zhang quietly took out the dark-green jade pendant hanging from his neck. The moment he put it in his mouth, the faint smell of antidote spread in his mouth and dispelled the drowsiness.

A great show was about to begin, only this time he would no longer be at the mercy of these people. He had a control over the game.

Author’s Gossip:

Ling Zhang: The intense excitement is coming.

Yuwen Tong: When will I show up?

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