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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 18 - The Judgement

Chapter 18: The Judgement

Translator: DragonRider

Zhang Chong kicked with great strength, and Jia Yuanling was kicked off into the air and knocked against the pillar in the court immediately!

The blood he spitted spilled everywhere. Jia Yuanling couldn’t believe Zhang Chong would treat him this way. He glared at Zhang tightly, and said, “My godfather.”

“My son! Oh, God, My son!” Fang almost fainted from crying.

Zhang Chong’s violent action quelled many people, whose hatred and suspicion were replaced by fear, and they got silent in a flash.

After kicking, Zhong Chong withdrew his foot. He got quite satisfied that he had dominated these people. He swept around with swift and fierce eyes, disdain in them when he noticed Ling Zhang and Ling Shaowen.

“Lord Tao, the unfilial guy should be punished for his mistakes. I can’t allow anything objectionable as this, but my action has exceeded my duties and meddled in your affairs, so Lord Tao, I beg your forgiveness.” Zhang Chong said with his face looked even more ferocious.

“Commander Zhang, you just overstated! Since there is no objection, I’ll enter a judgement over the case of Jiang Yuanling framing Ling Zhang, the Xiucai (one who passed the imperial examination at the county level),” said Tao Feng.

“My godfather......please save me......” Struggling to make a sound, Jia Yuanling intended to crawl over.

“Commander Zhang, please save my Ling! He just said wrong words, and I apologized for him. But please, please save him from ruin.” Fang turned around to make kowtows to Zhang Chong.

“Commander Zhang, you can’t be softhearted, can you?” Ling Zhaowen who was standing together with Ling Zhang said.

“Are you looking down upon me by saying so?” Zhang Chong’s face turned cold, looking even more fierce.

Not afraid of him, Ling Zhaowen wore the expression of waiting and seeing what would happen.

“I know people in Tanyang have some misunderstanding about me. You can rest assured that I, Zhang Chong, am by no means the kind of person who practices favoritism and fraud. Please don’t let a word or two from others shake your trust in Prefecture Guards.” Zhang turned around to speak to the people outside.

Then he turned back, and said to Tao Feng, “Lord Tao, you just make your own judgement, and I won’t say a word about it.”

“Well, you got my admiration,” said Tao Feng, who then declared Jia Yuanling and others guilty at once.

Jia Yuanling was sentenced to 20 years of exile for 3,000 Li away, and the other four received varying punishments respectively.

Jia Yuanling gasped heavily for breath, and his chest heaved violently out of wrath before he fainted.

Having witnessed the scene, Fang rolled her eyes, and got fainted too.

The servants of Jia’s family got so flustered, and didn’t know what to do totally.

Once the judgement was made, there would be no way to change it.

“You’re wise, my lord,” Ling Zhang said. “You’re just wise and upright, and it is fortunate for people in Tanyang to have you here.”

“Thank you, my lord, for upholding justice for us,” Ling Zhaowen said too.

“Wise, my lord!” someone outside shouted, and then many people echoed loudly.

Tao Feng’s reputation got very high for the moment, and those guests who followed him to testify looked at each other before they joined in speaking highly of Tao too.

Zhang Chong’s expression turned stern, and he and Tao Feng looked at each other in the courtroom.

When the court was dismissed, Zhang Chong turned to look at Ling Zhang suddenly.

The expression in his eyes was full of coldness and maliciousness, like a murderous wolf wanting to tear apart Ling Zhang.

Although it was fleeting, and the people next to him hardly noticed, Ling Zhang still made out the homicidal intent of Zhang Chong.

Ling Zhao looked at him calmly as it was inevitable to come into conflict with Zhang, and he had already got prepared psychologically for this.

Just a murderous gaze didn’t matter much, and what he wanted was Zhang Chong’s life.

He didn’t forget how dozens of people in Ling family had lost their lives before his rebirth.

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