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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 17 - Commander of the Prefecture Guards-Zhang Chong

Chapter 17: Commander of the Prefecture Guards-Zhang Chong

Translator: DragonRider

“My commander, how could this be?”

Having raised his hand to stop the subordinate’s words, Zhang Chong walked into the yamen with a long face.

“Here come the prefecture guards!” Someone with sharp eyes shouted.

People who had been yelling angrily all calmed down, and turned around to look at Zhang Chong with their eyes full of hatred and suspicion.

The guard beside Zhang Chong couldn’t help pressing the weapon he carried with his hand, and got uptight all over.

Zhang Chong also noticed even the middle-aged man in official uniform who was standing beside Ling Zhaowen looked at him with inquiry and hesitation.

Even the magistrate who?had been bribed by him showed such a look, Zhang Chong thus soon realized the situation had changed dramatically. All of these people had come for him.

As for the man who had contributed to such a consequence……

Zhang Chong spotted Ling Zhang who was standing in the courtroom. He glanced at Ling Zhang with his eyes revealing sharp light.

His ugly face and the scar stretching from his frontal angle to the corner of his mouth made him look ferocious.

Ling Zhang, the guy who was lukewarm to the extent of being flabby?

No, he didn’t have such an easy manner.

Fixing his eyes on Ling Zhang tightly, Zhang Chong led his soldiers straight into the courtroom, and the atmosphere there got tenser.

Ling Zhang stood there steadily, not a bit intimidated by Zhang’s look.

“Commander Zhang, we juniors have been waiting for you to come.”

“Really? Why?”

The air Zhang Chong presented made a lot of people present change their complexions. Those who had been filled with indignation just now didn’t dare to breathe at the moment.

However, Ling Zhang still stood there firmly. With the status of being a scholar, Ling didn’t give a salute even when he met Tao Feng, let alone Zhang Chong who was the commander of the Prefecture Guards, and the official rank of whom was even one level inferior to Tao’s.

Looking at Zhang Chong calmly, Ling said word by word slowly, “Jia Yuanling fornicated with a concubine of his father. After the adultery, he framed me up, but thanks to the fact that he was exposed on the spot, this junior was not put in the wrong. I was so angry that I decided to sue Jia. With the eyewitness and physical evidence all available, and he himself admitted as well, Jia claimed that he wouldn’t be convicted even we took him to court, because you would not only make sure that he is safe but also make all of us suffer. Commander Zhang, may I ask whether it is true or not?”

After Ling Zhang finished his words, all people present turned their eyes on Zhang Chong.

Kneeling on the ground of the court, Fang’s eyelids twitched, and she hurried to explain, “No, No, No, that’s not what my son meant…….”

“My Godfather! Here you are at last. Save me! These men tried to convict me!”

Jia Yuanling shouted to interrupt his mother. And he now took Zhang as a life-saving straw. He staggered over, and grabbed Zhang’s leg.

Zhang Chong’s face looked as black as the bottom of a pot. Looking at Jia Yuanling, Zhang verged on lifting his foot to kick Jia away directly.

Such an idiot!

He hurried over in vain as the idiot went so far as to ask for his own death!

But Zhang Chong was far more restrained than these members of Jia’s family. He spoke to his soldiers calmly, “Somebody, come and pull Jia Yuanling away!”

“Yes, Sir!” Two soldiers pulled Jia Yuanling away quickly, which led Jia to look at Zhang in disbelief, “My Godfather?!”

“I’m just too disappointed! I took you as my godson because I saw you were always honest and strict with yourself, but I didn’t imagine you would do such an immoral thing. You have the courage to frame others, but don’t have the courage to bear the consequence, do you? Are you daydreaming that I will get you off? Don’t kid yourself! I, Zhang Chong, is an honest man. I hate people like you the most in my life!”

“No, godfather! You can’t just leave me away! Haven’t you said that you are the emperor in Tang Yang……”

“Shut up!”

Even before Jia finished his words, he was suddenly kicked in the chest violently by Zhang Chong, and thrown away, spitting out a mouthful of blood!

“Ling!” Fang screamed.

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