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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 16 - The Crowd Were Burning with Rage

Chapter 16: The Crowd Were Burning with Rage

Translator: DragonRider

“Yeah, that’s it, so what?”

Maybe having been provoked by Ling Zhang’s calm reaction, Jia Yuanling said that even though he spoke difficultly with his bloody mouth.

“Now you admitted it.” Ling Zhang said, clenching his hands behind the back as he stared at Jia Yuanling fiercely.

Jia Yuanling laughed with his bloody mouth, which looked so disgusting. He sneered, “Do you think you can convict me according to these men’s words?”

“Why can’t I? Remember that you are kneeling on the court now,” Ling Zhang said coldly.

“Cough, hah, hah, hah...” Jia Yuanling spat out blood. He looked at Ling Zhang and jeered, “Do you believe Tao Feng can destroy our Jia Family? You must be dreaming!”

“Young master!” The butler of Jia Family shouted to stop Jian Yuanling before other people reacted. He was so scared after hearing that and came out in cold sweat.

“Why did you shout to me?” Jia Yuanling suddenly turned his head and cast a stern glance at the butler. He said angrily, “You, you useless thing, didn’t know to protect me when I was beaten. When my Godfather comes, he will strip your skin off.”

“Yuanling!” Even Mrs. Fang was shocked this time. To gloss over his words, she scolded Jia Yuanling hurriedly, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Tang Feng sat in the front of court and his face turned so dark. He looked at Mrs. Fang, the coldness in his eyes made her blood freeze.

“Godfather? You dare to regard Zhang Chong as your Godfather,” Ling Zhang said to Jia Yuanling.

“Does it surprise you? I allow you to follow me because I pity you. Do you really think you are the exalted person in Tan Yang? You are just a lowly orphan. Do you believe your grandfather who is going to die can support you? Damn, your Ling Family should be clear about your own place. How dare you block Jia Family’s way? How dare you convict me? Stop daydreaming!” Jia Yuanling shouted crankily.

Everyone in the court was shocked by Jia Yuanling’s arrogant behaviour. People who watched outside were talking about that loudly again.

Ling Zhang seemed to be overwhelmed with indignation. But he wanted to laugh in his heart.

Because he got a glimpse of his Second Uncle and another middle-aged man with official uniform. They were in the crowd and would come over soon.

The timing was excellent. Before he came up with a plan to trap Jia Family, Jia Yuanling had offered an excellent excuse for them.

“It seems that I was right at the beginning. Jia Family has already despised the government and the law like this because Zhang Chong is Jia Yuanling’s Godfather. Jia Yuanling, as long as our Great Yue dynasty exists, no one can defy the law in the court unless he wants to rebel!”

The middle-aged man, who almost walked into the court, halted his step upon hearing Ling Zhang’s words. His face changed a little.

Jia Yuanling’s face also changed. He stared long at Ling Zhang.

“Since you said that we would get into terrible trouble after Commander Zhang came, I also want to see if Zhang Chong is so powerful and unruly that he controls everything. In front of Tan Yang’s people, everything is exposed openly. I wander whether Zhang Chong dares to destroy the truth, break the law and do whatever he wants to!”

“I guess he would kill us all or besiege Tan Yang with soldiers so that no one can leave! If he really does that, I won’t be scared. But I don’t need to do anything. Because government army will do justice for us!” Ling Zhang said aloud.

The whole yamen was silent. No one dared to make a noise.

“Right. I also want to see it.” Tao Feng broke the silence and said slowly.

“Yes. We also want to see it!”

“Does he dare to kill us all or what?”

“I always respect Prefecture Guards. But I never knew that Jia Family dared to be so arrogant because his son regarded its commander as Godfather. Is it still the Prefecture Guards that I respect?”

After the silence, it turned noisy. The crowd were yelling and burning with rage.

A team of soldiers rode their horses quickly and finally arrived at the door of yamen. They heard those words as soon as they closed there. The leader’s face was clouded suddenly.

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