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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 15 - The Reasons for Framing

Chapter 15: The Reasons for Framing

“Impossible!” Fang shi screamed. With her angry and ferocious face, she was fierce as if she would pounce on to tear that speaker.

The speaker was shocked to step back repeatedly.

“So insolent!” Tao Feng angrily ordered the Yamen runners to pull Fang shi away, “Gag Fang shi for this magistrate!”

“Lord, lord! Please let her off. Our lady is the hostess of Jia family, and for this reason, please save some dignity for our Jia family.” The butler of Jia family shouted loudly.

“This magistrate has enough of her insolence. How could I connive at her repeatedly provoking my stateliness!” Tao Feng fumed.

The butler of Jia family then persuaded Fang shi, “Madam, please calm down.” He whispered to Fang shi, “Let’s wait for Commander Zhang.”

The name of Commander Zhang calmed Fang shi. Although she still stared malevolently at the four people, she showed no sign of rushing to them and tearing them apart.

Ling Zhang looked at Fang shi’s face and sneered sarcastically. This woman had presented a noble and graceful look in Jia family just now, but she showed her true colour here.

Even the crowd of onlookers outside began to remark loudly as they pointed at Fang shi.

“Silence!” Tao Feng shouted.

All the people outside were quiet.

“Go ahead with your confession.” Tao Feng looked at the person who spoke before.

However, that man began to hesitate again.

With a disapproving frown, Ling Zhang berated coldly, “Why did Jia Yuanling incite you to frame me? I am generous to you and always treat you as my brothers.”

This was also what hurt Ling Zhang most before his rebirth. He treated these people in all sincerity and took them as friends and brothers. But these people stabbed him in the back!

The four people who were questioned did not dare to look Ling Zhang straight in the eye and bowed their heads in shame.

“We, we didn’t mean to do that. It is Yuanling who said that your Ling family, and, and ... were so close that you may stand in Jia family’s way. If we throw the responsibility of the dancing girl’s scandal on you, you will lose your reputation. And this will teach your Ling family a lesson.”

“Yuan Ling didn’t like you from the very beginning. You were too stupid to not even notice it.”

“That’s right. How could you blame us? You should blame your own stupidity.”

Ling Zhang’s hands that were put behind his back clenched. He just looked at the four people and Jia Yuanling coldly, his cold eyes sharp like blades.

Although he had known all this before his rebirth, when hearing it directly again, he still felt his anger burning ceaselessly. And he just wanted to kill these malicious people by himself!

At this time, Jia Yuanling, who couldn’t speak because of the blood in his mouth, met Ling Zhang’s eyes. He saw the anger in Ling Zhang’s eyes and even gave a bloody and mocking smile. The smile seemed to be laughing at Ling Zhang’s ignorance and stupidity in the past, with disgust and contempt in his eyes.

When Ling Zhang saw such a gaze, the anger burning in his heart somehow cooled down. He had met this kind of gaze for too many times, and he had even experienced gazes more undisguised and more humiliating than this. Jia Yuanling’s stare was nothing compared to them.

He had vowed to send these people to hell.

Ling Zhang quickly calmed down and looked at Jia Yuanling coldly. He said, “It turns out that Jia family has long hated our Ling family. And this is the reason why you have framed me.”

Seeing that Ling Zhang quickly recovered his cool, Jia Yuanling was very surprised. The calmer Ling Zhang was, the more Jia Yuanling appeared to be a real clown. This role of conversion made Jia Yuanling’s face distorted.

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