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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 12 - Dont Let Me Down

Chapter 12: Don’t Let Me Down

Translator: DragonRider

After his Second Uncle left, Ling Zhang glanced the people around him in secret.

What Tao Feng had answered to Ling Zhang’s Second Uncle sounded quite interesting. In fact, their procession passed through many streets, which easily drew many people’s attention. Tao Feng’s words directly spread the news that Jia Yuanling fornicated with Jia Yin’s concubine. It would be disseminated throughout the whole Tanyang soon.

Ling Zhang walked close to Tao Feng and looked at him. “Your honor, according to the common practice, this kind of case should be heard in open court, right?” Ling Zhang asked.

Tao Feng looked at him with cunningness flashing in his eyes. The way he looked at Ling Zhang became more different and contained deep meanings. Tao Feng answered, “Yes. It can warn people not to do that.”

After hearing that Tao Feng agreed with him, Ling Zhang knew that Tao Feng had already understood what he meant.

Today, before Zhang Chong came to save Jia Yuanling, they must prepare well to let him have scruples in many aspects. And under the watchful eyes of the people, they would achieve what they wanted to do next more easily.

Both of them knew it well. So Ling Zhang just mentioned it without further elaboration.

At the same time, Ling Zhang also noticed Tao Yi watching him, but he did not look back. He just paid his attention on the whispers of the people around him.

“I really can’t think about that. Mr. Jia dares to fornicate with his father’s concubine.”

“Is it the dancer who Master Jia just got? I’ve said that woman was a tease. She doesn’t only make Master Jia be interested in her, but also seduces his son.”

“Look at Mr. Jia. It seems that he is out of his mind. He must have been totally enchanted by that woman!”

“That’s true. He isn’t like an intellectual at all now.”

“Pah, what a shame!”

“Jia Family loses its face totally this time.”

“Those young men’s faces seem familiar. They are probably the cousins of Jia Family. Do they also commit something?”

“Were they also caught when fornicating with that coquettish woman?”

“Alas, it’s impossible to judge a man’s heart from his face. They usually look good. But they dare to do such shameless things secretly!”


At first, people just talked about it in a low voice. Later, the sound of discussion became louder and louder. The whole street was talking about this.

Someone in the crowd began to throw out a stinky egg, which smashed Jia Yuanling’s back. The stench immediately spread out, which nauseated the people around him.

Jia Yuanling almost fainted because of anger at that time. His face turned deathly pale. His usual elegant appearance was replaced by his ferocious features. Jia Yuanling stared at the back of Ling Zhang who stood in front of him. His eyes were full of hate and panic.

Jia Yuanling knew that his name had been mudded today. If he was convicted of adultery with concubine in the court, he would definitely have a unsavory reputation!

“Disperse the people watching in front of us. Let’s go back to yamen quickly!” Tao Feng shouted.

Yamen runners quickly separated the people on both sides before they quickened their steps to the state’s yamen.

As they left, people curious about the drama also followed them. So when they arrived at the state’s yamen, its door had already been surrounded by the people of Tanyang.

Before Tao Feng went to change the official uniform, he had a look at Ling Zhang. Normal as the glance may seem, Ling Zhang read a lot of things from it. He calmly looked back at Tao Feng.

“Mr. Ling, don’t let me down.”

Ling Zhang curled the corner of his lips and said, “Your honor, please don’t worry.”

From now on, Ling Zhang and Tao Feng were on the same boat. However, he was also very clear that in Tao Feng’s view, he was still not someone eligible for cooperation. It was merely mutual backscratching. Ling Zhang must win this time so that Tao Feng would acknowledge his ability and think highly of him.

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