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The Glory After Rebirth

Chapter 10 - Do You Want to Rebel?

Chapter 10: Do You Want to Rebel?

Translator: DragonRider

Looking at Tao Feng’s expression, Ling Zhang knew that he had won half the battle today.

Tan Yang was a very special place where the Prefecture Guards had more power to hold down the civil servant group headed by Tao Feng. In Ling Zhang’s last life, the reason the government officials had been directed against Ling Family was because Zhang Chong, the commander of Prefecture Guards, put pressure on the government behind the scenes. Besides, it was also because of the support of Zhang Chong that Jia Family dared to act so presumptuously.

The Prefecture Guards almost laid down the law in Tan Yang. The Prefecture Guards commander, Zhang Chong, was actually the local tyrant.

However, Tao Feng extremely hated to obey Zhang Chong’s order when he wanted to do something. What Fang shi said was like a knife poked on Tao Feng’s heart.

Fang shi bit her lips. She also knew that she had deeply offended Tao Feng. It would be more difficult to restore the relationship with Tao Feng in the future. But Jia Yuanling was crying for help, which stimulated her again and again. Therefore, even if she would offend Tao Feng openly, she had to delay the time to wait for Zhang Chong to save her son.

Fang shi said, “Your honor, Commander Zhang always appreciates Yuanling and treats him as his own nephew. Now, you don’t tell Commander Zhang before arresting Yuanling. Isn’t it too much?”

After her words were finished, Ling Zhang sneered.

Fang shi’s eyes, with animosity and coldness, immediately turned to Ling Zhang. Her tone was also as cold as frost, “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at you. You are truly an ignorant and stupid woman.” Ling Zhang sneered.

“How dare you! You not only interrupt when elders are speaking, but also dare to calumniate me. How arrogant of you!” Fang shi blamed with anger. She said maliciously, “It’s definitely true that people would lack refinement without parents to teach.”

Ling Zhang’s eyes quickly became cold. “If my parents are like you, I would rather have no parents. Having a stupid mother like you, Jia Yuanling is so unlucky. Having a hostess like you, Jia Family’s deceased ancestors must be infuriated to the extent of even climbing out of their graves.”

“According to the law, Prefecture Guards can’t intervene in local government affairs, and military and political affairs mustn’t be mixed. But now you want the Prefecture Guards to prevent the chief executive of Tan Yang to handle the case, and to threaten him by using the military power to oppress the government. Mrs. Jia, does it follow that your Jia family override all laws? Does it follow that Commander Zhang Chong has been with you to slight the law and ignore the warnings of His Majesty? Does it follow that the whole Tan Yang belongs to Zhang Chong and your Jia Family, and that you have already nursed the treacherous intention to rebel?”

Ling Zhang’s just and severe statement shocked others, and everyone’s face changed slightly.

Fang shi turned ghastly pale immediately. Under the doubtful eyes of Tao Feng and others, she defended urgently, “No. Your honor, please make a judicious judgement. I never have such an intention.”

Although Fang shi was always calm, as a woman, she was inevitably panicked when Ling Zhang charged treason against her.

Tao Feng became more serious. He looked at Ling Zhang with satisfaction before he said to Fang shi strictly, “Save your breath. You can save your defense to the court!”

Fang shi stepped back with her tight lips trembling. She was frightened by Ling Zhang and her chest heaved with suppressed rage. But she could not find anything to refute.

“Ah. Young master!”


Five young men, including Jia Yuanling, had been tied up. But one of them suddenly broke free from the bondage and started to kick and smash things. What he broke were the pot plants that had been moved by Ling Zhang to make illusive trap, including the pot of strongly-scented flower.

Ling Zhang first wrinkled his brow, and then he was happy.

He had achieved his goal. The illusive trap was no longer needed, he thought. So it was great to be destroyed, in case other people recognized it.

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