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The Girl Who Ate a Death God

Side Story 2: The Girl Who Ate a Death God

Side Story 2: The Girl Who Ate a Death God

Gaiden 1-2 The Bull, the Lion and the Death God

By Veloce’s command, the curtain was lifted to begin the campaign against Cyrus Fortress.

In the past liberation war, it was the small fortress that had fallen in a barbarian attack.

However, Veloce knew that the history recorded in the new kingdom was terribly distorted.

It was Schera who had raised her, forged her, and, until now, led her.

Though she had heard the details that would not be told, Veloce knew that she was a ‘Death God’.

She would joke that she was ‘Schera Zaart II’, but there wasn’t any mistake.

From the time she met her, there had been no change. In fact, it was like time had stopped.

She was the female officer, who led the soldiers of the Black Flag’s White Crow, swinging a large scythe with a petite body.

Since day one, she had watched every battle convinced that, “This person is that of the death god, Schera Zart.”

――And then, she wondered.

Why is it that the people around her were never troubled by the fact that she did not age?

Perhaps it was scary. That is, the ‘heresy’ in the people’s Star Church not aging is.

There was also a chance that she was a real ‘Death God’. Perhaps if one pointed it out directly, they would perhaps have their soul taken.

Although the Pope was a ceremonial position, it was still someone who had been awarded the position of the ‘Star General’. Also, she had a career history in the inquisition panel. It would not be expected that such an excellent model person would be a heretic.

So, the people that were thinking that there might be something about this that was suspicious would silence themselves. This had become something of an indulgence for Schera and no one had impeached her.

Veloce did not care about the possibility that Schera was a Death God, because it was she who had raised her from a state of confinement.

She had made it possible to take revenge on the new kingdom, which had deprived her of family and of her own place. Also, Schera had treated her to delicious food.

Death God or not, it did not matter. Schera was her savior, her leader, the master and the companion.

――And, no one else was as clear as she in being ‘family’. Schera may deny this, but Veloce thought this. If it were just a thought then Schera would not care.

So, in order to overcome the grudges she held, Veloce stood over at the head of the unit and issued the commands.

“Destroy the wall with rocks! Strike the castle soldiers down with arrows! Attack, attack, attack! Fight like the fury of a flame and do not leave them anywhere to rest!”

“Veloce, a little before and we will keep the arrows flowing!”

“Don’t you think that if they land behind the soldiers, the soldiers will just come to you?!”

She roared at the stationary soldiers and swung her halberd around, dispelling the incoming arrows. Staff Officer Dima held a massive shield from the side.

The moat was deep and the drawbridge had been raised. On the castle walls, archers were lining up and standing. The response to the arrows was returned before they began groaning rock attacks on the fortress.

It was not intended that they be overly forceful. The purpose was to continue a heavy attack and lower the morale and energy of the defenders. Switch to a full attack at the moment the enemy’s energy is drained, and then make the fortress fall in one stroke.

It was the Chief of Staff Dima’s opinion that their military power was more than sufficient and that regular tactics were to be used, Veloce also had no objection to this.

On the other side, the newborn kingdom officer, Mizeru Catefu, who was caught in Cyrus Fortress saw that the offensive was without coalition forces and realized that his fate was sealed.

The enemy was still and only its leader was attacking. In any case, the defending soldiers had their own battle. After a few days, the main army would arrive and there would most likely be another attack.

“This is repeating history, but this is so early on. This is not up to name and the way of the lion.”

As Mizeru smiled ironically, he pulled out the map, destroyed it immediately, and threw it away. It was meaningless to look back or turn the battle. This battle was a defeat.

The circumstances of the new kingdom could only be said to be miserable. Under the direction of the Star Church, the churches arose together. Riding this wave, the major powers, who were dissatisfied by the new kingdom, rallied and participated in the war. It went without saying that their real hearts leaned more towards ambition than real faith.

In particular, the Star Church’s Imperial army from the west and the Star Church union army from the south invaded. The reason the various countries dispatched troops was that, other than incurring the wrath of the Star Church, they would be unable to bear the fire at their feet.

The empires would have fear in their hearts. As a result of the continued puppetization of the new kingdom, the sleeping monsters had opened their eyes.

They were unaware that by being imprisoned by their fears and lending power to the astrologists, they were shortening their own lives.

After the collapse of the new kingdom, it was expected that, under the management of the Star Church, divisional governance between the princes would occur. It was an era of competition and arrogance over hegemony. This only went to propagate empires and commonwealths. Because the members participating in this battle could unfortunately remember the taste of victory.

Troubled times would return again. Mizeru was sure of this.

“Mizeru. We are not defeated. The castle soldiers are still in high spirits and we will boldly take a stand. We shall not give up!”

While looking at the responsible staff officers, Mizeru spoke, deriding himself.

“It is true. You also understand, right? It is now impossible to recover. There wouldn’t be any difficulty if you could win a battle with only enthusiasm and spirit..”

Of course, the gates of the fortress had not been toppled just yet. But this was only a matter of time. There would be not reinforcements here, only enemies. It was a joke that they had not already been defeated and yet not one to laugh about.

Pride did not even allow talking of defeat. His heroic father would not allow this. But in the first place, it was unknown whether Mizeru would be allowed to surrender.


“The former liberation war was the completely opposite of this. Just how will this be painted in the histories? If I can help it, I will not allow myself to be mentioned as a coward.”

The victors write the histories. The victors are always right. All of the blemishes are taken on by those who were defeated. This time, it would they, themselves, who would taste this.

Sweet liqueur for the victors, and sour acid for the losers. It may be fortunate that his father could taste this once in a lifetime, in some sense.

To think about it, the 28 years of Mizeru’s life was as his father said it would be. Because he thought it is natural. The words of a hero were the truth. His foolish self should have acted accordingly.

Thinking of death, Mizeru wanted to try to out himself. He thought that it would be better to do as he wished at the very end.

He was not scared of death, but it was somehow unacceptable to be crushed meaninglessly.

According to the information of the scouts,Veloce Gale led the attacking side. The bloodline of the general Yaruda who had taken the name ‘Indomitable’ in the past kingdom. As an opponent, there was nothing lacking.

“Staff officer. Take this scroll to the enemy for me. Ahh, father’s endorsement is not necessary now.”

After the quick writing by the general Yaruda, he handed the scroll to the staff officer.

“However, if his Honor Finn does not agree with this….”

“The commander of this fortress is me! The commander of the lion’s calvary is myself! …. I am not my father’s puppet. Surely, there is no care about letting me through at the very end?”


“A first and last request.”

“…. Affirmative! I will deliver this right away.”

Bowing his head reverently, the staff officer took leave. In the room, only Mizeru remained.

As expected, he was realizing that there was nothing he could do. As expected, the contents of the scroll was confirmed. It did not matter either way how he would fall. There was no chance of it being handed over to his father.

“Alright, I would be happy to ride, but… either way, is this the end?”

Mizeru leaned deeply into the chair and looked at the ceiling, and as if to expel his burdens, he sighed heavily.

At the Star Church Union Army headquarters, Dima, who received the messenger’s report, was visiting. His expression was unusually severe.

It was because the person in front of him had made a less than optimum choice.

He wanted to scrunch up the report, but that would be an unauthorized conduct. It was not a good thing for a staff officer to do.

After a little while, he began to speak with Veloce, who was watching at the front face of the fortress with a stern gaze.


“What is it, Dima?”

“A scroll has arrived from the commander of Cyrus Fortress, General Mizeru. Would you like to examine it?”

‘“An offer of surrender? If it is unconditional then, I do not mind, we can accept. If it is anything other than that then, rebuff it.”

“Ah, it is not that. …it is a request for a duel with your Honour Veloce.”

Veloce took the scroll away from Dima and ran her eyes up and down over the contents to confirm it.

As if to show excitement, her face gradually began to redden.

The letter was as followed.

――The general Mizeru of the new kingdom, in charge of the defense of the Cyrus fortress, had challenged Lord Veloce Geru to a duel.

A fair and square, one on one battle was requested. Betting on the honor of the family name and swearing not to use any sneaky tricks or traps.

In the event of Veloce’s victory, the fortress would be surrendered, but also that, for a moment, all of the soldiers other than himself would be allowed to leave the fortress.

In the event of Veloce being defeated, it was promised that the gates of the fortress would be opened immediately and the soldiers would surrender and disarm.

He was aware that there really was no benefit for the dominant party in this, but he expected a positive reply from the perspective of a soldier.

It was actually a completely unreasonable proposal. So much so that Dima was thinking about destroying it the minute he read it.

The idea knew no higher level of stupidity; that is, with two large armies facing on against each other, the two leaders settle the fight by doing battle with one another.

Furthermore, there were the dominant party, and in circumstances they were expected to have a victory anyway, it was not necessary to entertain this invitation.

…that is, from the perspective of an average person’s thoughts.

They are had known each other for 10 years. It was easy to predict what this woman would say next.

“I want to accept these terms.”

“…I could not hear you properly. Excuse me, can you please repeat that one more time?”

“I said I want to accept the challenge to a duel. Whether I win or lose, the fortress will fall. There is no problem. There’s no need to spill any further blood needlessly.”

Dima rubbed his eyes without thinking and looked up at the sky. He had been thinking this was stupid, but this was just crazy.

There was not any guarantee that the opponent would stick to the promises made.

In the case of Veloce being vanquished, the morale of the enemy would be increased. In the event that the promises were not kept then, there would be added labor and time toppling the fortress.

On the other hand, even if Mizeru were to be vanquished, it would be of no significance if the enemy simply closed the gates to the fortress.

Because the hero, Finn from the liberation war, was in the fortress. That he would simply surrender was unthinkable.

“Please explain to me. There appears to be no guarantee that the enemy shall keep to the expectations. We must ignore this and continue the assault. We have ten times the strength of their troops. And, at any moment, we will be able to attack.”

“Therefore, I must accept this. In order to avoid dishonoring the name of ‘the Indomitable’ we can only do battle now.”

While he was self-confident and assertive, Dima was not able to understand at all. He knew that Veloce held her family name’s honore.

But that was different from this. If he stated his opinion as the Staff Officer, it would only be foolish and foolhardy. But he could understand that if he was an officer, he would possibly feel the same.

In any case, it would be impossible to change her mind. There was no stopping this woman; when she said something once she would do it. Like a bull which has just seen something red, she would charge through no matter where it was.

It was her charm but also her biggest weakness. Because of this, Dima served Veloce.

“… Is there any room for you to reconsider this?”

“None. Specify the date and time here. At noon on the following day, take this to the front of the fortress and convey the message.”


“What is the reply, Dima?”

“Affirmative. Leave everything to me.”

With the sound of her armor rubbing against itself, Veloce left. She was likely going to go prepare for the soon to be held duel.

In the event that the best case proposal was rejected, the Staff Officer need to implement the next best course of action.

Dima shook his head, and with heavy footsteps, he headed for the magician with the ‘bad complexion’.

If it was for Veloce, he would use anything. That was Dima’s fundamental policy.

――The next day.

Katarina, who had received Dima’s report, appeared before Veloce.

When the hood-wearing pink magician shuffled in, she slapped Veloce across the face with a flash of light.

A dry sound reverberated and, for a moment, the usually straight standing Veloce’s knees quivered. She had lost consciousness a bit with the strike.

“Wha-what the hell!?”

“That is for taking a unilateral decision! A whip would be more effective for a bull than words would be, right? If it is useless to use words then from the beginning it would be better to make you understand by the body.”

“Ka- Sgt. Katarina! Do not treat a human as a beast!”

She powerfully grabbed Veloce’s chin and drew her face nearer.

One would expect that Veloce would surpass her in strength, but she could not move. It was like a frog being caught by a snake, she could not move her limbs.

The blue face was issued a command from Katarina’s strangely glossy lips.

“Hey, bullhead. It can’t be helped it if it’s like this. If you break the promises, this will reverberate back to the morale of our army. You must win! Even if you die, you must win! You do not need to worry about being vanquished. We will raise your body for eternity until it decays. Okay? You must not dirty Schera’s name.”

Katarina was murmuring terrible things with her tongue lashing out like a snake. This woman was really capable of doing anything. Since childhood during the training, she had been killed.

Schera did not care, but she was fundamentally gentle. Even if one failed at something, she would forgive you. But this girl was different. She was really a demon.

Veloce was recollecting the trauma, but was just holding on. For she was now the commander. She was not allowed to be afraid.

“Of-of course! Ey- I will win!”

“Bullheads have a difficult time understanding difficult things so just do one thing.”

“Whatever happens concentrate on the fight. Do not take your eyes off the enemy. Right so, do you understand?”


“Your voice is too low! Say it from the bottom of your gut loudly!”

“Affirmative! I will not take my eyes off the enemy!!”

“Okay good. And do your best. Schera also said this.”

“Yes. I will give it all my might.”

Veloce breathed out of both cheeks and tried to set her mood back to normal.

Seeing this, Katarina wrung her neck and left through the awning.

The actual duel would take place at the halfway mark.

But, there was the possibility of a spear entering from the side. From the fortress, they would be easy targets for a well-aimed bow.

Fortunately, there was a mountain of fresh bodies within the fortress.

Katarina, with a casual gesture, plucked out some cane from the grasses, when she cast the eye’s spell, the bodies just buried in the fortress reacted.

Although they were a far distance away, it was easy to operate it even with 100 proxies.

As the necromancer distorted her mouth, in slow motion, they began to walk.

It was three hours until the battle.

――Front of the Cyrus Fortress Gates.

Both armies were watching as Veloce of the Star Church and Mizeru of the New Kingdom faced off.

Riding a horse and closing the distance between them, Mizeru began speaking.

“My sincere gratitude for accepting my selfish offer. I have given the order that in the event of myself falling, the soldiers will lay down their weapons and surrender. This promise will without fail be executed.”

“… And if you win, is it okay? We give no guarantee that we will unfold* the siege.”

“Wanting that much is greedy. I am already satisfied with having had enjoyed such a sunny stage for this battle. With all of the public watching on, I can fight as a warrior. For a warrior, there is surely no greater stage.”

“Certainly, that must be so. …Shall we begin?”

As Veloce spoke, Mizeru nodded.

“I am Mizeru Catefu! I have received the lion’s power from my father, I am about to show this to you!”

He raised a spear high to make the fortress behind him tremble with pride and screamed his name. The defending soldiers of the New Kingdom were screaming out.

Veloce responded to this, continuing.

“I am Veloce Gale. I am Veloce of the ‘Red Bull**’. Let us begin!!”

With the horse kicking, Veloce rushed towards Mizeru, clutching her weapon. The red feathers of the helmet she wore were streaming in the wind.

Mizeru, who was meeting her, rotated his spear and raised his anticipation. The momentum driven spear and the halberd crossed paths and there was a dull noise that reverberated.

The fierce abilities of both sides had begun their battle.

The defense was back and forth. The horse was driven, counting dozens. The place where this would be won could not be seen.

When a spear was thrust forward, it was meet with a forceful throw off. The halberd was thrust up and driven down in a groaning attack.

Mizeru dodged with the spear missing by a paper-thin distance, and the fierce battle began again.

The fight of all fights between two great military names unfolded with the two armies looking on.

Ten soldiers watched their battle coldly from the castle walls. It was not Mizeru, it were the soldiers who reported directly to Finn.

They were selected as the guard specifically because of their excellence in archery. Their loyalty was unshakeable and they were excellent soldiers who would execute whatever the command of Finn fully.

They had one order from Finn. “Close the gap, and shoot the enemy general.” They were told that even if Mizeru was involved, he did not care.

Finn had decided that Mizeru’s proposal to do battle was foolish and, in the end, opposed.

But when Mizeru went forward with it, he coldly told him to do whatever he wanted and directed the soldiers to take up defensive positions.

At the same time, although Finn had decided to forsake his own legitimate child, Mizeru had not noticed.

The only one that Finn loved was his wife, Mira. After she had left this world, Mizeru was less like a son and more like an underling; he consciously put space between them. They had not talked of family matters in many years.

It was impossible to admit that Mizeru, who was inferior to himself in every respect, was his ‘heir’. This was because of a strong sense of confidence that the lion general’s glory was something which had been built up by himself.

“Take care! Fire at the time of the signal.”

The most well trained sniper in the team took command.

In order to execute the command of Finn, he aimed for both of the pair doing battle to the death. Because the pair were changing position so much, it was difficult to aim.

However, closing one eye and sharpening the nerve, the skilled archers slowly took the iron arrows. There was a great deal of wind resistance, but the arrows had a weight about them that would carry.

If an arrow painted with poison was hit directly, it would be a gem that would surely take her life.

He powerfully drew the strongly tightened string back and trained his sight.

With a great breath, when his tightly held right arm was released, his eyes widened for a moment.――。

Just as one thought that the corpses behind the archers came, a white light exploded.

The screeching violent nose was tremendous and whether one was inside or outside the fortress, everyone was paying attention. was just instinctive.

―― That is, except for one person.

Not taking the short moment that had been set upon everyone else, Veloce’s spear had made contact deep in Mizeru’s flank.

The blade had destroyed the armour, ripped through the hardened flesh and made it to the internal organs.

While letting out a cry of agony, Mizeru fell from the horse bleeding.

“Deception. Ey-, I am, aft-after all. ――mother.”

Veloce adjusted her breathing and wiped the blood away from her weapon.

Dismounting, she drew nearer to the suffering Mizeru.

“Do you have any last words??”

“Ho-how, a soldier’s desti-”

“The promise will be kept without fail.”

Schera would definitely keep the promise. So Veloce would as well.

Mizeru squeaked some words of gratitude and closed his eyes.

After assisting his suicide, Veloce bowed.

After this, she raised her spear, winning a great victory.

“General Mizeru has been defeated by Veloce!! We have won!!”

There was a cry all-around from the soldiers of the unified army. Veloce had prevailed over a strong opponent, like a fairy-tale battle.

Everyone felt that a new hero had been given birth to.

The soldiers in the Cyrus fortress had done as Mizeru had said, they disarmed and one could not even see any semblance of resistance to this.

With the great event of the slaughtering of the ‘Lion General’, the war-weariness set in and the battle was completely lost.

Veloce did as she had promised and spared the lives of the castle soldiers. Katarina wanted to gouge their eyes out but held back.

She and Veloce had to keep the promise. Because that was Schera’s creed.

――The figure of the aged Finn Catefu was soon dazzling itself away from Cyrus Fortress.

In castles and fortresses, there existed things called, ‘secret passages’. They were made for special circumstances so that the nobility and high ranking officers would be able to escape.

The lower ranking officers and soldiers did not know the existence of these, and even then, they were cleverly disguised. The passageways were narrow so only a few could move at best.

However, in the historical records, the actual usage of these being recorded were few in number.

But it was unknown whether they had an honorable death or whether they knew about the passageways.

The General Finn was running the whole way through the narrow and dankly lit passageway.

He left behind his favorite horse of many years. There were more than 30 accompanying soldiers and seniors.

Finn had not perished yet. He was sure that he still had a chance.

For he was the hero of the great liberation war. He was one of the specialist soldiers who had achieved the liberation of the capital.

Even if the new kingdom were to fall apart, he would grace those troubled times. As long as he was living, there was a possibility to come back again.

Covered in sludge, Finn wiped away his sweat and continued to run into the darkness.

While drawing near to the end of a passage which one would think went for eternity, twilight was leaking from a massive door that had absolutely no evidence of use for many years.

Finn applied force and busted open the rusted door. With both hands in the lead, he sprung out.

Finn appeared out of the door first. The armor on his body was miserably drenched in sweat.

――The surroundings were headed by the red feathered helmet wearing leader of the cavalry. 100 Black Cavalry soldiers and 1000 troops were surrounding them.

The banners of the three starred Star Church flag and the black flag with the white crow were proudly standing alongside.

The red feathered general advanced and began speaking to Finn.

“I had a hunch. That is, with you throwing your own son and the lower ranking soldiers down, where could the lion have gone?”

To try to extend the conversation and find some kind of breakthrough plan.

“………why, do you know this road. There are only a few people who know this road.”

“Because I was at this fortress 30 years ago. But no one used it. Everyone died. There was not one man that ran,as everyone died at that place.”

It was still daytime but the visibility was becoming bad. Foggy cloud like things were gathering. The soldiers of the Church were in awe, but the Black Cavalry did not startle that easily.

“I will not engage. You have not seen such age. From where did you hear that story?”

“I saw it. The burned debris of the wasted “liberation army”. The ashes of my subordinates were scattered like mere potato ash. And when I remember it, it makes me angry. So, I will not allow you all to get away.”

The female officer violently smiled, exposing a great viciousness. It was almost like she was going to sink her fangs in the victim.

“…? Wa-wait! Damn you!”

As his last words, Finn learned about the deceased. They tried to remind him of something engraved.

The old wounds on his back burned with pain.

“You all are, more rotten than I ever could be!! You are the one that took away my last meal!! I will not ever, I will not ever allow this!!”

Finn stared at the female officer in front of him with an expression of shock. She looked at this with a ferocious grin.

That stature and that weapon, with a face unchanged from that time. This was no mistake, this was that girl.

“――De-death God Schera? This is stupid.”

“Did you finally remember?”

“De-death god, but you are surely dead. But you were torn apart! How can you be here now then!?”

Without answering Finn’s question, the death god pleasantly declared.

“Surely at that time you were too busy to care. Now, let us continue it here. Do not worry, it will be okay. I give my opponents the chance to fight on foot. To not do so would be unfair.”

The dismounted Death God waved the sickle overhead, and with a murderous intention, she directed the sharp point towards Finn.

“By all means great as a death god. What you did to me was the last of the last choices that you will mistakenly make.”

Finn gazed the surroundings while grasping a spear. As far as he could gaze were the opposing soldiers.

To retire would be hell, and to return would be hell. No, perhaps soon he would be dying.

This could be a hallucination. Perhaps he could have achieved an honorable death within the fortress.

The death god, imprisoned by hate, appeared to be dragging herself.

What had happened to his son Mizeru? He abandoned the thought, he only cared about the stupidity of right now. If Mira saw this, what would she say?

After making a dry laugh, Finn prepared himself for the inevitable, and his spear faced the death god.

“…. It okay, I am a pathetic ghost encased in hate. This Finn will give me guidance.”

“While great things are said, your arms and legs are trembling.”

“Shu-shut up! I will stab just you with this spear!”

Finn started to shake the spear with the power of his whole body. You would think the handling of the spear was as sharp as his heyday, and it was intense.

But he did not hit the death god. The death god stopped all of the spear attacks, repelled and shook them off.

Gradually, Finn began to tire. His breathing became heavy and the rhythm of his attacks became erratic. As his legs became sluggish, there was a blow to the abdomen with the sickle of the death god. The core of his body sustained heavy and intense damage from the top of the armor.

Finn’s movement stopped. It seemed like he was standing up only by leaning on the spear.

“Ah, ah, shit! Why don’t you come and attack!?”

As time passed there would be an attack. He knew clearly that it would come.

Finn could not stand this.

“I thought I would kill when lion’s fangs were shattered. Until then, you can scratch all you like. Because I will receive it all. But, I will definitely be killing you.”

The death god distorted her mouth and Finn’s heart was broken. This was just the case of a meat eating beasts watching themselves devour their prey.

As he spat out congealed blood, Finn threw away his spear.

Finn’s subordinates were covering their mouths, trying to hold back their impending screams.

This was high tide. He did not want to even think about how he would be received in the coming ages in the written histories.

“――Kill me!. But, remember death god! Someday, it will come when you receive your reward. … this is certain. This was the same for us, and it will be the same for you.”

“I know enough about such that I disagree. That is why I am doing this.”


“Alright, goodbye.”

As the girl smiled, two death gods appeared from behind. Their skull faces distorted and they cackled.

On the sight of this, Finn doubted his own eyes and even his sanity. He hurriedly closed his eyes, then slowly letting in the light, there was an innocent smile of girl.

That was the last thing Finn ever saw.

The death god, as though putting on a performance, waved their three sickles and ran them across Finn’s body.

In one go, blood rose and the left and right arms, both legs, torso and neck went flying.

The upper and lower body were cut apart and the remaining armour and meat mixed into something unrecognizable.

In an instant, the ‘split apart’ Finn’s agonizing screams were silenced.

In the white fog, a crimson fog rose and gathered, as if to aim at the head, the blade of the sickled slashed.

As they raised it high, the young girl looked over the Black Calvary and called out.

“General Finn, has been vanquished by the ‘Red Bull’ Veloce!!”

In the middle of the deep fog, the death god calvary raised their voices, in celebration of the victory of their Lord.

The people watching over Schera’s troops recognized that Veloce had vanquished Finn.

Throwing away the red feathered helmet, Schera wiped the blood away from her face.

“Ahh, I am hungry.”

“Well done, Honorable Schera.”

“Thank you very much.”

Schera happily threw a candy into her mouth that Katarina gave to the calvary.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Extra (There is a possibility that the image may be destroyed.)

“It is from that time. That is, that Veloce became known as the ‘the Red Bull’. Although she seems to have wanted to be called ‘the Red Feather’.”

Dima complained to Katarina without thinking.

Veloce, who did not wish to be called a wild boar, went to the trouble of wearing a special red feathered helmet. Though she said it felt great with the red feathers, it was regrettable that it became such that she was called the Red Bull.

“The Red Bull suits you more! With that simple bullhead, Schera’s observation is truly remarkable!”

Veloce, who had vanquished both of the lion generals. Initially, both “the Red Feathers” and “the Red Bull” names were used but, after a while, “the Red Bull” had completely been destroyed. But it was mainly the nature of the person in question that was the cause.

When Katarina asked Schera why the name Red Bull, the reason was that beef is delicious was the answer.

A convinced Katarina nodded many times saying, “Her Honor Schera as usual.”

“By the way, why did Schera give Veloce that name, at that time? Because of that, Veloce is troubled. No matter how much it is denied, there is a great deal of humility from those around.”

“Ahhh, I do not know. But, Her Honour is not troubled at all.”

What Schera wanted was the Cyrus Fortress. So it was not necessary to have the merits above. Why did she allow Veloce to have the credit? Katarina did not understand. Perhaps it was a repayment to Yeruda? Perhaps it was just on a whim?

Whichever it was, Veloce acquired a new name and the dishonour that covered the House of Gale was completely dispelled.

“……please allow me to ask one more question. Just how old are her Honour Schera and Katarina?”

“Her Honor is 17. I am 24.”

Katarina reacted immediately, touching her glasses.

“The other day the answer was 18 and 25. Why did you reduce in age by one year? Please let me ask.”

“That time was that time. What is important is now. Without looking back on the past.”

It might be thought that she was saying something good, but actually she was just mingling.

Of course, Dima was worried about the fact that Schera and Katarina were not aging. Even though it was asked, it was carried away.

Anyway, because it could turn out to be troublesome, he wanted to think of an excuse in advance, but the principals could really do nothing.

Dima exercised ‘postponement’, throwing out troublesome things for the time being.

“Is that so? If so for now, I am fine.”

“So next, I would like to ask something, Dima.”

“Please ask me. I will not hide anything.”

“Will you tell me when you and Veloce are getting married?”

Hearing Katarina’s sudden words, Dima choked violently. In tune with this, his glasses fell.

Katarina was peeking at Dima, who had a miserable smile, from under the pink robes. He had the eyes of the hunted.

“You are that upset about it!”

“Ka-Katarina, what are you saying?”

Dima refuted it, biting down. The usually pale face was turning crimson. A cold sweat went down his back.

The usual calm demeanor was gone and an aged expression peeked out.

“I know that there is a fool having an inappropriate relationship with a superior.”

“How, is it me!?”

Because what she had actually been stating was the reality, his voice could only raise as he spoke. Dima and Veloce had indeed a deep relationship.

It was progressing from the start. Training together. Having the same feeling. Comfort being together. The mistakes of youth. But now―

However, they were always careful to make sure no one knew about the standing they had with each other. Why had they played with this demon?

“Using necromancy, I made a rat lurk in Veloce’s bedroom. I made it so that I could see anything the rat could see and saw everything from beginning to end. I was so envious! I collected everything I saw and wrote it down in a document to read later and confirm!”

“Ah, ah but-”

“There are rumors spreading. Not just in Cyrus, in Mirad and beyond.”

“Where is the source of this ru-rumour! I will pummel them!”

“The source of the rumor is me.”

Katarina let out a cackling laugh and Dima was scratching his head.

“Ah, ah.”

“So, the inappropriate Staff Officer Dima Art. When will you have the wedding? The Honorable Schera will likely be looking forward to it! With an all-you-can-eat buffet. I am already making the invitations with great excitement.”

As she handed Schera’s invitation from her bosom, all before Dima became dark. It was not something that could be done overnight.

“Yo-you are an idiot.”

“By the way, Veloce looks like your mother. The personality and conduct are exactly the same, does Dima have a special fetish? Do you?”

Katarina added a particularly stopping blow to the now burning white Dima. She was rotating a walnut with a demonic smile.

Mama’s boy Dima’s mother was Matari Art. She was a brave woman, who was Katarina’s swordsmanship instructor.

Matari and Veloce’s figure were not really the same, but they were similar in that they had simple personalities and both did not think before doing anything.

――After this, the unforgiving torture of the necromancer lasted another hour. Needless to say, Veloce was the next recipient of this treatment.

Because this is a gaiden the settings are hidden.

Dima: Dima: hidden Oedipus complex, closet pervert.

Veloce: Very big herself so loves small things.

Katarina: Demon

“The Red Feathers” is the name that Veloce did her best to think of.

For that reason, she displayed the beautiful feathers on the helmet. Although she thought that that name was good, instead and after a while people called her “the Red Bull.”

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