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Chapter 34

—-Report to Altura

The Liberation Army force sent to Cyrus has successfully captured the fortress. The enemy general Larus and Death God Schera were killed.

Also, during the confusion, Major Vander has gone missing.

End of transmission.

In the Chronicles of the Liberation War, Schera was said to have died in this battle.

She abandoned her subordinates and devised to escape alone, whereupon she was surrounded by militiamen, and in the end, was torn limb from limb.

It was said that Altura mourned Schera’s bloodstained life, and she erected a tombstone in Cyrus.

That the tombstone was nameless was proof of the weight of Schera’s sins.

Until the fear of “Death” would vanish from the people’s memories, there would be no forgiveness for her—-and with this sentence, the story can come to a close.

The Liberation Army that had captured Cyrus and Sayeh marched towards their ultimate goal,

Royal Capital Blanca, with Altura in tow.

With complete control over the court, Farzam had in essence staged a coup d’etat and confined King Kristoff. The Royal Capital Blanca surrendered without resistance.

On which occasion, Barbora committed suicide. He was appalled that he couldn’t keep his promise with Yalder, and he ended his life. Barbora, who had pursued promotions and had his ambitions granted exactly as he desired, in his final moments, was deprived of his power and died without anyone to care for him.

The Liberation Army was welcomed amidst whole-hearted cheers from the capital’s citizens. There was no one who called them the rebel army. Everyone ushered them in, brimming with the feeling of liberation.

The Kingdom was forsaken by the citizens at their very own doorstep. The streets teemed with cheers welcoming heroes.

“We have been waiting for you, Princess Altura. We vassals all present swear our allegiance.”

Bringing along his personal retainers, Farzam greeted Altura’s company.

Diener coldly stared at him, and ordered for the man in front of him to be restrained.

“Arrest the wicked retainer Farzam and his gang. He’s the culprit behind the misgovernment. There’s no need to listen to his excuses.”

“W, this is different from what we agreed on! Diener!”

“Did you think only you would be forgiven after all you’ve done? Your sins deserve a thousand deaths.”

“D, don’t screw around! Do you know what’ll happen if you kill me-!? Princess! Do you mean to drag this country into another war!?”

Deciding that speaking with Diener was useless, Farzam looked to Altura, his expression desperate.

Altura glared at Farzam, and said,

“General Borbon and General Octavio weren’t like you; we have exchanged messages that say they would work with us. Same with the dignitaries of the Royal Capital. Thanks to your unsightly desire for self-protection, we were able to avoid shedding unnecessary blood. For that, I thank you.”

“You, you planned on using me from the start!?”

“It’s the deceived fault for being deceived. Wasn’t that the very ideal which you acted upon? General Octavio, please restrain this fool at once.”

Apathetically threw out Diener, and Octavio put his hand on his sword.

“Leave it to me. Prime Minister Farzam, you’ve prepared yourself?”

“O, Octavio, you bastard, have you forgotten who helped you!?”

“I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve only sworn loyalty to Princess Altura, the rightful successor to the throne. What reason could I have to be scorned by a ‘rebel’ who wielded tyranny? None.”

Octavio snickered. While Farzam had been buying time, Diener iconically had been advancing his schemes in the Kingdom’s Army.

Farzam was nothing more than clown manipulated by one man.

This man who had crawled up by using other people collapsed. Armed Liberation Army soldiers crowded around him.

“Your crimes for driving several tens of thousands of civilians to their deaths will never be forgiven. Prime Minister Farzam. Until judgement day, repent your own doings.”

“T, this won’t be forgiven! Octavio! Diener! One day, you will become just like me! Remember this-! And you Altura, don’t think you can live in your pretty fantasies forever-!”

“……What are you talking about?”

Altura had a dubious expression on her face, and Farzam slandered more, losing his temper.

“You probably don’t know all the things your soldiers have done under the name of Justice-! You foolish little girl—–”

“Guards! Take this man away-! Don’t let him tell anymore lies!”

Diener ordered the guards, butting in, and Farzam was dragged away.

“Sir-! Come along-!”

“Sh, Shit-! I’m the Prime Minister! The Prime Minister I’ll have you know!”

Not a single man stood up for Farzam, and only death awaited this man who was abandoned even by his own direct followers.

Before carrying out his execution, Diener next to his ear revealed everything about his identity to the bawling, struggling Farzam.

Who he was, why he deceived him, and why he had to die.

Farzam’s eyes opened wide in shock, and he looked hard at the man who had once been his subordinate and had now taken the name of Diener.

In his daze, Farzam was put to the guillotine, and executed.

For the man who had risen up to Prime Minister from a simple page, it was too quick an end considering his selfish use of authority.

As for King Kristoff, he stayed silent, saying nothing, and he awaited his judgement day without any resistance.

Despite being in a position that ought to have governed the country, he hadn’t concerned himself with politics, oppressed the people, and was convicted as a criminal who killed several tens of thousands of people.

It was impossible for his verdict to be anything other than death.

Two weeks after the Royal Capital’s liberation, Kristoff was publicly put to the guillotine, and he passed away together with his infamy.

It was also the moment Diener’s revenge was complete.

Having treated him, a man who worked his body to the bone as part of their spy network, as a disposable piece and throwing him away, were Farzam and Kristoff.

In the name of Justice, Diener had admirably slain these two evil sinners.

After the King’s execution, the Royal Capital broke out into a large-scale celebratory festival. It was the advent of a new age–a future overflowing with hope. Everyone’s eyes were glittering, and they all had grand smiles. It proclaimed the end of their days of suffering, and that the war was over. All that was left was to rebuild.

The First Imperial Prince Alexander Keyland who had become hostage was released. Afterwards, due to the efforts of Alan, a peace treaty was signed.

The Kingdom would change. Under their beautiful hope, Altura, the Kingdom would be newly reborn.

It was the birth of Queen Altura and the New Yuze Kingdom.

The whole Kingdom was greatly excited, and they celebrated the birth of the New Kingdom and their new Queen.

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