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His Bloodline

What kind of melodramatic fate was this?

Their eyes met. Instead of avoiding his gaze, Yun Ran asked a direct question.

“Are you really the father of two children?”

Mo Beiyuan glanced at her indifferently and replied, “I don’t have the habit of raising children for others.”

Yun Ran pondered for a moment. His words seemed to make sense. Who would be willing to help others raise a child for no reason?

And two at a go!

“Alright, let’s talk about the identity and custody of the two children later. For now, I want to resolve my feud with the Yun family.”

There was too much going on. She had to do it one by one.

Mo Beiyuan thought that after she found out about his identity, she would beg him to deal with the Yun family. Unexpectedly, this woman had no intention of begging him at all.

Yun Ran did not intend to stay in the Yun family anymore and asked Yun Zhiyuan to sever ties.

“In the future, my life and the lives of the two children have nothing to do with the Yun family. Similarly, what happens to your Yun family has nothing to do with us. In addition, I don’t like others taking my things, so I will personally take back the heaven-level spiritual root on Yun Qingqing.”

The Yun couple looked even more shocked than before, unable to digest what Yun Ran had said.

The two of them exchanged a brief look. They suspected that the other party had accidentally spilled the beans in front of Yun Ran. This was because the matter of digging out the spirit root was extremely secretive. Only the two of them knew about it. Even Yun Qingqing herself didn’t know that the heaven-level spirit root in her body belonged to Yun Ran.

Yun Zhiyuan came back to his senses first and coughed to hide his loss of composure. “You wretched girl, what nonsense are you spouting in front of the Yuan King? What do you mean by severing ties? Heaven-level spiritual root! You were born trash. Where did you get a heaven-level spiritual root?”

After saying that, he smiled at Mo Beiyuan. “Your Highness, this girl was born stupid. You don’t have to take her words seriously.”

Mo Beiyuan looked at him meaningfully. “Stupid? Why can’t I tell that she’s stupid?”

Luo Die finally came back to her senses and said anxiously, “She went crazy just now. Not only did she break her own brother’s arm, but she also cut off the nanny’s. She’s a lunatic. You can’t listen to her nonsense!”

Yun Ran didn’t care what others thought of her.

She didn’t bother to explain.

Her gaze was cold as he glared at Luo Die. “Where are the keys to the shackles on the ankles of the two little balls? Take them out!”

Mo Beiyuan had extremely good hearing. When he heard this, his face darkened. “What keys? The children are shackled?”

Yun Ran’s lips twitched as she gave a small nod of agreement.

Mo Beiyuan’s eyes narrowed. Under his long crow-colored eyelashes, a fierce glint flashed across his dark eyes. His figure was as fast as a ghost. He raised his hand and grabbed Yun Zhiyuan’s neck, throwing him out. “Yun Zhiyuan! How dare you! How dare you abuse my bloodline!”

Yun Zhiyuan fell heavily. Cold sweat broke out on his back. How could he have known that those two little bastards had the bloodline of this god of death?

“I—we didn’t know they were your flesh and blood in the first place…”

If he had known, he would have provided well.

All the blood drained from Luo Die’s face. Her legs went weak and she almost fell to her knees. She quickly got someone to retrieve the key.

Yun Ran grabbed the keys and hurried back, not wasting any more time with them.

Mo Beiyuan also followed with his men.

When he saw the two little dolls, chained and sitting on the broken mat, munching on fruits, a complicated emotion he had never felt before ignited in him.

They were his flesh and blood, but they had been abused here without his knowledge.

Mo Beiyuan’s eyes turned cold, and a strong killing intent burst out of his eyes.

The Prime Minister’s office? He’ll remember this!

The two little ones widened their big black eyes. They first smiled at Yun Ran and addressed her as their mother, before secretly looking at the strangers following behind her.

Mo Beiyuan and his guards all had cold faces and did not have any amiable smiles.

Bun mistakenly thought that they were guards who had come to the residence to punish them because they had secretly eaten delicious food.

She said anxiously, “Catch me if you want. I ate all that food alone. Sweetcake and Mother didn’t eat anything.”

Little Sweetcake didn’t want her brother to be taken away. She grabbed his hand tightly. “No, don’t take my brother. I’ve eaten too.”

Tears glistened in those big eyes. It was heartbreaking.

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