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From Now On, She’s Someone I’m Protecting

Yun Ran pursed her lips and walked up to Mo Beiyuan with the saber.

When the guards behind Mo Beiyuan saw her coming over with a weapon, they were about to go forward and stop her.

Yun Ran stood two steps away from Mo Beiyuan and looked at him with clear eyes. “You, when we were at the hot spring previously, I didn’t mean to disturb your bath. You tore my clothes and I bumped your chin. I thought we were even.”

Mo Beiyuan’s eyes darkened, but before he could speak,

At the side, Yun Zhiyuan was the first to berate, “Yun Ran, what are you doing? How dare you speak to the Yuan King like that! Hurry up and kneel down to apologize to the Yuan King.”

Yun Ran glanced over and sized up Yun Zhiyuan.

He was in his early thirties and wore a first-grade official’s uniform embroidered with immortal cranes. He looked like a fair and clean scholar, but Yun Ran knew that his ruthless methods were not clean at all.

She frowned and glanced at him. “Don’t be anxious. It’s not your turn yet. We’ll settle our scores later.”

Yun Zhiyuan was in a high position. Few people in the entire East Continent dared to shout at him, let alone Yun Ran, the fool he had treated as a lowly wild dog since she was young.

He was immediately furious. He picked up the cup on the table and threw it at Yun Ran.

Although Yun Ran did not have spiritual power cultivation, there were some qualities engraved in her bones, such as her consciousness, eyesight, and ancient martial arts moves.

She turned nimbly to avoid the flying cup.

He did not expect his dog to resist him. Yun Zhiyuan’s expression was extremely ugly. He slammed the table and shouted, “I think you’re going to rebel!”

With that, he gathered spiritual power in his palm and waved it at Yun Ran.

Mo Beiyuan sensed the existence of the spiritual energy and killing intent, and an imperceptible trace of displeasure flashed across his eyes.

With a gentle wave of his hand, he stopped Yun Zhiyuan’s spiritual power.

Because their spiritual power cultivation levels were not on the same level, in an instant, Yun Zhiyuan and his chair were overturned.

“Yuan King, what do you mean by that?”

Yun Zhiyuan looked a little embarrassed, but he controlled his temper and did not dare to flare up. He gritted his teeth.

Mo Beiyuan’s expression was indifferent, and there was no joy or anger on his face. His thin lips moved slightly. “From now on, she is someone I’m protecting. Don’t touch her.”

Yun Zhiyuan was surprised.

Yun Ran also looked up and frowned. Her black eyes emitted a puzzled light. Wasn’t Mo Beiyuan here to take revenge on her? Why did he help her?

This person was indeed extremely strange and unpredictable.

The gloating smile on Luo Die’s face stopped abruptly. Didn’t this wretched girl offend the Ghost King? Why was he protecting her now?

It was unknown how the wretched girl’s ugly face caught Mo Beiyuan’s eye.

No, she could not let this damn girl climb up the tree that was Mo Beiyuan.

“King Yuan, you might not know this, but this girl is a fool. She likes to sleep with wild men everywhere. She was knocked up and even gave birth to two little bastards. Not to mention how dirty her body is, she might have already contracted an illness.”

Mo Beiyuan’s eyes turned cold when he heard this. He rubbed the smooth black jade ring on his finger and said faintly, “I don’t know when I became a wild man and how my bloodline became shameful little bastards!”

The man exuded an unstoppable murderous aura, and his dark eyes were dark.

Yun Zhiyuan and Luo Die were both shocked. The former’s pupils constricted violently. “You, you mean… Those two children are… How is this possible? How is this possible!”

Yun Ran frowned slightly. Even she was surprised by the development of the plot.

After the Host lost her virginity, she had an accident and fell on her head. She had lost a portion of her memories, so she could not remember the appearance of the children’s biological father at all, let alone the identity of that person.

But why did Mo Beiyuan appear at this moment? Did he also lose his memory and just regained some of it?

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