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Her Thin Waist

Thunderbolt could only sigh. They were indeed the woman and bloodline of their master.

The other children would cry when they saw the Red-Winged Flying Dragon from afar.

The Red-Winged Flying Dragon had even become the most terrifying ferocious beast in the eyes of the children in the Imperial City.

However, their little masters could actually use the word “cute” to describe such a big and fierce flying spirit beast. This was truly an eye-opener for Thunderbolt.

In the end, Mo Beiyuan brought the two little balls to ride the Red-Winged Flying Dragon.

The other secret guards rode on their flying demon beasts and followed behind.

They set off for the Demon Beast Forest closest to the Imperial City.

There were thousands of demon beast forests on the Xuanxia Continent. However, due to the different levels of demon beasts living in them, the danger levels of these demon beast forests were also different.

The higher the level of the demon beasts, the rarer and more ferocious they were. That was why mercenary groups existed. Many times, it might require a large group of people to deal with a high-level demon beast.

But even so, thousands of mercenaries died in the Demonic Beast Forest every year. Therefore, killing demon beasts and digging for crystals was a gamble. But it had been like this since ancient times. Humans die for wealth and beasts die for food!

The flying demon beasts were extremely fast. In less than two hours, they flew to the periphery of the forest.

Yun Ran’s riding experience was not bad. She thought that when she had enough crystals, she would also get a flying demon beast mount. In the future, it would be convenient to travel around with the two little balls.

Of course, it would be even better if she could get a flying spiritual beast like the Red-Winged Flying Dragon.

This was like the difference between an ordinary car and a top-notch luxury car.

Who wouldn’t love a flying beast that was fast, domineering, and powerful?

Mo Beiyuan carried a child in each arm and flew down from the back of the Red-Winged Flying Dragon.

Yun Ran also jumped down.

When she jumped onto the back of the Red-Winged Flying Dragon, she clearly did not have any spiritual power cultivation, but her clean movements were so beautiful that it made people speechless.

Coupled with her stunning face and soft curves, even Mo Beiyuan could not help but take a few more glances at her.

Why was this woman’s waist so thin?

It was as if it could be broken with a gentle fold.

Those who did not know better would think that he, Mo Beiyuan, could not afford to raise a woman.

Yun Ran did not notice the change in his expression and was striding into the forest, wanting to find a demon beast to train first.

Mo Beiyuan carried the two little balls and followed behind her.

The two little children had been locked in the shabby woodshed in the Prime Minister’s residence all this time. They had never seen such a large forest and this endless majestic mountain range.

Bun kicked his legs excitedly. “Daddy, I’ll walk by myself. You carry Sweetcake!”

Although they were twins, their personalities were completely different.

One liked to move, the other was quieter.

Perhaps it was because Sweetcake had been locked up all this time, coupled with her malnutrition, her development was a little slow compared to other children, and her legs did not have much strength. That was why she didn’t like walking on her own.

Basically, after taking a few steps, she would reach out for a hug.

Bun, on the other hand, couldn’t stay idle. He ran around like a lit firecracker as if he had endless energy.

Mo Beiyuan gave Thunderbolt a look and asked him to follow Bun.

Even though this was the periphery, no one could guarantee absolute safety.

After all, this was the Demon Beast Forest.

With Mo Beiyuan around, Yun Ran was quite at ease in regard to the two little packrats’ safety.

She could focus on finding traces of demon beasts.

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