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A Rather Spirited-looking Person

In Yun Ran’s opinion, the Yuan Mansion was not safe at all.

Although there hadn’t been a second accident where the killer had charged straight at her and the children, that didn’t mean the killers had stopped.

It was probably taken care of by the guards of the mansion.

Mo Beiyuan had originally planned to leave the two children in the residence and strengthen the protection, but after Yun Ran said this, he wavered in his decision.

If those people knew that he was not in the Imperial City, they would probably do whatever it took to get rid of the two children, just like how they had gotten rid of the women who were engaged to him.

This way, the rumors of him being a jinx would be confirmed.

Lowering his head to meet the expectant gazes of the two little packrats, Mo Beiyuan finally nodded.

He brought them around the periphery of the forest to see low-level demon beasts so that Bun and Sweetcake wouldn’t be scared.

As for this woman, a level-one or level-two low-level demon beast should be able to satisfy her curiosity.

Perhaps this woman would not be able to take it and would want to come back after staying in the Demon Beast Forest for less than a day.

Mo Beiyuan had gotten someone to arrange for flying demon beasts in advance.

When they saw the mighty and domineering flying demon beasts, the two little children’s big black eyes were filled with curiosity. Even Yun Ran’s eyes lit up when she saw the huge birds.

They came closer and studied each one for a moment.

Finally, they stopped in front of a huge beast with red patterns on its wings. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Is this the legendary Red-Winged Flying Dragon? The only flying spirit beast on the continent?”

It turned out that some of the messy rumors about Mo Beiyuan outside were true. For example, Mo Beiyuan was extremely handsome and had a pair of eyes with heterochromia. Also, his cultivation level was unfathomable, and his mount was a Red-Winged Flying Dragon that was of a higher level than demon beasts.

She just didn’t know if the rumors of his confidantes loving and hating each other were true.

Seeing that she had approached the Red-Winged Flying Dragon, and even planned to stretch out her arm and rub it on its head, Thunderbolt quickly stopped her. “Miss Yun, be careful. The Red-Winged Flying Dragon only submits to its master. If others approach, it will throw a tantrum and hurt them. Besides, it especially hates women.”

Even they, who had been by their master’s side for so many years, never dared to touch the head of this flying spirit beast. They tried their best to avoid it and did not dare to get too close.

Mo Beiyuan noticed the commotion and looked over.

He knew better than anyone the temper of his own mount. Spiritual beasts had intelligence. They only submitted to existences stronger than them.

Therefore, if this woman got too close, she might cause the Red-Winged Flying Dragon to go berserk.

Mo Beiyuan was about to step forward and use his spiritual power to suppress the Red-Winged Flying Dragon when he saw it raise its neck and cry towards the sky. It slowly lowered its head and even moved its head closer to the woman.

It was so docile that it did not look like a grumpy spirit beast, but like a puppy wagging its tail.

Yun Ran raised her hand and touched the big head that was reaching over.

“Yes, not bad. He looks quite spirited.”

A round of speechlessness hit Thunderbolt, the secret guards and Mo Beiyuan. i𝙣n𝐫e𝐚𝐝.co𝑚

What happened to spirit beasts being hot-tempered and difficult to tame?

The two children ran over excitedly and waved at the Red-Winged Flying Dragon.

This was the first time the Bun had seen such a big bird. His little neck was up and his eyes were shining.

“Father, I want to sit on this big bird.”

Sweetcake also liked the Red-Winged Flying Dragon. “Wow, what a cute big bird! Daddy, Sweetcake wants to sit on this big bird too.”

As she spoke, she even flapped her little arms like a bird spreading its wings to fly.

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