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The Demon Beast Forest

Yun Ran really wanted to experience the joy of killing demon beasts in the Demon Beast Forest.

The purpose of finding the mercenary organization was to get through the door.

After all, she had previously killed zombies and mutated beasts in the apocalypse.

The environment in the apocalypse was also different from here.

She needed to figure out a lot of things.

For example, which demon beast forest was suitable for newcomers who were killing demon beasts for the first time? What level of demon beast was more suitable for practice? Where were there more demon beasts?

If Mo Beiyuan was willing to teach her these, she would naturally be very happy.


However, after returning to the Yuan Manor, Mo Beiyuan was busy for more than half a month.

Just as Yun Ran thought that he had forgotten about his promise to bring her to the Demon Beast Forest, the man suddenly reappeared.

“Pack up and leave tomorrow.”

“Set off? Where to?”

Yun Ran really thought he had forgotten and didn’t understand what he meant for a moment.

Mo Beiyuan looked at her. “Didn’t you want to go to the Demon Beast Forest to broaden your horizons? Why? You don’t want to go anymore?”

Afraid that he would go back on his word, Yun Ran immediately replied, “Who said that? I want to go.”

The next day, Mo Beiyuan saw an adult and two children who were well-groomed.

When Sweetcake saw him appear at the far door, she ran towards him on her short legs and shouted from afar, “Daddy, Sweetie is ready. She’s ready to play.”

Bun, on the other hand, was holding a small wooden sword. He waved his small arms and shouted that he wanted to kill demon beasts.

The blue-eyed black wolf in the corner of the yard shuddered.

Mo Beiyuan picked up the Sweetcake and looked at Yun Ran.

At this moment, she was dressed differently from her usual attire. She was dressed in red, with black leather wrist guards and moccasins. Her long hair was tied high with a dark red ribbon, and a few strands fell by her ears. She looked valiant and heroic, like a young general on the battlefield who was wantonly ostentatious.

“You plan on taking the two children with you? That’s the Demon Beast Forest.”

Mo Beiyuan had been observing this woman’s attitude towards Bun and Sweetcake.

He had to be sure if this woman really loved the two children, or if she had pretended to like them in front of him and used him to escape the prime minister’s office.

There was nothing wrong with the fondness this woman had shown for the children.

However, when it came to bringing the children to the Demon Beast Forest, Mo Beiyuan began to suspect what her intentions were.

Was there a mother like her?’

Yun Ran really hadn’t realized the problem.

In the apocalypse, zombies were even more disgusting and terrifying than demon beasts. However, all children had to face the existence of zombies and mutated beasts since they were born. It was only in this way that they could survive in a godforsaken place like the apocalypse.

Therefore, she did not think that there was anything wrong with bringing the two little cubs to the Demon Beast Forest to play.

“That’s right. They were bored at the mansion, so they’re going along for the ride.” They could take that they were going to the zoo.

Mo Beiyuan gritted his teeth. “That’s the Demon Beast Forest, not a market, and they’re only three years old.”

Now she understood what he meant. “Do you think they’re too small and would be frightened? Then you may have underestimated their courage.”

The blue-eyed black wolf was scary enough, but the two little cubs grabbed its tail and chased it around the courtyard without any fear.

“Besides, I don’t feel safe leaving them in the manor. Who knows if your enemies will find out that you’re not there and send assassins?”

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