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Extremely Insulting

Mo Beiyuan remembered that the secret guard had reported that Young Master Heavenly Thunder had taken a fancy to Yun Ran.

The current scene must be because Young Master Lei wanted to use force. In order to protect her innocence, Yun Ran resisted with a saber. That was why it was so intense.

Mo Beiyuan’s eyes darkened as he looked at the woman beside him.

When he glanced at the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group again, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Who is Young Master Sky Thunder?”

Young Master Heavenly Thunder was already seriously injured. Now that he was sent flying again, he crashed into the stone steps. It was unknown if it was because of his internal injuries or because of shock, but a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

He was no longer as arrogant as before.

He had never seen the Ghost King’s methods, but he had long heard of them.

He would cut off his opponents’ tendons and turn them into human gizzards, or throw them into demon beast cages that had been hungry for days.

Young Master Thunder turned pale and tried to escape.

However, he was dragged to Mo Beiyuan by Thunderbolt

“Master, this person is Young Master Heavenly Thunder.”

Young Master Heavenly Thunder trembled and lay on the ground, shouting that he was blind and didn’t know that Yun Ran was Lord Yuan’s woman, so he had thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

“I was bewitched by her beauty, that’s why I got carried away. Your Highness, please spare me.”

If he knew that this woman was the Ghost King’s woman, he wouldn’t dare to touch her!

This was also the first time Mo Beiyuan was so deeply involved with a woman. Regardless of whether he had feelings for this woman or not, this woman was now his. Since she was Mo Beiyuan’s woman, he would definitely protect her.

Just as everyone was muttering in their hearts, the one who had taken the initiative to attack the Ghost King’s woman would probably die miserably.

The little ball in Mo Beiyuan’s arms whined, “Daddy, he’s a big baddie. Hit his butt!” 𝐢𝐧n𝒓ℯ𝒂d.c𝘰𝓂

Then, the Ghost King, who was terrifying, whispered okay to the little ball in his arms.

Everyone was speechless

Mo Beiyuan did not care about Young Master Heavenly Thunder’s wretched life at all. Since Sweetie had said so, he would do it.


“I’m here!”

“You know what to do.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Therefore, the dignified Young Master Heavenly Thunder was stripped of his pants by the secret guards of the Yuan King Manor and pinned at the entrance of the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group to be spanked.

This punishment did not cause much damage, but it was extremely insulting!

Later on, Young Master Heavenly Thunder was so traumatized that he lost his ability to be a man.

Seeing that Mo Beiyuan had gotten someone to handle this matter, Yun Ran didn’t say anything else. She put the saber behind her back and held Bun’s hand. “Let’s go and take a look at the other mercenary groups.”

When Mo Beiyuan saw that she was still planning to look for a mercenary group to do some kind of mission, he could not help but say, “I’ve said before that if you don’t have any cultivation, no mercenary group will accept you.”

And there was no one to protect her. Something like this could easily happen again today.

With this thought in mind, Mo Beiyuan held the Sweetcake and walked in front of Yun Ran with his long legs. His eyes were slightly solemn.

Even he did not realize that he seemed to have broken his usual principles in front of this woman.

“Let’s go back. Since you want to go to the Demon Beast Forest to do missions and play, I’ll take you there.”

In Mo Beiyuan’s opinion, Yun Ran had heard others talking about the mercenary group doing missions. That was why she wanted to play.

If she was just curious and wanted to play, he would take her to have a “good” experience. He promised to give her an unforgettable memory so that she would never be willing to go to the Demon Beast Forest again.

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