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No. 1 in Xuanxia Continent

Mo Beiyuan swooped down, immediately drawing everyone’s attention to him.

The man was dressed in a black brocade robe embroidered with golden beast totems. His black hair was tied up with a silver crown inlaid with jade. His face was really handsome and peerless.

But when everyone saw purple eyes, their expressions changed drastically.

Even the mercenaries who were about to besiege Yun Ran froze in place.

It was him!

“Ghost… Lord… Lord Yuan! It’s Lord Yuan!”

“Why is he here?”

… .

Sweetcake also saw her father and waved her arms in Thunder’s arms, asking for a hug.

“Daddy, Daddy… hug…”

During this period of time, the little girl liked to stick to her father even more.

When he was in the residence, if she could lie in her father’s arms, she would never come down and walk by herself.

Mo Beiyuan doted on her. He strode over and took her from Thunderbolt’s arms. Compared to the helplessness he’d felt the first time he’d held a child, he was now quite skilled.

“Daddy, big baddie, bully Mommy, hit Mommy… Boohoo…”

“Father, the big baddie wants to snatch Mother away… Sweet Cake and Brother won’t have a mother anymore…” 𝓲𝘯𝚗𝗿𝚎𝗮𝙙.𝒄𝑜𝓂

“Father, you have to beat up the big baddie and protect Mother.”

Sweetcake waved her hands and gestured vigorously. The tears on her face had yet to dry. She puffed up her cheeks angrily and complained to her father.

Mo Beiyuan carried the little packrat with one hand and nodded at her from time to time.

His face was still cold, but his eyes softened.

In the crowd, everyone heard the girl’s words clearly.

Connecting it to the rumors about the Ghost King Mo Beiyuan that had been spreading wildly in the Imperial City recently, they immediately guessed the identities of the two little packrats and Yun Ran.

“Didn’t they say that the Yuan King’s twins were born by the crazy, silly, and ugly Second Miss of the Prime Minister’s Mansion? Who is this beautiful and ruthless woman?”

“I’ve seen that fool from the Prime Minister’s residence before. She’s definitely not this fairy-like woman in front of me.”

“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear that little baby call for her mother? The little baby even called him father.”

“You mean this woman is the idiotic second daughter of the Prime Minister? How is that possible?”

… .

Yun Ran did not know that she had stirred up another wave of gossip in the Imperial City.

She saw Mo Beiyuan walking towards her step by step with the Sweetcake in his arms.

Surprised, she said, “What are you doing here?”

Mo Beiyuan glanced at her and explained indifferently, “The secret guards said that Sweetcake wants to see me.”

His reason was really irrefutable.

Little Sweetcake also nodded hard, saying, “Yes, it’s Sweetcake who misses Daddy. Mother, Daddy is here to beat up the big baddie and protect Mother. Brother still has Sweetcake.”

In Mo Beiyuan’s arms, Sweetcake was no longer as frightened as before. She even swayed her calves wantonly, looking a little like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might. She was really cute.

Bun also broke free from the secret guards. He rushed over like a little firecracker and hugged Mo Beiyuan’s leg.


Yun Ran curled her lower lip and a smile flashed across her eyes. In the eyes of the two little packrats, Mo Beiyuan was probably an omnipotent super good father.

Of course, Mo Beiyuan did not disappoint the two little packrats.

With a light wave of his sleeve, he sent a group of mercenaries flying.

Yun Ran finally understood why these people’s expressions were so ugly when they saw Mo Beiyuan and why he was known as the number one expert in the entire Xuanxia Continent.

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