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Mo Beiyuan’s Anxiety

“It’s the young master of the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group. He has taken a fancy to Miss Yun. Now, Miss Yun and the two young masters are trapped at the stronghold of the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group.”

As soon as the secret guard finished speaking, he realized that a black shadow flashed past his eyes. When he regained his senses, he had already disappeared into the courtyard.

He had been by his master’s side for so long, but this was the first time he had seen his master so anxious.

At this moment, outside the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group’s stronghold.

Yun Ran shielded the two children behind her.

Then, she shouted to the crowd, “Thunderbolt, come out.”

Thunderbolt had originally planned to wait for his master to come over and let him save the damsel in distress, but the development of this matter completely exceeded his expectations.

Could someone tell him when he was found out? Had his tracking skills deteriorated?

At this moment, he couldn’t care less about creating a chance for his master to save the damsel in distress. He appeared with a few shadow guards and bowed to Yun Ran.

“Greetings, Miss Yun.”

Yun Ran nodded at them. “Yes. Please protect Bun and Sweetcake.”

Immediately, Thunderbolt cupped his fists and accepted the order.

“Yes. Do we need to deal with these people?”

She shook her head, her voice cool, her expression neutral. “No, I can handle them myself.”

Yun Ran didn’t want to expose her identity and the two children, but in this situation, she couldn’t beg for mercy.

She did not want to establish a cowardly image in front of the two small groups.

She didn’t want to destroy the confidence and courage that the two children had worked so hard to build.

After entrusting the safety of the buns and sweet cakes to Thunder and the secret guards, Yun Ran looked up at Young Master Thunder in front of her and slowly drew her saber from her back.

She had held the saber behind her back to make it easier to do the task.

Who knew that it would be used against this group of trash now?

A cold glint appeared in Yun Ran’s eyes. Without saying a word, she slashed with her saber.

The saber was so ordinary that when it was pulled out, it did not alert the other party at all.

No one expected this woman to be so bold as to use a saber to slash the young master of Heavenly Thunder at the entrance.

Young Master Heavenly Thunder was still guessing the identity of these secret guards and this woman.

There was a sharp pain in that shoulder. He twisted his neck and saw that his left shoulder was a bloody mess. It seemed that a large piece of flesh had been cut off. Blood stained the entire lapel.

Such a huge change caused a commotion.

However, Yun Ran had no intention of stopping. Instead, she continued to slash at the men with dirty mouths.

After cleaning them up, she said coldly, “So what if I don’t have spiritual power cultivation? I can still kill you. Listen up, this time, I’ve cut off a piece of your flesh. Next time, I’ll cut off your heads.”

Thunderbolt was no less surprised than the others.

Why was that smiling and delicate Miss Yun even more ferocious than the secret guards who had risked their lives for her?

Little Sweetcake in her arms had never seen such a scene before. Large drops of golden beans fell.

As she cried, she raised her little arm and pointed. “Bad guy. Big bad guy wants to hit my mother.”

Thunderbolt was speechless.

Had the girl made a mistake?

Her mother was the one who was beating someone up.

When Mo Beiyuan rushed over, he saw the secret guards hugging the two little balls and coaxing them. 𝚒𝗻𝘯𝑟𝒆𝑎𝒅.co𝚖

Meanwhile, Yun Ran was surrounded by a group of aggressive mercenaries.

The woman was dressed in an ice-blue dress and held a worn-out saber in her hand. She was clearly alone, but there was no hint of fear on her face.

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