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My Life is My Own

Yun Ran finally figured out the reason for her strange illness.

She had always believed that her life was up to her, not the heavens.

Being tied to someone else’s life was never free.

She had to hurry and neutralize the poison.

“Then have you found a way to cure the parasite?”

Mo Beiyuan said to her bluntly, “Not yet.”

Yun Ran had wanted to leave with her two children when she became stronger.

Now, it seemed, it would be difficult for her to distance herself from this man.

Forget it. There was no point in being anxious about this.

Mo Beiyuan waited for her to cry or use this matter to make conditions and threaten him.

Unexpectedly, Yun Ran said, “Got it. Let’s protect our lives for now!” Then she left.

As if this didn’t make much difference to her.

Actually, Yun Ran wasn’t that open-minded. After all, there were too many people who wanted this man’s life. If his enemies found out, killing her would be equivalent to killing Mo Beiyuan. Then her life would be in even more danger.

Therefore, Yun Ran felt that the matter of her becoming stronger was imminent. She had to hurry up with her previous plans.

The next day, after breakfast, Yun Ran left the residence through the back door with the two little dumplings.

When Mo Beiyuan heard the secret guard’s report, he nodded indifferently.

He asked Thunderbolt to bring a few people to protect them secretly. He did not have to show himself unless necessary.

After all, the two children were still young. How could they not like to come out and stroll around?

Yun Ran held one in each hand and led them around the streets of the Imperial City.

As they walked around, the two little packrats had a lot of good food and fun in their hands.

They were over the moon.

When they’d had their fun, Yun Ran took them to do their business.

She had previously asked the guards in the Imperial Palace about it. There were a few large mercenary organizations in the East Continent’s Imperial City.

The strongest was called the Sky Thunder Mercenary Group.

It was quite famous in the entire continent. It was said that there were thousands of mercenaries alone.

If Yun Ran wanted to grow quickly and obtain a generous mission reward, she had to go straight to the Sky Thunder Mercenary Group.

There was a long line outside the Heavenly Thunder Mercenary Group.

There were people who wanted to join them every day, so the selection was naturally very strict.

Yun Ran followed the rules and lined up.

The person in charge of the registration noticed the two fair and cute children beside her and couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, are you sure you want to sign up for our Sky Thunder Mercenary Group’s selection?”

Yun Ran nodded. “I’m sure.”

Seeing how confident she was, the person in charge guessed that her spiritual power cultivation was definitely not low. He asked, “Miss, what’s your spiritual power cultivation level? Have you been in another mercenary group before? Which sect are you from?”

Yun Ran answered honestly. “No.”

The man in charge paused in his writing and looked up at her. “What do you mean by that?”

“It means that I don’t have any spiritual power cultivation and have never been in other mercenary groups or sects.”

When the person in charge heard her words, he immediately got someone to chase her away.

“Even the cooks and cleaning maids in our mercenary group are all spiritual knights. You don’t even have the qualifications to be a maid. Go, go, go, don’t get in the way.”

Yun Ran even tried to convince him to let her give it a try. “Although I don’t have any spiritual power cultivation, my competency in martial arts is not bad.”

But to a spiritualist, her words were a joke.

It was also impossible to give her a chance to try.

“We’re not a charity hall. We don’t take in any Tom, Dick, or Harry.”

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