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Taking the Children for a Walk

In that case, he had underestimated her ambition.

However, according to the information obtained by the secret guards, Mo Jinyu hated this woman to the core and looked down on her.

Yun Ran didn’t know what he was thinking and continued, “I’ll think of a way to get back my spirit root.”

Since they couldn’t come to terms, she’d take care of it herself. She’d never liked to live by depending on others.

Mo Beiyuan did not take her words seriously at all, because in his opinion, this woman did not have the ability to get her spiritual root back herself. In the end, she would definitely come back and beg him for help.

However, after talking to him, Yun Ran began to plan how to get her spiritual root back. First of all, she had to earn enough money. Gold and silver alone were not enough. She needed to earn demon beast crystals that were more valuable than gold and silver.

After she had money, she could hire experts with high cultivation levels to work for her or buy the herbs needed for the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.

She couldn’t do anything else in the apocalypse, but cutting off heads and digging for crystals was really as easy for her as eating and drinking.

However, she was still worried about leaving the two little ones in the palace.

Who knew when another killer or two might pop up?

If only the others didn’t know who she and her two children were. Then she could take them out for a stroll.

Yun Ran thought for a few days but couldn’t think of anything good.

Until Bun rushed to her and asked her with his big black eyes, “Mother, why have you changed?”


“Yes, you’ve become so beautiful.”

When she looked into the bronze mirror, she saw that Bun wasn’t exaggerating.

The person in the mirror had red lips and white teeth. Her eyes were like the galaxy, and her skin was delicate and snow-white like fine porcelain. Her thick and soft black hair was scattered behind her, and her fair face was beautiful and flawless.

The terrifying scar from before was no longer visible.

Miraculously, this face was almost identical to her face in the apocalypse, so it naturally looked much more pleasing to the eye.

Perhaps it was because the food in the royal residence was good, and Yun Ran would occasionally get some spring water and fruits from her space, but the two little balls had changed a lot. Their outstanding looks gradually appeared.

The features were also similar to hers in several ways.

Therefore, if the three of them went out like this, no one should be able to guess their identities.

After the splint on Bun’s arm was removed, Yun Ran went to look for Mo Beiyuan and asked him to bring Bun and Sweetcake out for a walk.

Mo Beiyuan’s gaze landed on her face and he was momentarily distracted.

The woman was dressed in a long hibiscus-colored dress. Her eyebrows were like jade, and her eyes were like peach blossoms. Her skin was like top-grade milky white jade, without any flaws. Her eyes were as clear as a mountain spring. When she looked at people, there was an indescribable charm.

The scars on her face had all disappeared.

Now, this face, with jade-like bones and ice-cold muscles, could be said to be peerlessly beautiful.

Mo Beiyuan realized that he was in a daze. He clenched his fists and coughed lightly.

“A stroll? Where do you want to take them for a stroll?”

Yun Ran had no intention of hiding it from him. “I want to tour the mercenary groups in the city and do missions.”

She was new here and would not be stupid enough to rush into the demon beast forest alone. Joining a mercenary group was her best choice.

Mo Beiyuan thought that she was going out to shop or taking a hike in the mountains.

Unexpectedly, Yun Ran was referring to bringing the two little fellows to the mercenary group to accept a mission.

“The minimum requirement for a mercenary group recruit is a Grand Spirit Knight. They don’t accept people without cultivation.”

So, who had given her the confidence to go to the mercenary group to take on a mission and bring the two little ones with her?

Yun Ran really didn’t know that there was a threshold to joining a mercenary group.

But she wasn’t the type to give up easily either.

“Oh, then I’ll take a look and try my luck. Maybe a mercenary organization will make an exception and let me join them.”

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