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Not a Deal

“Someone with higher spiritual power cultivation? Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill?”

The Host was illiterate here, so she did not understand these things at all.

Yun Ran understood a little according to the information she had obtained over the past few days. At the moment, she needed to find someone with a very high spiritual power cultivation. Then, she needed a medicinal pill called the “Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill” to restore her spiritual root.

“To dig out Yun Qingqing’s spirit root, I need to find someone with a high cultivation level. How much does it cost to hire such an expert? Also, what’s the price of this Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill? Where can I buy it?”

In one breath, the woman asked a series of questions.

However, Mo Beiyuan wanted to help her.

“I can help you with this, but I have conditions.”

“What condition?”

Xiaoran blinked her big, watery eyes. She was surprised that he would help her and was also very curious about his conditions.

“You and the children must stay at the manor. You may leave when I say you can.”

He needed time to find a way to cure the Gu poison, so she had better stay in the Yuan King Manor obediently and not go out and cause trouble for him.

Yun Ran was used to being unrestrained in her previous life. Now that she was trapped in the backyard, she was naturally unwilling to listen to others’ arrangements.

“I don’t agree to your terms. I stayed to take care of the two little ones because I wanted to. It’s also my duty and responsibility as a mother. It’s not a deal.”

In Mo Beiyuan’s opinion, this deal was not a loss for her at all. In the Yuan Mansion, she could live a hundred times more comfortably than in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. She could have anything she wanted.

She shouldn’t have refused.


“Because of freedom.” Even as she answered his words, a light seemed to leak from her eyes.


Mo Beiyuan did not expect to get such an answer from a woman. He had assumed she disagreed because his offer wasn’t tempting enough. Or maybe she wanted something more.

Instead, she wanted that invisible, intangible, insubstantial thing.

“What if I were willing to take you as my first consort?”

Before entering the palace, the emperor had asked him what he planned to do with this woman and her two children. He had asked him if he wanted to marry this woman as Princess Yuan, saying it was best for the children.

He was just going to have to suffer by marrying an ugly fool.

He’d opened his mouth to refuse at the time because he wanted nothing to do with any woman. As far as he was concerned, women were the biggest problem in the world.

Did this woman in front of him also want the position of Princess Yuan?

If that was the case, it was not impossible for her to stay safely in the Imperial Palace.

Yun Ran smiled. Previously, because of the two little ones, she couldn’t say anything. Now, she didn’t have much to worry about.

“Aren’t you being narcissistic? Why should I marry you? I don’t even like you.”

It was true that she was the mother of two children, but she was not selfless enough to marry a man she did not like for the sake of two children. To her, there was no need to make a formal appearance of husband and wife.

Yun Ran stood there arrogantly and raised her head slightly. Her expression was clear. “The man I, Yun Ran, want to marry must be someone I like and am willing to spend the rest of my life with. It’s not for a certain purpose and deal.” 𝙞𝙣𝚗𝒓𝙚𝒂𝐝.c૦m

Mo Beiyuan was not stupid. The meaning of her words could not be clearer. This woman was telling him that she did not like him and did not care about the position of Princess Yuan at all.

He remembered that the secret guards had found out that this woman seemed to be obsessed with the Crown Prince, Mo Jinyu, and had done many stupid things for him. Could it be that she wanted the position of Crown Princess?

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