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Yun Ran’s Mentality

But then again, wasn’t the man being too narcissistic?

Did he think all the women in the world had designs on him?

What kind of person was this?

If it weren’t for the fact that the two children were there, and she was afraid that she would cause damage to their young minds, Yun Ran would definitely retort and tell him not to be so narcissistic. No matter how handsome he was or how noble his status was, she would not take the initiative to seduce him.

However, Bun and Sweetcake had grown up in that suffocating environment. From a young age, they were more sensitive than other children. They still realized that something was wrong between the two of them.

“Father, do you not like Mother?” Sweetcake asked eagerly.

Mo Beiyuan felt a headache coming on. He was used to doing things as he pleased. When had he ever cared about other people’s feelings?

However, the child in front of him clearly meant that if he dared to say “no”, she would cry.

“Eat first.”

Mo Beiyuan planned to avoid this question, but he did not expect Sweetcake to not be so easy to fool. Her face was taut as she repeated it in a childish voice.

“Father hasn’t answered Sweetcake yet. Do you like Mother or not?”

Mo Beiyuan looked up at Yun Ran and realized that a certain woman was watching him happily.

Yun Ran had a good mentality. As long as she wasn’t embarrassed, others would be.

Mo Beiyuan could only say indifferently, “This question is a little difficult. I have to think about it carefully.”

Little Sweetcake could only sigh in disappointment. “Why is Daddy so stupid? He still has to think about such a simple question.”

Yun Ran couldn’t hold it in. She covered her mouth and laughed.

She thought, Serves you right!

Mo Beiyuan looked up at the smiling woman. Her face was clearly covered in ugly scars, but her smile gave off a strange feeling.

Perhaps it was his imagination, but the scar on the woman’s face seemed to have faded a little, and her skin was fairer than before.

Perhaps it was because of the Gu poison, but his gaze would always seek her involuntarily.

He would watch her every move.

After coaxing the two little packrats to take an afternoon nap, Yun Ran stopped Mo Beiyuan, who was about to leave.

“Wait. I want to ask you a question.”

“What’s the problem?” 𝐢𝐧n𝒓ℯ𝒂d.c𝘰𝓂

“Don’t worry, it’s not a question of whether you like me or not.”

She joked with him good-naturedly.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. I want to ask you how to get back a spiritual root that was snatched away by someone else.”

When she said that, Mo Beiyuan remembered what she had said to Yun Zhiyuan back at the Yun family. She seemed to have said that her heaven-level spiritual root had been dug out and planted in another daughter of the Yun family.

“You want your spirit root back?”

Yun Ran nodded. “Naturally I must get my things back.”

She had asked the right person. Mo Beiyuan did indeed know the method of snatching the spiritual root and planting it back. “Someone with a higher spiritual power cultivation needs to dig out the spiritual root with spiritual power and plant the spiritual root back into the body with the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.”

Digging other people’s spiritual roots was the dirtiest and most despicable thing to do. However, the selfishness and greed of human nature meant that such things would always exist and could not be completely eliminated. There were even some organizations that specialized in doing such things to obtain huge wealth.

Under normal circumstances, people who had their spiritual roots dug out would become cripples. They wouldn’t live long and would at most live for two to three years.

Therefore, digging out someone else’s spiritual root was no different from killing them.

Yun Ran was a rare occurrence.

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