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Stay Away From Me

The two children were shocked by this sudden change.

Bun quickly reacted. That person wanted to hurt his mother. He rushed towards the maidservant like a small firecracker, hugged one of her legs, and bit down hard.

Sweetcake, who was riding Big Dog, also rushed to help.

“Big dog, bite her, bite the big bad guy!”

It was already so chaotic here. It would be unreasonable if the secret guards of the Yuan King Manor did not see it.

They all hurried over.

The maidservant was outnumbered and was quickly controlled.

In the past few days, they had caught several waves of killers. How did someone still manage to slip in? When their master returned, they would obediently apologize and receive their punishment.

After checking that Bun’s wooden arm was fine, she picked up the frightened little Sweetcake and gently comforted her.

“Miss Yun, what should we do with this killer?”

The secret guard had already lifted the human skin mask on the maidservant’s face, revealing an unfamiliar woman’s face. The woman revealed a sinister smile, and then black blood flowed out of her mouth as she breathed her last. She must have committed suicide after failing the mission.

With a neutral expression, Yun Ran waved him off. “Drag her away.”

These people were bold enough to come to King Yuan’s Estate to assassinate. After leaving King Yuan’s Estate, the situation would probably be even worse.

Yun Ran pondered. Now, if she wanted to leave with Bun and Sweetcake, she had to make herself strong enough to protect them.

If she wanted to become stronger, she had to retrieve her spiritual root and cultivate spiritual power.

This was because, in this world, the level of spiritual power cultivation was the only standard to determine a person’s strength.

Yun Qingqing was not in the Imperial City now. Instead, she had gone to look for someone to forge some personal weapons.

When she returned, Yun Ran would have to find a way to get back her stolen spirit root.

So, how was she going to get this spiritual root back?

Yun Ran had seen Mo Beiyuan defeat Yun Zhiyuan with a wave of his hand. His cultivation level was definitely not low, so she wanted to find an opportunity to ask him.

Mo Beiyuan received a letter from the secret guards in the palace. He knew that something had happened in the residence and rushed back.

Unexpectedly, the woman was not frightened at all and was having lunch with the two little ones. When she saw him coming, she glanced at him and asked if he had eaten and if he wanted to eat with her.

Mo Beiyuan was really curious if this woman was really not afraid or if she was too ambitious.

“I heard a hitman just came to the mansion. She was after Bun and Sweetcake.”

As Yun Ran fed Little Sweetcake soup with a spoon, she replied, “Looks like your Yuan Manor isn’t that safe either.”

Mo Beiyuan choked on her words and his expression was a little unnatural.

“I will punish the shadow guards for their negligence.”

When Yun Ran saw him coming, she didn’t let him stay idle. She naturally handed him the soup bowl in her hand. “What’s the point of punishing them? If it were me, I’d expose those dishonest people behind them one by one so that they won’t have a chance to attack again. So, who are the people who want the lives of our two children?”

Mo Beiyuan took the bowl of soup and looked up to meet her watery eyes. Her long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings, and her eyes moved. Her red lips parted slightly, making her look seductive. The faint fragrance on her body rushed into his nose, making his Adam’s apple move and his eyes turn scarlet.

He didn’t even hear what she said.

He knew that the Gu poison in his body was causing trouble. He raised his hand and pushed Yun Ran away.

“You, stay away from me.”

He was afraid that he would not be able to control this Gu poison later and lose his composure in front of Bun and Sweetcake.

Yun Ran only knew that she was being despised.

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