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The Most Popular Gossip

In addition to the injury on his arm, there were many deep and shallow scars on his body. It was obvious that he had been severely abused for a long time.

However, despite his curiosity, Feng Chen could not help but not say tentatively.

“It’s not difficult to treat this arm. You just need to break the bones that have grown wrong and reattach them. But I have to remind everyone that breaking bones can be very painful.”

‘I’m afraid it’s very difficult for a small child to bear.’

Yun Ran looked at Bun and understood that it was a matter of long-term or short-term pain, but she still hesitated.

Bun looked up with sparkling eyes. He tugged at Yun Ran’s sleeve. “Mom, I’m not afraid of pain. Once I heal my arm, I can beat the bad guys away and protect Mom and sister.”

Respecting his own choice, Yun Ran nodded. “All right. Let’s do it now.”

After Feng Chen had prepared the tools and herbs he needed, he began to set the bones for Bun.

Bun had been very brave the entire time. His face was tense as he gritted his teeth. His entire body was trembling from the pain, but he still did not cry out in pain.

Feng Chen had never seen such a strong little doll.

He clicked his tongue at Mo Beiyuan. “Ah Yuan, Bun probably inherited his ability to endure pain from you! Now, I don’t believe that he’s not your son!”

Mo Beiyuan looked at Bun with heartache and pride. So this was the feeling of being connected by blood.

Seeing the Bun’s small arm being forcefully broken again, Yun Ran’s heart ached. She raised her hand and rubbed Bun’s head.

She naturally had to put this on Yun Hai’s head. As for settling the score, there was no hurry. When Yun Hai’s arm was almost fully grown, she would break it again.

Over the past few days, Yun Ran had been tending to Bun in the Yuan King Manor as he recuperated.

She did not know that the news about her and Mo Beiyuan had already spread throughout the Imperial City.

It was the hottest gossip in the streets, teahouses, and restaurants.

“Have you heard? The father of the children borne by the foolish Second Miss of the Prime Minister’s Mansion is actually the Yuan King! That fool drugged the Yuan King. As expected, a fool is indeed a fool. She simply doesn’t want to live anymore.”

“I think she’s the shameless one! She’s so ugly. If I were the Ghost King, I would probably have nightmares every night.”

“Do you think this fool is really stupid or just pretending to be stupid? She actually schemed against the Ghost King and became famous because of her children. I’ve underestimated her.”

… .

The people in the palace naturally knew about it.

The East Continent Emperor immediately summoned Mo Beiyuan into the palace to ask him about the truth.

No one in the Prince Yuan Mansion dared to gossip.

Yun Ran was very pleased.

She led the two little cubs to walk the demon beast in the large courtyard of the Yuan King Manor.

Bun and Sweetcake were children, after all. Which child didn’t like furry “little animals”?

They were now familiar with the blue-eyed black wolf. One was sitting on its back, pulling its ears, and the other was squatting on the ground, hugging its tail. The big dog was barking.

Yun Ran propped herself on her elbows and sat in the pavilion, leisurely sipping her tea.

But her gaze never left the two children.

At this moment, a graceful maidservant carried a tray and slowly walked toward the two little balls. She smiled kindly and said in a gentle voice, “Little masters, you must be tired from playing. Come and have some pastries.”

Yun Ran’s eyes suddenly turned cold as she raised her hand and threw the cup at the maidservant.

“Go away. They don’t eat dirty things from your hands.”

As she spoke, she had already arrived behind the maidservant. She clenched her fists and smashed at the maidservant ruthlessly.

The maidservant was not slow. She dodged her attack. With a flick of her sleeve, a dagger appeared in her hand.

Yun Ran didn’t have any handy weapons in her hand, and she couldn’t hide in the space to get a saber now. She could only fight with her bare hands.

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