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The Wrong Reaction!

Yun Ran looked over and saw a young man suddenly rush out from behind Mo Beiyuan. He was dressed in a grayish-blue robe that was embroidered with ancient patterns with silver thread. His hair was casually tied up with a unique wooden hairpin, and his handsome brows were not stained with any smoke or fire. His temperament was cold and aloof; it was as if an immortal had descended to the world.

Unfortunately, he opened his mouth.

“Mo Beiyuan, when did you take in a foster son?”

Feng Chen revealed an exaggerated expression that did not match his immortal face and carefully sized up the little baby in someone’s arms.

It didn’t take long to realize that there was someone else in the room besides the toddler.

When his gaze shifted to Yun Ran and the little Sweetcake in her arms, his expression became even more exaggerated. He rushed in front of the mother and daughter and pointed.

“Wait, what’s with this woman and this little baby in her arms? Don’t tell me you took two at once and kidnapped their mother!”

Yun Ran did not take the initiative to explain their identities.

This person was obviously very familiar with Mo Beiyuan, so if someone wanted to explain, he would naturally explain himself.

Sure enough, in the next second, Mo Beiyuan’s lips moved. “They’re not godchildren. They’re all my children, biological children.”

Little Sweetcake was timid, to begin with, and was frightened by Feng Chen’s nagging. She wrinkled her nose and her big black grape-like eyes turned red. Her eyes were filled with tears as she shouted, “Mother, I’m afraid.”

Before Yun Ran could comfort the little girl, Mo Beiyuan strode over and pulled Feng Chen away.

‘Move. You’re scaring her into tears.’

“I was just too excited.” Feng Chen touched his nose and smiled awkwardly. As he spoke, he waved at Little Sweetcake. “Little Sweetcake, I’m your Uncle Feng.”

Sweetcake glanced at him and shifted her gaze to Mo Beiyuan. She fluttered her little arms. “Daddy! Hug!”

Mo Beiyuan did not put Bun down. Instead, he bent down and picked up the sweet cake with his other hand.

Sweetcake lay on his shoulder, her little hands tight around his neck, and giggled.

That baby voice, that soft little look, and that warm, innocent smile instantly taught Feng Chen what jealousy was.

“Uh, Brother Yuan, look, you can’t carry her alone. Why don’t I help you carry this little pink ball?”

He reached out eagerly, intending to receive her.

Mo Beiyuan glanced at him with disdain. “I think you don’t want your arms anymore?”

But Yun Ran had been very quiet, staring at the man in front of her, lost in thought.

For some reason, when Mo Beiyuan bent over to carry Sweetcake, that big hand only accidentally rubbed against the back of her hand. She suddenly felt a numbing sensation spread throughout her body, and then her breathing and heartbeat changed.

This reaction was wrong!

Why did it seem like she had some inappropriate thoughts about this man?

The man was handsome and devilish. He was tall and mighty, and his aura was cold. He also exuded a hint of abstinence. He was indeed quite charming.

But it wasn’t as if she had never seen a man before. It wasn’t to the extent that if she got a little closer, her face would turn red and her heart would beat faster!

What had possessed her?

Yun Ran pondered for a long time but could not figure out the reason.

It was not until she heard Mo Beiyuan ask Feng Chen to take a look at Bun’s injuries that she realized that Feng Chen was actually a doctor.

Feng Chen put away his sloppy and unreliable expression and looked seriously at the wound on Bun’s arm.

“It was forcefully broken by someone!” Who was so vicious that they wouldn’t even let a little kid off?

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