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Was This Man That Miserable?

The two little ones had suffered terribly in the Yun family for the past few years. Yun Ran did not want them to be looked down upon in the Yuan Manor because of their identity as illegitimate children.

Mo Beiyuan explained to her, “I won’t have any other children, and they won’t be illegitimate either. You should be relieved.”

Yun Ran did not expect this man to value the two children so much that he could even say that he would no longer have children.

But even so, as a mother, Yun Ran was still worried!

“Who knows what kind of princess you’ll marry? Who can guarantee that that woman will treat them like her own?”

What if they met a vicious person? The noble ladies of the Imperial City were not simple and harmless.

Mo Beiyuan seemed to have heard something funny. His thin lips curled up, and his unfathomable eyes stared at Yun Ran. “I’m destined to be a Lone Star. Six of the women who are engaged to me have already died. Do you think there are still women who dare to marry me?”

Yun Ran was momentarily stunned.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Was this man that miserable?

No wonder he was so concerned about the two little ones.

“Wait a minute. Now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be just as dangerous for you to have two little ones around?”

Naturally, Yun Ran did not believe in that nonsense.

In her opinion, those women’s deaths were most likely not an accident. Someone was probably behind this.

The existence of the Bun and Sweetcake had indirectly dispelled the rumors of him being a Lone Star. The people behind them would definitely not let the two children live peacefully.

At the thought of this, Yun Ran frowned. “So, who did you offend to mess with you like this?”

Mo Beiyuan’s dark eyes darkened, and an imperceptible dark light flashed in them.

She was smarter than he thought.

But there were some things she had no right to know yet.

“You only need to know that no one in the Yuan Manor can hurt you.”

Yun Ran felt a headache coming on. With this person’s status and personality, he had probably offended many people and made many enemies.

Even if she immediately left with her two children and said that she had accidentally recognized the wrong man as their father, no one would believe her.

Therefore, she could only stay in the Yuan Mansion for the time being.

They returned to the huge courtyard that Mo Beiyuan had arranged for the three of them.

Yun Ran finally had a chance to be alone and entered the space.

She took a comfortable bath in the immortal spring and applied a facial mask with the immortal spring water and the herbs in the space.

She had accidentally discovered a herb which had the effect of removing scars. The wounds on the Host’s face should be healed after about ten applications.

After taking a bath, she fiddled with some medicinal paste and brought it out to apply it to the two little balls.

In the past few years, there had been many deep and shallow scars on the bodies of Bun and Sweetcake. Although they were not serious, they still did not look good.

While applying the medication, Yun Ran took a closer look at Bun’s injured little arm. The bone had been broken and grown out of place. The immortal spring water was not of much use.

She had to find a doctor who could set bones and restore dislocated bones.

Yun Ran did not have any connections here, so she wanted to wait until tomorrow to look for Mo Beiyuan and ask him to invite a reliable doctor to take a look.

Unexpectedly, Mo Beiyuan came over early the next morning.

Sweetcake was timid. She had just woken up and blinked her big eyes. When she saw the unfamiliar environment, she could not adapt to it and hid in her mother’s arms.

Bun was quite bold. When he saw that his father was here, he jumped off the bed and ran barefoot towards Mo Beiyuan.

“Daddy.” 𝑖𝘯𝑛𝙧e𝙖𝙙.c𝒐m

Perhaps it was the special bloodline bond between father and son, although Mo Beiyuan could scare other people’s children to tears when he went out, Bun wasn’t afraid of his other pupil or the murderous aura that came with it.

Mo Beiyuan carefully avoided the little guy’s injured arm and bent down to pick him up.

A loud cry came from behind. “Wait, what did this little boy just call you? Daddy? Is it Daddy? Did I hear wrongly?”

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