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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

Chapter 123 - 123 Wretched Emperor

123 Wretched Emperor

The only thing that the Emperor of the East Continent could claim to win at was probably the number of concubines in his harem and the number of princes and princesses he had.

Mo Donglin had always thought that his jinxed younger brother would be alone for the rest of his life.

Who knew that two bloodlines would suddenly appear?

It was not a good thing for the East Continent’s royal family that Mo Beiyuan had a bloodline.


Mo Donglin knew how unfathomable his brother’s power was. Previously, Mo Beiyuan was not interested in the throne because he did not have a descendant. But now, he had probably changed his mind.

Therefore, he could not keep those two children!

They all had to die!

“I came to see my little nephew and niece. My royal brother shouldn’t be unhappy, right? I heard that my cute little niece is sick. Look, I even brought the Imperial Physician from the palace.”

This was not a time for Mo Beiyuan to reject.

Mo Beiyuan had no choice but to get Thunderbolt to inform Yun Ran to bring the two little packrats over.

Yun Ran did not have any special reaction. The emperor probably wanted to see her two children out of curiosity.

After all, there were many people in the Imperial City who wanted to see what her little children looked like.

However, Thunderbolt was more worried about his two young masters than she was. He reminded her softly, “Miss Yun, be careful. The wretched emperor probably doesn’t have good intentions.”

Yun Ran had previously guessed that Mo Beiyuan did not have a good relationship with the Emperor of the East Continent.

If they had a good relationship, he would have brought the two little packrats into the palace to acknowledge their relatives.

Back then, he wouldn’t have crushed Crown Prince Mo Jinyu’s hand with one foot.

At this moment, Thunderbolt called him a wretched emperor.

Yun Ran had a rough idea.

“Alright, I understand.”

The two children did not know what an emperor was, and Yun Ran did not explain much to them.

According to her observation, Mo Beiyuan probably did not want the two children to have too much contact with the people in the palace.

“Father! Hug!”

Little Sweetcake rushed to her father out of habit and raised her little arms for a hug.

The girl was exquisite and cute, like a porcelain doll, and her voice was milky.

The moment she appeared, she attracted everyone’s attention.

It was not that there were no little princesses in the palace, but none of them were as good-looking as the little packrat.

Her small face was as fair as jade, and her big black grape-like eyes flickered like that of a little fairy.

Mo Donglin saw his royal brother, who had never liked anyone to get close to him, bend down and pick up the little pink ball. His actions were practiced and natural.

Sweetcake was picked up by her father and giggled. Her laughter was like a string of little silver bells, crisp and pleasant.

“Daddy, Sweetcake was playing hide-and-seek with Little Kitten just now.”


“Little Kitten don’t know how to hide. Sweetcake found it immediately.”

Yun Ran was speechless.

One could see the end of the courtyard with a single glance. How could they hide a huge Holy Beast? Wouldn’t that be making things difficult for the beast?

Yun Ran ignored her little packrat and quickly scanned the people in the hall. After confirming which one was the emperor, she observed for a while.

Coincidentally, Mo Donglin’s gaze also shifted from the two little packrats to Yun Ran.

Mo Donglin had met the Yun family’s idiotic second young mistress at the Empress Dowager’s place.

The reason why he still remembered was because the extremely ugly scar on the little girl’s face almost frightened him.

But now, the woman in front of him had a porcelain-white face and a fresh appearance; she was like a fairy from the Moon Palace.

How could there be any marks on her face?

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