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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

Chapter 122 - 122 Obstinate

122 Obstinate

One of their own?

Yan Qi was tempted.

But he was somewhat obstinate in his response.

“Alright, I can stay and repay your kindness! After that, I’ll leave.”


Yun Ran thought to herself that this child was really arrogant.

She did not expose him. “Then you can stay and repay my kindness.”

Hence, Yan Qi followed them back to the Yuan Mansion in the Imperial City.

Mo Beiyuan was not an inflexible person. This little ghoul had saved the two children, so he had no objections to Yun Ran asking him to stay.

The Yuan Mansion had raised so many people. They didn’t care about raising another little ghoul.

But why was this little ghoul hanging around Sweetcake all day long?

Mo Beiyuan called Thunderbolt, who was in charge of guarding the mansion, over. “What’s going on with that little ghoul?”

Thunderbolt was speechless.

“It was Miss Yun who asked him to stay! I thought you knew about this.”

Mo Beiyuan retorted, “I know she got him to stay! I’m asking why that little ghoul hangs around under my nose every day. Does he have nothing to do?”

As expected of the number one shadow guard in the Yuan Mansion, Thunderbolt immediately understood the meaning behind his master’s words.

“Oh, Master, you’re right. Why is Yan Qi staying in Miss Yun and the two young masters’ courtyard? It’s like this. Miss Yun realized that Yan Qi is extremely talented, so she took him in as a disciple. These few days, Miss Yun has been teaching Yan Qi cultivation techniques.”

“She took in a little ghoul as her disciple?” Mo Beiyuan frowned slightly. This woman did not seem to hold the rules of the Five Nations Continent in regard. She did not know what it meant for humans to be on good terms with ghouls.

In the Yuan Mansion, in the huge courtyard of Yun Ran and the two children, Bun was reading while Sweetcake was playing with her sacred beast, Kitten.

From time to time, the sound of children giggling could be heard in the courtyard. It was very warm.

As Yun Ran nibbled on the wild fruit, she guided Yan Qi on how to play with the saber.

“Little Qi… You’re too slow…”

“Wrong. For the third move, raise the arm by half an inch.”

“Little Qi, what I’m teaching you isn’t how to fight, but how to survive. So, you can’t be fancy.”

Yan Qi was wearing a cloak that Yun Ran had specially sewn for him to block the sunlight.

The young man’s figure was like that of a small white poplar. He was handsome and his skin was fairer than that of ordinary people. His facial features were well-defined, and his eyes were dark and bright.

Under normal circumstances, those sharp teeth would not be revealed, and his ears were covered by a cloak. No one would think that the beautiful young man opposite him was from the ghoul race.

Their lives were peaceful, but Mo Beiyuan was in trouble.

The Emperor was a calm person and did not summon him to the palace immediately to ask about the Crown Prince, Mo Jinyu.

Instead, he chose to travel incognito and brought his palace servants and guards to the Yuan Mansion.

Since they were already at the entrance of the Yuan Mansion, it was impossible for Mo Beiyuan to let the secret guards stop him from entering.

The East Continent Emperor, Mo Donglin, was already over fifty years old. Perhaps it was because he paid attention to his appearance, he did not look old. He looked to be in his early thirties.

After all, he was a superior being and had a dignified aura.

However, if he stood beside Mo Beiyuan, he would be suppressed by the latter’s murderous aura. His appearance was naturally inferior to Mo Beiyuan’s. When the two of them stood together, the appearance of the East Continent’s Emperor seemed too ordinary.

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