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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

Chapter 121 - 121 Only Our Own

121 Only Our Own

Yan Qi suddenly retracted his hand and hid it behind his back. A trace of panic flashed across his eyes.

Yun Ran looked over as well. “What’s wrong?”

Little Sweetcake looked a little worried. “Mother, Little Brother is sick. Can Uncle Feng Chen treat him?”

After saying that, she looked at Yan Qi and comforted him in a childish voice. “Little Brother, don’t be afraid. If you’re sick. You have to take medicine. You’ll be fine after taking medicine.”


Yun Ran said, “Your Uncle Feng Chen’s medical skills are sealed. I’m afraid he can’t treat anyone anymore.”

“What’s going on? Is he really sick?”

Yun Ran stood up and walked over, looking concerned.

Mo Beiyuan looked at the two of them helplessly. “He’s a ghoul. Ghouls aren’t afraid of the cold. They’re afraid of the sun.”

“Oh, I see.”

When he said that, Yun Ran understood.

Yan Qi’s bloodline was special, so his body temperature was different from theirs.

“Little Sweetcake, Brother Yanqi isn’t sick. He’s just not afraid of the cold. Isn’t he amazing?”

“That’s right, Little Brother is so awesome!”

Her little girl was really easy to coax. Her big sparkling eyes sparkled as she looked at Yan Qi with admiration.

“No wonder you were butt-naked before.”

Yan Qi was dumbfounded,

Mo Beiyuan was speechless.

Yun Ran cleared her throat and diverted the awkward topic for Yan Qi.

“Don’t bite people in the future. Do you know how many days those people haven’t showered? Are they dirty?!”

The little girl was a chatterbox. She did not care if she understood or not and just nodded her head.

“If you don’t take a shower, you’ll stink… You’ll be dirty… Sweetcake likes to take a shower, so I’m a fragrant Sweetcake.”

Yan Qi was dumbfounded,

Did they really treat him as a normal ghoul?

When ghouls bite people, did they have to wash them clean before biting them?

However, did the people he bit yesterday really not take a shower for many days?

Yan Qi felt a little uncomfortable.

Yun Ran was charmed by her little packrat. She bent down and picked her up. She pecked her little face. “Yes, Sweetcake is a fragrant Sweetcake.”

Bun also jumped down from the stool and came to Yan Qi. Like a little adult, he thanked him, “Thank you for saving me and my sister last night.”

Yan Qi gripped the fruit in his hand tightly. His lips moved and he finally said, “You don’t have to thank me. I’m repaying a favor.”

Moreover, that pretty little girl who loved to smile had already thanked him and even given him a gift.

Yun Ran was not surprised by his words, as if she had long guessed that he was repaying her kindness.

She raised the question from yesterday again. “We’ll leave this place today. Have you thought about what I mentioned yesterday?”

Yan Qi knew what she meant. She asked if he wanted to stay by their side and enjoy life with her.

It wasn’t that Yan Qi didn’t want to leave, but he didn’t know where he was going. His only family member was dead, and no one was willing to take in a ghoul.

Even the people in the temples and halls would not feel compassion for him. Therefore, there seemed to be no place for him in the vast world.

But now, this woman actually wanted to take him in.

“I’m a ghoul.” A ghoul that everyone feared! A ghoul that sucked blood without blinking!

Yan Qi revealed his identity again.

Yun Ran smiled at him. “Little brat, there’s no such thing as ghouls with me. There are only our own people and those who aren’t. You just have to remember one thing: Don’t betray me.”

Yun Ran hated betrayal the most.

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