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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

Chapter 120 - 120 Thanking Little Brother

120 Thanking Little Brother

“They didn’t capture Sweetcake to threaten you, to make sure you won’t have any descendants and blacken your lonely life. So what were they after? Why capture Sweetcake?”

Yun Ran held her pink cheeks and told him her analysis.

“What’s so special about Sweetcake compared to Bun? Is it because of the super heaven-level spiritual root in Sweetcake? Did someone capture her because they wanted her spiritual root? Just like me and Yun Qingqing back then?”

Yun Ran’s thoughts had always been active. She connected one thing to another to reach this conclusion.

Mo Beiyuan felt that the possibility she was talking about was very high. He knew how eye-catching a super heaven-level spiritual root was. However, he did not expect anyone to dare to have such thoughts about his daughter.

“I don’t think it’s the Yun family. He doesn’t have the guts.”

Previously, the Yun family dared to touch Yun Ran and the two children because they did not know about his relationship with Yun Ran. Now, Yun Zhiyuan did not have the guts to touch his people.

Yun Ran asked, “Then can you find out from those people?”

If she didn’t take revenge for her Sweetcake, she wouldn’t be Yun Ran!

Mo Beiyuan shook his head. “There are no survivors! It’s very difficult to investigate the identities of those people.”

Most of these people were death warriors. Those wearing masks were basically like rats in the gutter operating in the five countries. It was impossible to find out their identities.

“Then what’s going on with the secret guards? Why were those people able to pass through the secret guards’ defense? Is there a mole? Or is there another reason?”

Yun Ran would not suspect him. Instead, she rationally analyzed what had happened tonight.

Mo Beiyuan could naturally think of what she had said.

“My people won’t betray me. They must have used some secret array technique. Thunderbolt will check their corpses. There will be a result soon.”

Yun Ran did not say anything because she knew that Mo Beiyuan also wanted to find out who was behind it and avenge the two children.

“Let’s go back to the Yuan Mansion. It’s not safe here.”


Originally, they had not left because of Sweetcake’s super heaven-level spiritual root. Now, the medicinal pills from the Miracle Doctor Sect were no longer needed.

Then there was no need to continue staying here.

The next day, after breakfast, Yun Ran asked Thunderbolt to bring Yan Qi over.

She wanted Sweetcake and Bun to thank Yan Qi for saving their lives in public.

Perhaps because Yan Qi had saved the two children last night, Mo Beiyuan’s prejudice against him was not that deep anymore.

However, he still did not let Sweetcake get too close to him.

“This is Brother Yan Qi. Does Sweetcake remember? Brother Yan Qi helped you chase away the big baddie yesterday.”

The little packrat hugged her favorite fruit and ran to Yan Qi under her father’s unhappy gaze. Her eyes curved into a super sweet smile.

“Little brother, here. Sweetcake will treat you to a sweet fruit. Thank you, little brother, for helping Sweetcake beat away the old demons.”

Yun Ran had spoken to the little packrat earlier and told her to thank the little brother later.

Unexpectedly, she ran over to deliver food to Yan Qi.

Yan Qi did not expect to meet those big, clean eyes and stood rooted to the ground.

Why did this beautiful baby keep calling him brother?

He was not her brother!

Seeing that he did not reach out to take the gift in his hand, the little packrat took two steps forward and stuffed the fruit in her hand into Yan Qi’s hand.

Yan Qi moved his fingers and grabbed the fruit, but he did not expect to touch her small hand.

“Little brother, are you very cold?”

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