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Dribbling the Ball after Losing Her Memory

Since Yun Ran had taken over the two children, she had to educate them well.

There was a harsh edge to her voice. “Mother likes good children who tell the truth. She doesn’t like children who lie.”

Bun was only a three-year-old, so how could he withstand her question? He blurted out all his thoughts.

When Yun Ran heard this, she found it both funny and heartbreaking.

This little packrat was really too insecure.

There was no guarantee that Mo Beiyuan would suddenly disappear, but Yun Ran could promise Bun, “Before you grow up, Mother will never leave you, nor will she let anyone lock you up again.”

After receiving her answer, Bun looked at Mo Beiyuan, who had been silent at the side. “What about Daddy? Will Daddy still be around when I wake up?”

Mo Beiyuan met those big eyes and felt as if something had poked at his heart. He instinctively replied, “Yes.”

He was relieved and went to sleep obediently.

After settling the two children down, Yun Ran naturally went to look for Mo Beiyuan to discuss the matter between the two of them.

In the study of the Prince Yuan Mansion.

Yun Ran went straight to the point. “Are you going to ask first, or should I?”

Mo Beiyuan took a sip of tea and raised his deep eyes to glance at her. “What do you want to know?” 𝘪𝓷n𝓇𝗲𝒶𝗱.c𝑜𝓶

Yun Ran sat down openly and took a leisurely sip of her own tea. “Then let me tell you about my situation first. I lost my memory, so I don’t remember who the man was back then. I want to know what happened between the two of us back then.”

“Memory loss?” Mo Beiyuan was slightly surprised. “Four years ago, I don’t know why you were in the Black Raven Mountain. I was poisoned at the time and wasn’t conscious. I don’t remember your appearance, only the birthmark on your body.”

“A birthmark?”

When Yun Ran saw that his gaze was on her left shoulder, she understood that he was talking about the spatial mark on her body.

The Host had a spatial mark on her body before she transmigrated.

What the hell was going on?

Yun Ran ignored that for now and summarized what he’d said. “So, the two of us had a melodramatic one-night stand while neither of us was awake? Then the original… after I lost my memory, I dribbled the ball, which meant I ran away with the children.”

Mo Beiyuan glanced at her coldly and said in a slightly cold voice, “There’s no love between us. It was just an accident.”

The feelings between a man and a woman were the most false and useless. He would never have such useless feelings for any woman in his life.

Therefore, he wanted to advise this woman not to have any illusions about him.

Unexpectedly, Yun Ran waved her hand nonchalantly. Her attitude was even more carefree than his. “Then treat it as an accident. Next, let’s talk about the children’s custody.”


“Simply put, it’s a question of who will raise the children in the future.”

Mo Beiyuan’s face darkened. What nonsense was this woman talking about?

“My bloodline will naturally be raised by me!”

Regarding the custody of the two children, Yun Ran had no intention of backing down. “That’s right. Your financial resources, material resources, and status are indeed better than mine, but as a king, you must be very busy and don’t have much time to spend with the children. The two children are at the age where they need their parents to accompany them. I think I’m more suitable than a busy person like you. What do you think?”

“Also, with your status, you should have a lot of worries in your backyard. I don’t want the two little ones to be schemed against by those women in your backyard.”

Mo Beiyuan was angered by her words. “There are no other women in my backyard.”

Yun Ran pursed her lips disapprovingly. “You may not have any now. But it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Look, with your conditions, you can’t be a bachelor for the rest of your life. When you marry a consort, won’t the two children be subject to her mercy?”

In this place, there was a huge difference between the direct descendants.

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