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He’s Your Father

“Don’t be afraid. They’re not here to arrest you.”

Yun Ran lowered her head and removed the shackles on the two little fellows’ feet while explaining Mo Beiyuan’s identity to them.

“Haven’t you always wanted to find Daddy? Here, he’s your Daddy.”



Their eyes lit up like the bright stars in the sky. Observing closely, one could see the dark purple in their eyes.

Bun was a little bolder. His big black eyes stared straight at Mo Beiyuan. Suddenly, he pouted aggrievedly, and bean-sized tears rolled out of his eyes. He cried, “That’s great, we have a father too! We’re not wild children anymore!”

When Sweetcake saw that her brother was crying, her long eyelashes fluttered violently a few times before golden beans fell.

The two little guys cried sadly. Yun Ran had no experience coaxing children.

She wrapped Bun in a blanket and handed him to Mo Beiyuan. “His right arm was broken by Yun Hai previously. Be careful when you carry him. Don’t touch him.”

Mo Beiyuan had never carried a child before. He wanted to push him away, but when he met Bun’s hopeful and expectant gaze, he could only stiffly take him over.

The baby in his arms was almost weightless, but Mo Beiyuan’s heart became heavier and heavier.

He had already scanned the environment just now. It was obvious what kind of life the three of them had been living all these years.

Bun blinked his big black grape-like eyes, unable to contain his happiness.

He had a mother and a father. He was no longer a wild child.

Yun Ran, on the other hand, bent down and picked up Little Sweetcake. The little girl was soft and cute, and her voice could make people die of cuteness. From the looks of it, that exquisite and beautiful little face was most likely inherited from her biological father.

Seeing that the two children were wrapped in a blanket naked, Mo Beiyuan asked Yun Ran in confusion, “Where are their clothes? Why aren’t they wearing clothes?”

Yun Ran replied, “They have no clothes. They’ve been locked in here and have never left this house.”

If not for the fact that Yun Ran had the memories of the original owner of this body, it would be difficult for her to believe that the two children had never worn clothes since they were born.

Killing intent flashed in Mo Beiyuan’s eyes, and he made a mental note of the Yun family. “Did you just say that Yun Hai broke his arm?”

“Yes, so I crippled Yun Hai’s arm,” Yun Ran replied calmly.

Mo Beiyuan’s usually expressionless face could not hide his anger at this moment. He ordered coldly, “Thunderbolt, cripple his other arm.”

“Yes!” Thunderbolt cupped his fists and flew out.

Yun Ran didn’t stop him. She wasn’t a saint. Since Mo Beiyuan wanted to stand up for the two children, she had no reason to stop him.

Then, Mo Beiyuan said that he wanted to bring her and the two little cubs back to the Imperial Palace.

Yun Ran thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

The Host didn’t have any friends outside.

It was one thing for her to leave the Prime Minister’s residence alone with no fixed residence, but the two children were really too small. She could not bear to drift outside with them.

Staying in the Yuan Manor for the time being was her best choice now. It just so happened that she could find out what had happened between the original owner and Mo Beiyuan.

“Master, this five-star demon beast has been following us. How should we deal with it?”

When the blue-eyed black wolf saw Yun Ran leave the courtyard with Little Sweetcake, it wagged its tail and followed her.

Yun Ran knew that it would not end well for this blue-eyed black wolf to stay, so she simply said, “This demon beast has some spirituality. Let it stay with the children.”

The secret guards of the Yuan Manor were even stricter than the imperial guards in the palace. They did not need a five-star demon beast to protect their young master.

However, Mo Beiyuan still nodded in agreement.

Not to mention one demon beast, he could even raise ten or a hundred.

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