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Chapter 0996: The Arrogant Dao Sculpting Cultivator

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness immediately swept over, found a weak shielding restriction blocking its path, and tore through it without hesitation. This was the Burial Shadow Blue Sands, not someone’s private property. Therefore, Ning Cheng wasn’t even half a point embarrassed while breaking the restriction.

Breaking open the restriction, Ning Cheng saw more than a dozen cultivators in the distance, with cultivations ranging from Dao Sculpting to Dao Transformation.

Ning Cheng quickly located Liu Fanglin but found an ice spike nailed into her chest. It forced her to lay paralysed on the ground with a harrowing expression on her face.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness then focussed on the ice spike and immediately understood why Liu Fanglin had such a bitter expression. If he recalled correctly, the spike was also known as the Spirit Soul Ice Spike. This ice spike was the manifestation of a spirit technique of the same name and affected one’s spirit soul; it produced a soul tearing pain in the victim once struck. Anyone hit with the Spirit Soul Ice Spike wouldn’t be able to bear that kind of soul-tearing pain unless one specialises in soul defence.

Not far from Liu Fanglin, the Battle Dragon Cauldron lay suspended over Hou Fu’s head. However, his demeanour looked sluggish, almost to the point of collapse. One glance was enough to see that he also suffered some severe injuries.

Ning Cheng also noticed another familiar person, the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who escaped from his Seven Bridges.

As for the dozen or so people in the distance, they surrounded a forbidden restriction. However, as the restriction wasn’t broken, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness landed on the forbidden restriction and saw what lay behind it, a Loyal Heart Spirit Zoysia Tree. But more importantly, this tree had around 50-60 Loyal Heart Zoysias growing on it.

The Loyal Heart Spirit Zoysia Tree wasn’t only an extremely rare Dao Transformation Dao Fruit Tree; its fruit was also equally precious as it didn’t need to be refined into a pill for consumption. In fact, the dao fruit had a much stronger healing effect than any healing-type Dao Transformation Dao Pill and can be easily consumed by Dao Transformation Holy Emperor or below without any side effects.

Ning Cheng also noticed a dragon-eye sized pill in the tree’s centre. This pill wasn’t artificially refined but rather a naturally formed pill. It even exuded a natural alchemic dao charm, which could help improve an alchemist’s alchemic dao on consumption.

When Ning Cheng saw this dao fruit tree, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud flashed. In an instant, he appeared right outside the restriction, which he then immediately broke with a flick of his wrist.

The group was still discussing the division of the dao fruits when they saw Ning Cheng tearing open the restriction. Noticing that Ning Cheng was only a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, they immediately became angry.

A mere Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor had dared to rip apart their restrictions; it was simply looking for death.

When the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who escaped from Ning Cheng’s Seven Bridges, saw Ning Cheng coming over, his face changed slightly. However, he lowered his head and subconsciously took two steps back.

Noticing Ning Cheng come over, the severely injured Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu’s faces immediately showed joy.

But despite Ning Cheng’s low cultivation level and tearing apart the Dao Transformation experts’ restriction, none stood up to speak despite feeling angry.

Among the people here, everyone here was a sly old fox. Even if the sky collapsed, it was the tallest man who had to take the brunt. Since someone had arranged the restriction here, it was only natural that this person would come out to stop him. If these fellows could get an extra dao fruit, they would have already pillaged the site long ago. But since they couldn’t get any advantage against that person, they also didn’t want to stick their heads in for no reason.

“This dao friend sure is arrogant to directly rip apart the restriction arranged by this emperor. Could it be that you’re relying on your powerful cultivation?” A Dao Transformation Holy Emperor finally stepped forward and stood in front of Ning Cheng while speaking coldly.

He didn’t make any immediate moves against Ning Cheng. Anyone who dared to enter the Burial Shadow Blue Sands would have at least a few tricks up their sleeves. Although Ning Cheng’s cultivation wasn’t up to the mark to threaten them, Ning Cheng might have had a strong background. Maybe he came from one of the major sects or behemoth clans.

If they were alone, he would have killed Ning Cheng immediately. That way, no one would know about it. But with so many people here, it wouldn’t be possible unless he could silence them all.

Ning Cheng only glanced at this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor and found that he was only an early-stage Dao Transformation cultivator, much weaker than the mid-stage Dao Transformation cultivator he had killed earlier.

“Maybe I’m arrogant and rely on my powerful cultivation, or maybe not. But since my friends have been injured, I need to ask a few questions about it.” Ning Cheng finished speaking and pointed at the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who had escaped from his Seven Bridges. “You, tell me who injured my friends?”

Ning Cheng didn’t necessarily want to take revenge for Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu. He was a latecomer to this place, but since he wanted a share of these dao fruits, he naturally had to find an excuse first.

The surrounding dozen or so holy emperors stood there in stunned silence. Apart from the severely injured Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu, there were six Dao Transformation Holy Emperors and five Dao Raising Holy Emperors. This was not counting the four Dao Sculpting Holy Emperors, the same level as Ning Cheng.

Just who was this fellow? To dare point to a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor and say, ‘You, tell me who injured my friends?’

How arrogant did one have to be to dare say such a thing?

Even the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who said Ning Cheng was arrogant with his words, didn’t speak for a while. He wanted to see how the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, singled out by Ning Cheng, would handle this matter. If this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor could directly kill Ning Cheng, that would be the best.

The Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, as pointed out by Ning Cheng, felt truly afraid of Ning Cheng. But as a Dao Transformation expert, he naturally couldn’t show too much weakness in front of everyone. Therefore, when Ning Cheng pointed at him, he could only give a cold snort and said, “How would this emperor know? That has never been this emperor’s doing.”

Everyone looked at this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor in total confusion. Don’t look at how he said those words; everyone could sense a particular caution in the man’s tone. Therefore, the crowd no longer treated Ning Cheng as a mere Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. This Dao Transformation Holy Emperor would have directly killed Ning Cheng. He definitely wouldn’t say that ‘it had nothing to do with this emperor’ if Ning Cheng was merely an ordinary Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor.

Ning Cheng secretly sighed. He naturally had no inclination to ask who hurt Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu. If he genuinely wanted to inquire into this matter, he would have instead directly asked Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu.

He just wanted to find an excuse to finish this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor. Although his First Bridge of the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique had finally taken form, his cultivation, unfortunately, wasn’t enough to sustain it. He had no choice but to let this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor escape back then. After all, he didn’t want to overexpose the Severn Bridge, which meant he should silence all potential leaks.

This Dao Transformation Holy Emperor seemed to have understood what Ning Cheng thought and took the initiative to answer Ning Cheng’s questions. That way, Ning Cheng couldn’t find an excuse to deal with him, at least not for a while.

Ning Cheng didn’t continue to look for excuses. After all, Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu knew about the Seven Bridges. These two were, at best, casual acquaintances to him and wouldn’t necessarily keep his secrets. But more importantly, even if he wanted to keep the Seven Bridges secret, he couldn’t convince himself to kill Liu Fanglin and Hou Fu.

If it got exposed, then it got exposed. As a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, how could he be afraid of exposing his spirit technique? 𝙞𝘯𝘯𝙧𝒆𝘢𝐝. C𝑜m

Ning Cheng decided to turn around. But when he was about to reach Liu Fanglin to remove the ice spike, a chilly voice emerged behind him.

“Those two were injured by this emperor. What are you going to do about it?”

“What can’t I do.......” Ning Cheng finished speaking and took out a pill.

“Take the pill and help me kill this guy.” Ning Cheng’s pill was for Hou Fu. With the help of his dao pill, Hou Fu would recover much faster.

When Hou Fu heard Ning Cheng’s words, he didn’t even think about it and swallowed the pill directly. He believed that Ning Cheng wouldn’t harm him. If Ning Cheng truly wanted to kill him, he could have done so on the Seven Bridges instead of waiting for this moment.

That Dao Transformation Holy Emperor sneered. Even if Hou Fu took a top-tier healing pill, it would take him a few days to recover.

He didn’t even wait for Ning Cheng to speak and rushed forwards while taking out a massive pair of shears. Killing intent erupted from it and swept towards Ning Cheng. It even ignored the space between them and reached Ning Cheng in the blink of an eye.

The surrounding holy emperors quickly put up defensive restrictions and layers around them to protect themselves against that majestic killing intent.

Ning Cheng’s hand opened, and a spear materialised, but he didn’t use the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique this time. Although he had a few ways to finish off this early-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, it would cost too much. Once he used any of them, he would immediately fall into a dangerous predicament.

Compared to the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, he still had some distance. Whether it was the Seven Bridges or the 5-Coloured Star Splitting Arrow, they were powerful ace cards with significant losses.

That’s why Ning Cheng needed Hou Fu’s help.

A Dao Transformation Dao Pill? The moment the pill entered his mouth, Hou Fu almost let out a shocked voice. He was also an alchemist, so he naturally knew of such medicines. Yet, Ning Cheng actually took out and gave him such a precious healing-type Dao Transformation Dao Pill. Just what was Ning Cheng’s background? This healing-type dao pill even contained a strange law aura, which healed Hou Fu’s injuries in almost an instant.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s long spear shot out spear patterns after spear patterns, which directly wrapped around the large shears’ surging killing intent and the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor. However, Ning Cheng’s spear patterns gradually weakened. At the same time, the killing intent from the shear’s kept growing more substantial and more majestic.

Everyone could see that Ning Cheng was at an absolute disadvantage. Once the majestic killing intent from the shears completely extinguished Ning Cheng’s spear patterns, Ning Cheng would have no choice but wait for death. Moreover, everyone here knew that Wei Jingbing had more methods than those shears.

The shears were just a test, despite the majestic power behind them. If this arrogant Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor couldn’t even block it, he definitely wouldn’t be able to contend against Wei Jingbing’s full strength strike.

Some of the holy emperors felt a bit speechless. They initially thought that this Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor was a hidden expert or came from a strong background, mainly because of how he acted. But the reality was far from what they had imagined. Indeed, Ning Cheng’s ability to block a strike from a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor might be impressive. Still, it only put him above ordinary Dao Sculpting Holy Emperors. It wasn’t enough for him to act so arrogantly in this place.

Only that Dao Transformation Holy Emperor who escaped from Ning Cheng’s Seven Bridges Spirit Technique sneered in his heart. He didn’t want to be trapped in Ning Cheng’s Seven Bridges again. After all, Ning Cheng hadn’t even used a part of his strength, let alone go all out. Therefore, he decided to flee this place if Ning Cheng used the Seven Bridges again.

“No wonder you dare to come here and be arrogant. You’re indeed stronger than other Dao Sculpting cultivators. But if that’s all, let me help you enter reincarnation.......” The Dao Transformation Holy Emperor gained a ‘good’ understanding of Ning Cheng’s strength from that clash. He also ‘understood’ that Ning Cheng couldn’t win against him.

His shears’ momentum suddenly surged without reservation, and its majestic aura quickly suppressed Ning Cheng’s spear patterns. A massive ice spike suddenly appeared amid the surging momentum; he wanted to use the same means to deal with Ning Cheng that he used in dealing with Liu Fanglin. That is, nailing Ning Cheng with the ice spike.

But at that moment, Hou Fu’s Battle Dragon Cauldron suddenly came crashing down. No matter how strong Wei Jingbing was, he couldn’t dare ignore an attack from another Dao Transformation Holy Emperor and focus on killing Ning Cheng.

Even though he wasn’t the one who injured Hou Fu, he had seen how Hou Fu ended up with the injuries with his own eyes. Therefore, when Hou Fu suddenly attacked him, he couldn’t help but feel shocked at how fast Hou Fu’s wounds had healed.

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