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Chapter 1019: Ruo Xi Leaves

Ruo Xi replied somewhat helplessly, “It was the daughter of an old friend. He had helped me a lot in the beginning. Unfortunately, his daughter strayed into the Grand Essence Realm, and couldn’t find her way back. Besides, she was even willing to use their Wood Origin Bead as collateral, so I couldn’t refuse.......”

“What?” Ning Cheng almost grabbed Ruo Xi’s hand in excitement. But luckily, he still had some perspective and instead asked in a trembling tone, “You said Wood Origin Bead? Is it in your hands?”

Ruo Xi looked at Ning Cheng with confusion. A Wood Origin Bead indeed was a top-grade treasure, but it wasn’t to the point that it was shocking.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath and calmed down before speaking to Ruo Xi with cupped fists, “Senior Apprentice Sister Ruo Xi, I need the Wood Origin Bead urgently. If the Wood Origin Bead is on you, I will take out whatever I can to exchange with you.”

Ruo Xi smiled slightly, “First, the Wood Origin Bead is not on me. They had to take out such a precious treasure to use as collateral to convince me. Did you think I would willingly let them use it as collateral if I wanted it? Second, even if I did accept it as collateral, I wouldn’t exchange the Wood Origin Bead with you as it wouldn’t belong to me.”

Ning Cheng sat down decadently, “Guess I was a bit reckless just now.”

Then, he asked, “What’s the name of the person that has the Wood Origin bead? Where is she?”

Seeing Ning Cheng’s anxious look, Ruo Xi finally relented and said, “Her name is Tian Muwan, and I don’t know her personally. But you better not have any ideas about her. No one can afford to mess with that friend of hers, not even the Dao Perfection expert you saved from the Void Star Sect. I’ll leave it at that; it’s up to you whether you believe it. Besides, I’ve seen Tian Muwan’s Wood Origin Bead; it’s just a broken half of a whole.”

Ning Cheng instantly understood what might have happened when he heard the name Tian Muwan. In fact, Ning Cheng also knew this friend Ruo Xi spoke about, the blue-robed woman beside Tian Muwan, as he had saved the two of them in the past.

Ning Cheng sighed and touched his nose. He never imagined that the other half of the Wood Origin Bead would end up with Tian Muwan. Since the rest of the Wood Origin Bead was on Tian Muwan, it would be difficult for him to get it. If anyone else, he could use spirit crystals to exchange for it. If spirit crystals didn’t work, then he could use spirit veins. If spirit veins didn’t work, he still had options to use like dao fruits, dao pills, artefacts or even cultivation methods......

There would always be something that could make the other party’s heart flutter.

Unfortunately, these wouldn’t work for Tian Muwan. If he really did try to use such methods, it would only increase the gap between the two. Besides, facing Tian Muwan, he wouldn’t know how to ask for it.

“It looks like you already know what I did.” Ning Cheng sounded a little dismayed.

Ruo Xi smiled slightly, “You made such a splash at the Alchemy Discourse and even saved a Dao Perfection expert of the Void Star Sect. If I didn’t know about it, my time in the Grand Essence Domain would have been for nothing.”

After hesitating, Ning Cheng still took out a jade box and handed it to Ruo Xi. “That’s my child talisman. I’ll lend it to you for now. But you must tell me how you plan to return it to me.”

Not only did Ruo Xi save him, but she also saved Yan Ji. Therefore, Ning Cheng didn’t feel too much hesitation in lending her the child talisman.

When Ruo Xi saw that Ning Cheng really took out the child talisman and gave it to her, a touch of rare emotion appeared in her eyes. She had worked with Ning Cheng a few times, so she understood a few things about Ning Cheng’s character. Therefore, although she had only saved Ning Cheng because they were working together, she still appreciated Ning Cheng’s character of returning favours.

“It makes me feel embarrassed. I did save that friend of yours, but I also took a bottle of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills in exchange for it.” Ruo Xi did indeed feel embarrassed about accepting the child talisman.

Ning Cheng laughed, “A bottle of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill is far less valuable than a Sacred Marrow Fruit.”

Seeing Yan Ji’s qualifications rise to such a level, Ning Cheng understood just how valuable the Sacred Marrow Fruit was to Ruo Xi. Even if Yan Ji’s foundation had been damaged again later, the role of the Sacred Marrow Fruit in healing her was irreplaceable. Such a foundation-altering dao fruit was something that even he didn’t have.

“Okay, then I’ll accept it. I live in Sacred Dao Domain’s Goddess Sacred Shrine. Only after I got here did I learn that it was an interface that separated after the Grand Beginning Realm shattered. But after I leave this place, I’ll only be stopping by the Sacred Dao Domain for some time before heading to the Grand Change Realm. I heard you will represent the Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition. So we’ll likely meet in the Grand Change Realm if nothing unexpected happens. I will return it to you then.” Ruo Xi put away Ning Cheng’s child talisman and said sincerely.

Ning Cheng nodded; he had never been to the Sacred Dao Domain, but he had heard of the Grand Beginning Realm. From what he had heard, the laws of this grand realm were no less broken than the Grand Essence Realm, perhaps even more broken.

Sensing Su Jian walking over, Ning Cheng raised his hand again and removed the restrictions.

Ruo Xi now had Ning Cheng’s child talisman. Therefore, even if Su Jian wasn’t willing to tell her about that location, she didn’t care.

Su Jian cupped his fists towards Ruo Xi and said, “Although I have no idea where this dao friend got the information from, I humbly request the two dao friends here to not spread the matter any further.”

After saying that, Su Jian took out a jade strip with both hands and placed it into Ruo Xi’s hand.

Ruo Xi took the jade strip and nodded cautiously, “Don’t worry, Patriarch Su, we promise to not speak about this matter with anyone.”

Su Jian said gratefully, “Then, many thanks to the two dao friends.”

He also secretly sighed in his heart. Although he gave them the jade strip and asked the other party not to disclose it, it was only to comfort himself. Since the other party could learn that his Su family knew of this location, it also meant that someone else would eventually learn about it. It’s just that his Su’s Corner simply didn’t have the strength to offend someone of her level.

Ruo Xi saw Su Jian’s worry and smiled faintly, “Although I know what you’re worried about, it doesn’t mean that others will also find out about it. Patriarch Su doesn’t need to worry about it.”

After speaking, she looked at Ning Cheng, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, if you’re okay with it, you can come with me to take a look. If you have something.......”

Ning Cheng had long since wanted to leave this place and said, “Okay, I’ll come with Senior Apprentice Sister Ruo Xi.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng took out two jade bottles and handed them to Su Jian. “Patriarch Su, the bottles contain two pills. It’s only right that I repay Junior Apprentice Sister Xiqian for saving me.”

“This, I can’t accept this.” Su Jian quickly refused.

Knowing Su Jian’s cautious character, Ning Cheng only smiled and said, “It’s just two worthless pills. Consider it as a small token of my appreciation.”

Seeing Ning Cheng speak like this, Su Jian could only accept Ning Cheng’s pills and took the initiative to send Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi out of Su’s Corner.

“Grandpa, I feel that the cultivation level of that Senior Apprentice Sister is very high.” Su Xiqian, standing beside Su Jian, quietly whispered after confirming that Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi had left.

Su Jian sighed, “It’s not just ‘very high’; if I’m not wrong, that woman is already a Second Step Dao Confirming expert.”

“That strong?” Si Xiqian’s mouth opened wide, shock and surprise evident on her face.

“The same goes for that person named Ning Cheng; plus, he’s also someone who knows how to repay grace. He gave me two pills before leaving.” After saying that, Su Jian put the two jade bottles in Su Xiqian’s hand, “You should put them away.”

He didn’t even look at the pills. He had a vague feeling that Ning Cheng was someone extraordinary. But Ning Cheng only had a Dao Sculpting cultivation, so naturally, the pills he could take out could only be used by his granddaughter.

“Mm.” Su Xiqian responded casually, took one of the jade bottles and opened it. But then, she suddenly shouted in shock, “Mysterious Crossing Dao Pill, how’s that possible?”

Mysterious Crossing Dao Pill was a dao pill refined from the Mysterious Crossing Red Clouds Dao Fruit. Its main purpose was to enhance a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor’s perception of the Dao Raising Realm. The value of such a pill was practically immeasurable for Dao Sculpting cultivators. Ning Cheng must have given them this pill with the intent to help her.

“What?” Su Jian could no longer maintain his calm attitude and grabbed the jade bottle in Su Xiqian’s hand. His spiritual consciousness swept inside and found that it truly had a Mysterious Crossing Dao Pill.

He immediately closed the jade bottle as fast as he could and spoke in a trembling voice, “Hurry up and look at the other one.”

Without the need for her grandfather to speak, Su Xiqian had already opened the other jade bottle and spoke up with an even more incredulous tone. “Purple Heaven Pill....”

She didn’t need her grandfather to act this time and immediately sealed the jade bottle. A Purple Heaven Pill was a dao pill that helped one understand the mysteries of the Dao Transformation Realm. Its value was far more precious than a Mysterious Crossing Dao Pill. But more importantly, this type of pill could only be refined by a Dao Transformation Pill Sage. One had to know that there existed only a handful of Dao Transformation Pill Sages in the entire Grand Essence Realm. And yet, Ning Cheng gave them two invaluable dao pills; such a gesture was simply too huge for them.

Su Jian took a deep breath. “Xiqian, the person you saved is definitely very remarkable. It’s probably because my Su’s Corner doesn’t deal with the Grand Essence Domain, which is why we don’t know about this person.”

“Grandpa, should I go and inquire about him?” Su Xiqian’s tone betrayed her sense of excitement. She had been running her Su family’s business all year round; how could she not know the preciousness of these two dao pills?

Su Jian shook his head, “No, don’t ever try to enquire about such a person. I will be going into retreat to try and reach the Dao Transformation Realm. With this Purple Heaven Pill, I’m pretty sure that I should be able to advance. You must also work hard and seclude yourself and try to succeed in reaching the Dao Raising Realm with that Mysterious Crossing Dao Pill.”

“Yes, grandpa.” Su Xiqian’s tone betrayed how much she wanted to reach the Dao Raising Realm. She definitely had very high qualifications, but unfortunately, Su Xiqian’s background couldn’t compare to that of the great families in the Grand Essence Domain. As such, if they wanted a dao pill, even the most ordinary one, it would have been more difficult than ascending the sky, let alone obtaining such precious dao pills from Ning Cheng.


Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi eventually arrived at a canyon full of miasma, where one couldn’t even see a single spiritual grass. In fact, with the prevalence of miasma in this place, one couldn’t cultivate or circulate their spirit essence properly. Yet, it was precisely the location marked on the jade strip from Su Jian.

“This should be the place.” Ruo Xi stopped and handed Ning Cheng the jade strip in her hand.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ruo Xi, are you leaving now? Have you taken care of your matters here?” Ning Cheng asked.

Ruo Xi nodded, “Yes, I’ve been away for a long time and must go back. I will try not to use your child talisman, but if I can’t go back, I will have to use it. If there is a chance, we will meet in the Grand Change Realm.”

After saying that, Ruo Xi took a step forward, but when she was about to step into the canyon, she suddenly remembered something and turned back to Ning Cheng. “Ning Cheng, Broken Spear Spirit City is full of many strong people. You also have offended quite a few people already, so you better disguise yourself if you want to go there.”

“I understand.” Ning Cheng nodded. Even if Ruo Xi didn’t say anything, he had already planned to disguise himself when heading to the Broken Spear Spirit City.

Ruo Xi took out a talisman and activated it, causing the laws of space around the area to turn chaotic. A few breaths later, she formed a Nine-petalled Lotus Platform and threw it toward that chaotic law space, causing a thin spatial crack to emerge in the canyon. Ruo Xi then raised her hands, inserted her fingers into that crack, and stretched it open. The next instant, she disappeared without a trace.

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