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Chapter 1007: Leaving after paying compensation

Because Ning Cheng didn’t ask for help, the three people from Void Star Sect quietly walked in and sat down at the seats offered. 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

“What do you want?” Wei Qi asked in a gloomy tone.

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept towards the tea table that Wei Qi had just smashed and gave a calm reply. “Although your Wei Clan’s attempt at snatching a beauty didn’t succeed, I decided to not pursue the matter. However, as I said earlier, that tea table you smashed was one of my top-grade artefacts. Since you destroyed my artefact, what do you think I should do?”

“I happen to have half a high-rank spirit vein. Please accept it as compensation for your loss........” Hearing the claim that an ordinary jade tea table was a top-grade artefact, Wei Qi no longer wanted to stay here or even speak. Instead, he wished to disappear on the spot after slapping Wei Jingbing to death if he could. If it wasn’t for this idiot, he wouldn’t have come here to deal with Ning Cheng as if he was a rogue cultivator. Even if he had to come here, he would have investigated him thoroughly before making any decision.

Still, half a high-rank spirit vein to compensate for a smashed tea table, he almost vomited blood with the thought of it.

Ning Cheng replied indifferently, “I don’t have any objection to the price. But there are two smashed tea tables here. Or did you think you could get away by compensating for one?”

“Ning Cheng; don’t bully people too much.” Wei Jingbing knew he had reached the end of the rope. After this incident, Wei Clan wouldn’t care about him, let alone help him remove the poison. He had no choice but to hold onto whatever he could and fight back in anger.

Before Ning Cheng could reply, Qi Shisanxing, sitting at the side, reacted. “So what if Ning Cheng bullies your Wei Clan? If not for your family’s behaviour, would Ning Cheng smash the tea table out of anger? Your Wei Clan has no choice but to bear the brunt of it.”

“Thirteen, you took the words straight out of my mouth.” Ning Cheng gave him a thumbs up and praised him.

When Wei Jingbing was about to reply, Wei Qi reached out to stop him, and with a calm face, he took out a ring and threw it to Ning Cheng. “It has a high-grade spirit vein. Can we leave now?”

“Seeing as you are sincere with the compensation, I won’t bother with you any longer. But I have to comment; it seems you have many high-grade spirit veins lying around. First, it was half a spirit vein, but now it becomes a complete spirit vein.” Ning Cheng confirmed that the ring contained a high-grade spirit vein and used a sarcastic tone to make a sarcastic remark.

Wei Qi didn’t utter a single sound. He simply cupped his fists towards Gong Yangdi and Wu Bufeng’s trio before immediately leaving.

After Wei Qi’s group left, Ning Cheng cupped his fists toward Wu Bufeng and the others. “A few ill-mannered guests disturbed everyone’s peace. Fortunately, there are no outsiders here.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng waved his hand and restored the restrictions on the entrance to the suite. He then took out some spirit tea and asked Liu Fanglin to serve it to the guests.

As this happened, Gong Yangdi couldn’t help but feel shocked that Ning Cheng knew the Void Star Sect’s patriarch. In fact, the patriarch actually took the initiative to visit him. Because of this, he had to significantly restrain his actions and put up a solemn face.

However, since he still wanted to befriend Ning Cheng, he took the initiative to speak up. “Wei Clan simply has lost touch with what’s going on. I really can’t figure out what kind of strength they think they have to dare smash the table in Pill Sage Ning’s residence.”

Ning Cheng laughed, “Wei Jingbing got hit by the Ripple Bone Poison and wanted to ask for my help to detoxify it. It’s just that I wasn’t in the mood. The old man suddenly went berserk and started smashing things. Fortunately, the Wei Clan finally listened to reason and compensated for my tea tables.”

Percy and the others felt a little speechless. Those tea tables didn’t belong to you, right? Plus, a high-grade spirit vein in compensation for two smashed tea tables, this kind of reasoning wasn’t something that even the top ten sects would accept.

Gong Yangdi didn’t know the reason behind Wei Qi’s anger. But it also didn’t matter to him anyway. However, what surprised him was that Wei Qi came here to ask Ning Cheng to help detoxify the Ripple Bone Poison. Then again, in the entire Grand Essence Realm, no one else could do it if Ning Cheng couldn’t detoxify the poison. As for seeking Pill Union’s Union Master Sichen Qiutian? Don’t even joke about it.

As for Qi Shisanxing and Liu Fanglin, they couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng speechlessly. Wei Qi had come over solely to teach him a lesson; when did he come to beg Ning Cheng to detoxify a poison?

Wu Bufeng cupped his fists and said, “Pill Sage Ning, my Void Star Sect only has enough materials for one batch of Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pills. I had to act cautiously then. Since I got the chance to meet you again, I wish to apologise personally for the slight I caused. That said, the purpose of our visit today is the same as theirs; we want to implore Pill Sage Ning for the pill. Of course, the Void Star Sect and I wouldn’t force Pill Sage Ning. It would be entirely based on Pill Sage Ning’s violation. If Pill Sage Ning still feels unwilling to help with the pill, we will leave immediately and never return.”

Ning Cheng sneered internally and thought, “If I don’t help you refine the pills, would you truly leave right away? Don’t lie to me. I’m afraid that even if Gong Yangdi was here, you would probably take me away by force.”

Ning Cheng understood this point clearly. Besides, if he wasn’t willing to help with the refinement, he wouldn’t have stayed here to wait for the people from the Void Star Sect. But even though Ning Cheng intended to refine those pills, he still felt a little upset. It all boiled down to one simple fact, he wasn’t strong enough. If he had sufficient strength, he wouldn’t have to tread cautiously around someone like Wu Bufeng.

Refining the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill? Liu Fanglin looked at Ning Cheng in disbelief. She finally understood why Ning Cheng asked her to stay in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square. He truly had a chance to detoxify the poison. In other words, Ning Cheng had already predicted that the Void Star Sect would seek him out to refine the pill.

After all, the Void Star Sect was a mysterious sect that wasn’t any less powerful than the ten major forces. In fact, in many respects, a mysterious sect’s power surpassed that of the ten major forces. Therefore, it didn’t feel strange to her that they could find the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill’s ingredients. But what felt weird, however, was what grade of Pill Sage was Ning Cheng? Did Ning Cheng not know that he would be directly killed once he failed the refinement?

Ning Cheng showed a complicated expression as if pondering over an incredibly challenging problem. Staying silent for a few minutes, he finally replied, “For the sake of Sect Master Wu, I naturally can’t refuse this favour. However, you should already be aware that refining the Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill consumes too much, I’m afraid.......”

Wu Bufeng sneered internally. ‘Consume too much; just say directly that you want benefits.’

“Pill Sage Ning, if you can help my Void Star Sect refine this furnace of Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pills, we would only need one-third of it. In addition, my Void Star Sect is also willing to take out two high-grade spirit veins and, at the same time, become life-and-death allies with Pill Sage Ning.”

Wu Bufeng immediately opened with actual, tangible favours.

Ning Cheng, however, didn’t take Wu Bufeng’s words about being life-and-death allies to heart. It would be strange if one could obtain such an ally in exchange for benefits. Moreover, if the Void Star Sect had sincerely asked him to refine pills from the beginning, he wouldn’t have asked for any reward from them at all. But now, it was just an exchange of services between two parties.

Fortunately, compared to putting forward the conditions himself, Ning Cheng felt slightly satisfied with Wu Bufeng’s words. However, he could also tell the conditions surrounding Void Star Sect’s skeletal elder’s poisoning weren’t simple. There was even a possibility that they would immediately silence him after he refined the detoxification pills, or at the very least, lionise the benefits in their favour.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng deliberately made a show of gritting his teeth before replying. “Alright, I’ll bite. I’ll help you refine the Renewing Heaves Ripple Bone Pills.”

Facing a Dao Fusion Holy Emperor, Liu Fanglin didn’t dare transmit her voice to Ning Cheng but could only keep gazing at Ning Cheng. She hoped that Ning Cheng would understand what she meant. To hurry up and say that both parties should willingly step back in case of failure and that the Void Star Sect mustn’t hold Ning Cheng responsible.

Ning Cheng, however, acted as if he didn’t notice Liu Fanglin’s gaze. Instead, he took out No Furnace and said, “Sect Master Wu, take out the ingredients.”

Regardless, he understood Liu Fanglin’s meaning. In fact, he knew that even if Wu Bufeng agreed to that request, it still wouldn’t amount to anything. Once he failed the refinement, it would mean certain death, regardless of the conditions. Therefore, whether or not Wu Bufeng made a vow, it wouldn’t mean anything.

Seeing Ning Cheng not even put forth any conditions in case of a failure, Wu Bufeng finally showed a slight appreciation. After all, even if Ning Cheng could become a Dao Essence Pill Sage, he still needed a backer. However, he immediately asked suspiciously when he saw Ning Cheng take out the pill furnace and ask him to take out the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill’s ingredients. “Pill Sage Ning, do you plan to refine the pills right here?”

“Naturally.” After Ning Cheng replied, he didn’t speak again. He had his reasons for choosing to refine pills under everyone’s noses.

“Good.” Wu Bufeng raised his hand and took out a ring before placing it in Ning Cheng’s hand. “Pill Sage Ning, all the required ingredients for the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill are inside.”

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness seeped into the ring and found around two hundred spirit herbs. Each individual item had a restriction protecting it and was stored with considerable care.

He quickly found the primary ingredients for the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill: Broken Sky High Heaven Fruit, Silky Gauze Silver Phoenix Grass, Irregular Heart Tree’s Tree Sprout, and Void Dewdrops.

Among them, the Broken Sky High Heaven Fruit was a Dao Transformation Dao Fruit, and the Silky Gauze Silver Phoenix Grass and Irregular Heart Tree’s Tree Sprout were law-infused spirit grasses of the same level as the dao fruit. However, unlike the dao fruit, the Broken Sky High Heaven Fruit and Silky Gauze Silver Phoenix Grass were almost impossible to find spirit herbs. But even rarer than them was the Irregular Heart Tree’s Tree Sprout.

But the most difficult-to-find ingredient wasn’t the dao fruit or the spirit grasses, but the ingredient that contained no laws, the Void Dewdrops.

Void Dewdrops, as the name implied, only existed in the void. They were rare to the point of non-existence and would dissipate soon after they formed. Therefore, once a Void Dewdrop formed in the void, one had to collect it quickly or lose it entirely.

But more importantly, Void Dewdrops weren’t only used for refining the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pills. In fact, it was a primary ingredient in many high-grade detoxification pills. It was also a treasure that could be used to refine high-level healing pills but never appeared on the market.

The ring contained six Void Dewdrops, which showed how much effort the Void Star Sect had spent to collect these materials.

Usually, only three Void Dewdrops were needed to refine the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill. Still, Ning Cheng decided to use four to ensure success. As for the other two drops, he naturally would keep them for himself.

After ensuring no shortage of spirit herbs, Ning Cheng immediately set up a Spiritual Consciousness Restriction and brought out the Nameless Flame.

Seeing Ning Cheng start to put one spirit grass after another into the furnace, the crowd no longer dared to speak. Instead, they all gazed nervously at Ning Cheng sitting behind the restriction. Liu Fanglin’s heart started pounding audibly at this sudden change; Ning Cheng dared to refine the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pills. She doubted if even Sichen Qiutian would dare to refine such a pill.

Recalling telling Ning Cheng that she was a Dao Raising Pill Deity and even asking Ning Cheng to look for her if he needed any help with pills, Liu Fanglin suddenly felt even more embarrassed.

At the same time, she thought of what if Ning Cheng succeeded in refining it. Wouldn’t that mean she could also get rid of the poison? Just this thought alone made her heartbeat spin out of control.

Wu Bufeng could already hear Liu Fanglin’s heartbeat. But with the sudden increase in volume, he glared at Liu Fanglin angrily. Liu Fanglin quickly realised her mistake and forcibly quelled her excitement before concentrating on Ning Cheng’s alchemy. After all, there wasn’t only a Dao Essence Holy Emperor in this room but also a Dao Fusion Holy Emperor.

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