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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0119 – Do You Want To Be The First

Chapter 0119 – Do You Want To Be The First

After Ning Cheng and Meng Yu Jing’s fight, there were only 6 remaining people on the scoreboard.

Situ Yu, after he killed Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy, accumulated a total of 60 points, and till now remained at the first position. However, he did not continue to challenge others, and nobody also dared to challenge him.

After Ning Cheng defeated Meng Yu Jing, his score also increased to 50 points. At this time, nobody thought that Ning Cheng was just a lucky dark horse. Although he had only fought two times, but Ning Cheng had already proved his strength.

Just as Ning Cheng got down from the platform, Lian Hao from the Thunder Academy once again jumped onto the platform to issue a challenge. The rest of the people simply did not need to think much about it, as basically everyone by this time knew that Lian Hao was there to challenge Ning Cheng.

But Lian Hao’s phoenix eyes swept over the few people’s name left with scores, but when he swept his eyes over Fang Xin’s name, the corners of his eyes revealed a hint of disdain.

Fang Xin suddenly became angry, he knew that Lian Hao wanted to challenge Ning Xiao Cheng, but when he saw Lian Hao’s evil eye, he did not feel well in his heart.

He did not wait for Lian Hao to speak up, as he immediately jumped onto the platform and said, “Luo Huo Academy’s Fang Xin comes with 50 points to meet with you, let’s see if your hand is really as sharp as your phoenix eyes.”

Fang Xin knew that sooner or later he had to fight with Lian Hao, since the opposite party was showing such a disdain towards him, then he might as well fight right now.

The corners of Lian Hao’s mouth revealed a fiendish grin, “Since you want to die this early, then I will definitely help you. Originally I wanted to kill that garbage Ning Xiao Cheng first, but I really did not expect that you would like to die first. A person like you, who can’t even kill a woman, truly does not need to remain alive.”

It was not until this point that Fang Xin understood why Lian Hao was sneering at him, it seemed the reason why this fellow sneered at him was because he failed to kill that woman, Meng Jing Xiu. Actually Fang Xin still did not completely understand Lian Hao’s meaning, because even if it was Lian Hao who might have defeated Meng Jing Xiu instead of Fang Xin, even he would not have the chance to kill Meng Jing Xiu.

Ning Cheng had not thought that Lian Hao would finally end up in a fight with Fang Xin when he saw Lian Hao come to issue his challenge. He knew that Lian Hao wanted to challenge him. But he really did not know why that extremely calm looking Fang Xin wanted to wade in this kind of muddy water.

This third round of the tournament, was basically full of people trying to settle their personal grudges at the cost of their lives.

Because of Lian Hao’s extreme hostility towards Fang Xin, just after he finished speaking, he immediately casted out his Demonic Seal. Chu Yong Xin and Gu Hong, although powerful, but they were simply not enough to make Lian Hao to show his actual power or skill. Although Lian Hao looked down on Fang Xin, but actually he knew that Fang Xin could not even be compared to Chu Yong Xin even if they were on the same level. So he immediately used his full power from the start.

His Demonic Seal immediately expanded to a radius of 10 feet, and completely locked the surroundings around Fang Xin.

When Fang Xin saw Lian Hao begin, he knew that he and Chu Yong Xin were different, moreover his own True Essence and cultivation was not worse than Lian Hao, so the moment Lian Hao brought out his Demonic Seal with his full power, he also brought out his Ice Sword and stabbed out.

It was still an exceptionally ordinary looking sword. However, when he stabbed out with his sword, the surrounding space around Lian Hao immediately blurred. This kind of fuzziness, it seemed to have been the result of Fang Xin’s blurry sword shadow.

“Boom, Ka Ka......” The Restriction placed on the platform, because of the explosion from Fang Xin’s ordinary looking Ice Sword and Lian Hao’s Demonic Seal’s collision, immediately burst open.

Lian Hao and Fang Xin also simultaneously flew out, the fuzzy ice sword shadows also shattered as they dissipated into thin air, and even the Demonic Seal shrunk and fell into Lian Hao’s hand.

It was only the first strike. But the two of them unexpectedly turned out to be evenly matched. i𝘯𝚗𝗿𝗲α𝙙. c𝒐𝐦

In Ning Cheng’s view, Fang Xin and Lian Hao’s cultivation were truly similar, but even then Ning Cheng thought that Fang Xin was still not a match against Lian Hao. This was not a problem of a person’s cultivation level, but rather because Lian Hao was much more cunning and devious than the simple and straightforward Fang Xin. Since the two people were evenly matched in their strength, the side which was cunning would always have the absolute advantage.

If Fang Xin still had a killer technique, Ning Cheng did not know, but he did know that Lian Hao had still not taken out his black triangular streamer.

As if both of them felt their opponent’s strength, the two sides no longer held back, this time when Fang Xin and Lian Hao clashed together again, they immediately fully utilised their True Essence, and once more the entire platform was filled with crackling roars just like the rumblings of thunder.

In all the fights in the third round until now, this fight was a really close one. At this time, above the platform, the entire platform was either covered with the Demonic Seal which surrounded Fang Xin for a moment, or the fuzzy sword shadow which would split apart the Demonic Seal the next moment. Regardless of which party had the upper hand, it would be just for a moment, the next moment, the other party would immediately counterattack.

Ning Cheng estimated that for the moment the result would still remain undecided between them, so he turned towards Liu Xian. “Deacon Liu, do you only want to get a good ranking, or do you want to advance the God Wind Academy to a 6 Star Academy?”

Liu Xian immediately wanted to say that of course he wanted his God Wind Academy to advance to a 6 Star Academy. But just as those words appeared on the tip of his tongue, and although he wanted to say it, but in the end he just swallowed it back down. For Ning Cheng to say such a thing, there must have been a good reason, so he subconsciously asked, “Ning Cheng, can you truly help the God Wind Academy to come first? And allow the God Wind Academy advance to a 6 Star Academy?”

Ning Cheng slightly hesitated, but then said with an affirmative tone, “This time I have already seen all the participants fight, other than Ling Naixin. If Deacon Liu wants to get the first position, and let the God Wind Academy advance to a 6 Star Academy, then Deacon Liu, I think that I can help you accomplish this.”

When Liu Xian heard Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately looked at Ning Cheng with astonishment in his eyes, and it was only after a good long while that he started to speak with a trembling voice, “Ning Cheng, can you really help the God Wind Academy come first?”

Although he was looking at the results carefully, as a result he was a bit optimistic, but he had never thought that Ning Cheng would unexpectedly give such an answer. Being optimistic with the results of the tournament was one thing, but this went entirely beyond his imagination.

If the God Wind Academy managed to obtain the first spot, wouldn’t it finally rise in rank to a 6 Star Academy?

If it was before, then he would have definitely thought that this was simply a ridiculous matter, but when Liu Xian saw Ning Cheng easily defeat Meng Yu Jing, he immediately began to think that it might just not be such an impossible feat.

Liu Xian immediately became excited, but then once more thinking about Ning Cheng’s words, he couldn’t help but think about why Ning Cheng asked about it? He was already the core disciple of the God Wind Academy, since he could help the God Wind Academy advance to the 6 Star Academy, then he should have certainly committed to fight for it, so then just why would he seek his advice?

Thinking of this, Liu Xian forced himself to calm down, and condensed his voice to a string so that only Ning Cheng could hear it and said, “Ning Cheng, you are already the core disciple of the God Wind Academy, so when you said those words, what did you mean by them?”

Ning Cheng also spoke in a low voice, “Deacon Liu. I feel that this time, the advancement to a 6 Star Academy is not that simple. Of course, since I could think of this, then you also should have been able to think about this....”

This time Liu Xian understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, as he nodded and said, “Ning Cheng, what you said is right. Actually we also thought the same. The reason why the people from the Intermediate Class Continent wants to form a 6 Star Academy in the Lower Class Continents, is to let that Academy manage all the Lower Class Continents, as well as the numerous scattered cultivators, and as such would end up with absolute power in their hands. But the right to speak would ultimately end up in their side. No matter which Academy became the 6 Star Academy, they would only end up serving the people from the Intermediate Class Continents. As such one might as well grasp that power in their own hands, and at least get some kind of advantage than the others.”

What Ning Cheng originally meant was, that the scores in the first and the second rounds in the tournament, along with the third round in this tournament was not purely to choose the one Academy who would be developed into a 6 Star Academy. Since Liu Xian also had said so, he also did not refute, and just explained in a simple way, “Once the Angry Axe Valley truly opens, I think that these seniors who came here from the Intermediate Class Continent, would definitely not continue to stay in the Hua Continent, I think that once they choose a 6 Star Academy, the so called 6 Star Academy would end up being at their mercy for their development. Moreover, they will immediately lead the 20 top disciples and leave towards the Angry Axe before accomplishing that.”

Liu Xian already vaguely understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, but still asked, “Ning Cheng, what do you mean by that?”

Ning Cheng simply said, “Deacon Liu, I think that the power of the God Wind Academy is limited, moreover we still do not have a Profound Core Cultivator to preside over it, once we obtain the status of the 6 Star Academy and also the respective quota, we will immediately become the target of the public’s criticism. If it were me, then I definitely would want to wait for the people from the Intermediate Class Continents to come help the God Wind Academy finally develop into the 6 Star Academy, but this would certainly take place only after the Angry Axe Valley’s matter is concluded. During that time, what happens in the Hua Continent, who could say clearly?”

Liu Xian wholeheartedly wanted to help the God Wind Academy rise in prominence, moreover the people from the Intermediate Class Continent also promised to send someone to help the winner of the 5 Star Academies Tournament to rise to a 6 Star Academy. But because the Angry Axe Valley suddenly opened. The people from the Intermediate Class Continent had no choice but to immediately dispatch the chosen people. Even if they wanted to help the selected, they would only do so after the Angry Axe Valley closed up again.

At this point of time he fully understood the words of Ning Cheng, how could he not understand what would happen during the middle? If the God Wind Academy was destroyed completely under some kind of excuse, then would the people from the Intermediate Class Continents help the God Wind Academy get revenge? Most likely, they would simply choose another Academy to ascend to the ranks of the 6 Star Academy.

“Many thanks to you, I actually did not expect this. No wonder you can have this kind of achievements while still in the True Condensation 3rd Level....” After Liu Xian thanked Ning Cheng in a sentence, he simply sighed, as his heart was filled with mixed feelings. Liu Xian believed that they were the ones who were simply too close to the problem.

Ning Cheng was obviously thinking more than Liu Xian, because he had made up his mind to enter the Angry Axe Valley, he had to leave Ji Luo Fei behind in the God Wind Academy, he absolutely would not let Ji Luo Fei face such kinds of sharp winds.

Whether God Wind Academy would end up becoming a 6 Star Academy or not, Ning Cheng was not interested in it, but for Ji Luo Fei to end up with even a hair less, he was not willing.

When he proposed his opinion, it was not because he was having selfish thoughts. However, Ning Cheng thought that his inference was absolutely not wrong, even if the God Wind Academy was promoted to a 6 Star Academy it would merely be only an empty shell, who knew what could happen in the future?

“Rumble Rumble....” A few violent explosions immediately attracted Ning Cheng’s and Liu Xian’s attention to the fight, on the platform Fang Xin was slumped at the edge of the stage, and was bleeding from his mouth, even his True Essence was almost non-existent, it was obvious that he had finally lost and could no longer fight.

Lian Hao was a bit far away from Fang Xin, he was going to use his Demonic Seal, and wanted to thoroughly kill Fang Xin.

“I admit defeat....” Fang Xin spilled out those words with difficulty, as his face looked completely dispirited.

The corners of Lian Hao’s eyes flashed with a hint of annoyance, as he slowed down, if he was just a bit faster, he would have definitely successfully killed Fang Xin, but now that Fang Xin had successfully thrown in the towel, he could not kill him any longer. It was really regrettable for him, now that Fang Xin had thrown in the towel, he could not finish what he wanted to.

“Lost so soon?” Ning Cheng asked as he was somewhat puzzled, he had just been speaking with Liu Xian for only a few moments, and had not paid attention to the situation inside the ring.

“After Lian Hao’s Demonic Seal and Fang Xin’s Ice Sword Shadow refused to compromise, Lian Hao pretended to have suffered from the backlash of his True Essence. Fang Xin suddenly agitated his True Essence, and wanted to break through the Demonic Seal with his Ice Sword, but he did not take into account the Black Triangular Streamer that Lian Hao was hiding, which when he unfurled, the Ice Sword Shadow casted by Fang Xin immediately dissipated. Fang Xin in order to get rid of the Black Triangular Streamer, forcefully blew up his Ice Sword, which also severely injured Lian Hao......” Meng Jing Xiu took the initiative to explain it to him.

Ever since the time she had seen Ning Cheng defeating Meng Yu Jing with ease, she knew that she was thinking too highly of herself, and was also looking down on Ning Cheng, it was only after that fight that she realised that Ning Cheng’s cultivation should be even higher than her own.

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