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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0116 – The Real Master

Chapter 0116 – The Real Master

Ning Cheng was not much optimistic about Gu Hong, as whispered in a low voice to Ji Luo Fei who was standing beside him, “Luo Fei, before I also thought that with my cultivation we would be able to escape if we used everything we had to escape, moreover we would be even be able to protect each other. But then after I saw that old man in the Profound Core Realm easily slap that Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan into nihility, I knew that my thinking was really wrong. With my cultivation, not only would I fail to protect both of us, but we aren’t even considered as ants in their eyes.”

Ji Luo Fei immediately grabbed Ning Cheng’s hands, she had always been worried about the Shui Clan in her heart. Although Ning Cheng was powerful, but he only had the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level, as for her own cultivation, she was only at Qi Gathering 6th Level, which was far away from him.

“Luo Fei, before I did not care much about entering the Angry Axe Valley, but this time I must obtain a quota to enter the Angry Axe Valley. Only when we become powerful, will our words carry some weight behind it.”

At this point, Ning Cheng also took hold of Ji Luo Fei’s hand, as he looked into her eyes and said, “Luo Fei, after this Tournament concludes, I estimate that the person from the Intermediate Class Continent will take the top 20 participants from the Hua Continent and immediately leave to the Angry Axe Valley. Although I have a way to help you also get a spot, but your cultivation is simply too low, and as to the circumstances inside the Angry Axe Valley, it is something that even I do not know about. So I hope that you can hide in the God Wind Academy as you go into closed door cultivation to increase your strength, Deacon Liu has promised me a single isolated Immortal’s Cave for cultivation in the God Wind Academy, you can use that cave to live in for the time being, and wait for me to come back.”

Ji Luo Fei replied in a small voice, “I understand that you have to go to the Angry Axe Valley, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you in the God Wind Academy.”

Ji Luo Fei had also secretly made up her mind and heart, she firmly decided to diligently increase her cultivation as soon as possible and shorten the distance between her and Ning Cheng. She was well aware of Ning Cheng’s point of view, the God Wind Academy was not a place for them to hole up, in this world if one wanted to live in dignity, then they had to do everything that they could to increase their own strength.

...... 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

“The God Wind Academy. Ha Ha. It sounds like it has a lot of power and prestige, I, Lian Hao, will take you on.” A lazy voice drifted out, and everyone’s eyes immediately landed on a man with black hair which trailed down to his shoulders and had triangular shaped eyes, as he jumped on to the platform.

After the man landed on top of the platform, he gave a sideways glance at Gu Hong and said, “Originally I wanted to fight against Brother Ge Ye, but he ended up being killed by Situ Yu before even fighting Chu Yong Xin, since you have come up here to court death, so for the time being I will help you. Although 10 points are very less. But at least they still are points. Remember that although I am carrying 20 points to come challenge you, it is still cheap for the likes of you.”

When Gu Hong heard Lian Hao talk as if he did not even put him in his eyes, his face immediately flushed, he did not speak anymore, as he immediately took a cruel looking tiger spade in his hands as he threw it out.

When Lian Hao saw Gu Hong begin, he also simultaneously raised his hands, as an enormous seal appeared on it. The giant seal immediately expanded to a radius of nearly 10 feet, as it exploded on to Gu Hong.

All the people who were cultivators knew, that a Magic Weapon which did not seem to be powerful on the surface, more often than not, their attacks would actually be very powerful. However, the Spiritual Sense or the Spiritual Consciousness required to control it would also have to be formidable. If the person’s cultivation of Spiritual Sense was bad, they would primarily choose knives, swords, Spears and other Artefacts that could easily bring out their Killing Intent.

Of course this was not an absolute. Like any Magic Weapon, one cannot judge their strength just from their appearance. However, for the cultivators of the True Condensation Realm, judging whether that cultivator’s Spiritual Sense was strong or weak was determined by how they used their Magic Weapons, it was the most informative way to judge.

“Boom....... Katcha......”

The gigantic seal collided with the Violent Tiger Spade of Gu Hong, but the True Essence surrounding the Violent Tiger Spade could hardly withstand the attack before exploding with a huge boom. In just a brief exchange, Gu Hong was thrown out dozens of meters away, as he spouted out several mouthfuls of blood. If not for the Violent Tiger Spade, he would have almost lost half his life.

He knew after the exchange that he was absolutely not a match against him, Gu Hong’s heart turned cold, as he hurriedly tied to throw in the towel to admit defeat. But he immediately discovered that his own voice was also unexpectedly suppressed by the True Essence from that giant seal of his opponent, basically his voice could not be heard by anyone no matter how much he tried.

That Lian Hao wanted to kill him, Gu Hong immediately understood that point, but at this point of time he was feeling an endless regret, he should not have come up on stage to show off his false bravado. This was basically not a place where he could just show off his ability, this was a place where one could lose his life, regretfully he only understood it at this moment, if one did not have enough strength, then they should definitely not come up on the platform at all.

At this moment Lian Hao’s giant seal smashed down for the second time, Gu Hong’s heart was completely full of terror at this point, as he reluctantly resorted to his Violent Tiger Spade one again.

Perhaps because he knew that he was in a hopeless situation as such the True Essence that he brought out was several times much more powerful than before, at such a critical time the Violent Tiger Spade immediately made a noise as if it was directly tearing the air apart, as it once more exploded directly onto the giant seal.

“Ka....” a loud snapping sound could be heard, as the giant seal directly descended onto Gu Hong without even a moment of pause, as he once again spouted a mouthful of blood. This time Lian Hao did not give any more opportunities to Gu Hong, as he rushed forwards and directly kicked Gu Hong’s chest with his foot.

When Gu Hong was struck by the kick from Lian Hao’s foot, he wanted to desperately lift up his head to ask why did he not want him to throw in the towel, it really was a pity, he simply no longer had any strength left. He could only lift his head halfway, before finally dropping onto the edge of the platform.

When Gu Hong was thrown out for the first time, the entire audience could see that he was not a match for him and would definitely lose, moreover some of the audience also noticed that Lian Hao’s True Essence was preventing Gu Hong from throwing in the towel. But even if that was the case, no one dared to come forward to block Lian Hao’s onslaught, everyone had learned from the mistake of the Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan, so no one dared to interfere with the excessive action that they were seeing in front of them.

Ning Cheng frowned, he had killed Shui Yu, but that was because Shui Yu wanted to kill him, but Gu Hong had clearly wanted to surrender, moreover he and Lian Hao also did not have a great enmity, so why did Lian Hao wanted to kill Gu Hong that badly? Plus, in this round of the tournament, except the first person who went against Meng Jing Xiu, every one of the opponents ended up dead. This was no tournament; this was simply a fight to death.

But this kind of bloody atmosphere between the 5 Star Academies in this Tournament was something that was very popular among the audience, and was making the audience to become even more frenzied and crazy. People who came to watch the matches here, hoped that the tournament would turn even more bloody, no one wanted to see a plain water like fight, without even a hint of a ripple.

The people participating in this Tournament were the elite disciples of their respective Academies, so the main purpose for the people to come here was to see the bloody fights between these elite disciples.

After Lian Hao killed Gu Hong, he unexpectedly turned out just like Ge Ye from before and did not step down from the platform, but continued to stand on the platform with an expressionless face as he spoke, “Thunder Academy’s Lian Hao with 30 points challenges God Wind Academy’s Chu Yong Xin.”

Liu Xian found this completely unbearable, and he immediately spoke up to Chu Yong Xin, “Nephew Yong Xin, you are not a match for Lian Hao....”

Chu Yong Xin immediately cupped his fists in front of Liu Xian and said, “Deacon Liu, even if I have to lose, I will still give it my utmost, otherwise getting defeated without even fighting, it will definitely leave traces in my heart. In the last minute, if there really is no hope for winning, I will immediately admit defeat in advance, please rest assured Deacon Liu.”

“Deacon Liu, we have no quarrel with the Thunder Academy and neither did our God Wind Academy kill Ge Ye. Why must that Lian Hao insist on making things difficult for our Academy?” Another Elder at the Essence Building Realm from the God Wind Academy asked in confusion as everyone in the tournament wanted to challenge them one after another, as he looked at Lian Hao for an answer.

Liu Xian also stared at Lian Hao, and slowly said, “Even I don’t understand why, logically speaking, if he wanted to challenge someone, then he should challenge that Situ Yu.”

As the few people began speaking among themselves, the fight between Chu Yong Xin and Lian Hao had already started on the platform. Lian Hao immediately brought out his giant seal, and almost the entire platform was covered up by giant seal’s shadow.

Even the Restriction placed on the enormous square platform, was shaking from the True Essence undulations coming from it.

What Chu Yong Xin was using was a wide backed purple knife, compared with the ability that Gu Hong displayed as he fought, it was not much different, but at least Chu Yong Xin was able to use a round shield to protect himself, as a result the purple knife and the giant seal ended in a stalemate.

But everyone knew that if this continued like this, then Chu Yong Xin would also walk in the footsteps of Gu Hong.

After half an hour, Chu Yong Xin felt that his own True Essence was beginning to grow weak and was insufficient to continue, moreover using his Spiritual Sense to simultaneously control the purple knife and the round shield was already proving to be very difficult for him. He knew that he had to throw in the towel, at least that way he would only lose a bit of face.

At this time, Chu Yong Xin suddenly felt that the giant seal expanded once more to almost double its size, not only that, a black triangular streamer was being waved about by Lian Hao. Chu Yong Xin immediately felt that his breath was being impeded, even his Spiritual Sense was beginning to go stiff, he understood immediately that he could not go on against that Lian Hao, he did not wait for the opponent to make any other move, as he hurriedly called out, “I admit defeat.”

However, his voice was immediately swept away by the black triangular streamer, while simultaneously the giant seal also doubled in size once again, as it’s speed of descent also increased several times than before, as it fell directly onto the round shield in Chu Yong Xin’s hands. Chu Yong Xin who was hit on the round shield immediately flew out, Chu Yong Xin immediately backed up quickly, he actually could not think that Lian Hao could already control his giant seal to such an extent.

But the giant seal after hitting the round shield, suddenly turned towards his direction, and immediately rumbled towards Chu Yong Xin.

“Poof....” A continuous bloody arrow shot out one after another, as Chu Yong Xing could not even get another chance to once again throw in the towel, before he was similarly killed by Lian Hao.

In just a short period of time, the God Wind Academy lost two people to just Lian Hao alone. Prior to this, the God Wind Academy who had attained a continuous and dazzling winning streak, the contrast between the two were simply too much.

Ning Cheng looked at Lian Hao from afar, but did not speak. The sinisterness of Lian Hao was far worse when compared to that Situ Yu, moreover it seems that Lian Hao has made up his mind to kill off the people from the God Wind Academy. The techniques that this guy had shown till now seemed to be endless, Ning Cheng simply could not determine if he still had a few more tricks up his sleeves.

He seemed to know that Ning Cheng was looking at him, so Lian Hao turned towards Ning Cheng and unexpectedly gave a faint smile towards him. Ning Cheng suddenly felt a chill in his heart, this person probably saw him accidentally a moment ago, but his smile carried a strong Killing Intent behind it. This man had definitely come for him, Ning Cheng immediately understood it the first time.

Lian Hao had killed both Gu Hong and Chu Yong Xin, it was highly likely because they were involved with him, this person wanted to kill everyone else from the God Wind Academy first, before finally challenging him. Nobody expected that Chu Yong Xin, who did not die in the hands of Ge Ye, but rather ended up dying in the hands of Lian Hao.

Ning Cheng thought about this for a long while, but simply could not figure it out, just how did he ended up offending Lian Hao. Just why was this person giving out such a strong Killing Intent towards him? However, at this point, since Ning Cheng was the kill target of this person, then he will definitely not wait for him, and certainly would not be kind or polite towards him.

The participant rankings on the Third Array Formation Projection Screen once again changed, the first person was still the Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu with 60 points. Lian Hao who had killed two people, plus with his own 20 points, at this time his score also advanced to 40 points.

But Ning Cheng had 30 points, at this point of time he was holding the third position on the scoreboard of this round.

There were now only nine people with scores on the scoreboard of this round, Clear Sky Academy – Situ Yu – 60 points, Thunder Academy – Lian Hao with 40 points and Ling Naixin with 20 points. God Wind Academy – Ning Cheng with 30 points, Meng Jing Xiu with 20 points. Luo Hou Academy – Fang Xin with 30 points, Pu Li Xin with 10 points. Falling Star Academy – Meng Yu Jing with 20 Points, and Chi Zi Wen with 20 points.

All of the people knew, that even though the 3rd round has just begun, Lian Hao was the real master.

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