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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0115 – The Bloody Tournament Platform

Chapter 0115 – The Bloody Tournament Platform

The words spoken by Ge Ye immediately caused a commotion, the two participants from the previous rounds had got down to rest after they won their respective fights. But this Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy wanted to continue without even taking a single break, he did not even wait for a single breath of time before issuing another challenge. Just this point alone made the others feel that he was really domineering and awesome.

The corpse of Yuan Jian from the Clear Sky Academy was still lying on the platform bleeding, but he still continued on to issue another challenge, this type of scene immediately roused the people to unconsciously support him.

Just as Ge Ye challenged the God Wind Academy, the people standing outside the platform immediately began to cheer loudly. They did not show any kind of sympathy, or pity for the fallen. Yuan Jian was killed, it showed that he was weak, no one would show sadness for the death of a weak person. They had come here to watch the tournament, they came here to experience excitement, what they wanted to see the most was blood. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

Ning Cheng frowned, Chu Yong Xin was regarded as the number one person from the God Wind Academy in the True Condensation Realm, and was also the person who was considered as the main strength of the Academy in the 3rd round. Ning Cheng was not sure about Chu Yong Xin’s strength, but he knew that Ge Ye who had condensed his numerous Sword Lights first into his sword curtain then into a giant sword, was extremely powerful. If one were to hurry up, then they would only have a small chance of evading it. Of course, now that he had taken a look at this guy’s strength, he did not fear him.

Ning Cheng had a bit of favourable impressions towards Chu Yong Xin, before Chu Yong Xin had asked him immediately out of concern towards him, and offered to help him deal with Shui Yu.

Ning Cheng had only thought till here, before he saw Chu Yong Xing move towards him, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, I never thought that you would be so powerful. This Ge Ye and I have a lot of grudges between us, moreover this person is cruel and merciless. Before when he killed that Yuan Jian, he had used a new sword technique, so he would definitely use it another time against me. After seeing that, I am not sure that I could win against him......”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Chu, if you don’t mind, I’d like to help you take care of him.” Ning Cheng thought that Chu Yong Xin wanted to ask his help. And immediately spoke up voluntarily.

Before Chu Yong Xin had offered to help him in his fight. Now he was helping Chu Yong Xin in his fight. As such he did not show half a shred of hesitation before he spoke.

Chu Yong Xin gave a faint smile, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, you and I are similar to each other, I am not someone who fears a fight. I came to find you, not because I wanted to ask your help, but because I do not have the confidence to win. Once I lost, I know that I will definitely be killed by that person. I still have a younger brother in the God Wind Academy, called Chu Yong Ren. In case something goes wrong. I hope that you can help me look after him for 1 or 2....”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Chu you can rest assured....” Ning Cheng said without any hesitation, he knew that Chu Yong Xin thought highly of him. Because of this, he did not hesitate to say these kinds of words.

Chu Yong Xin just nodded, as he moved towards the tournament platform.

However, before Chu Yong Xin arrived before the platform, a shadow of a person landed in front of him on the platform. Then this man on the platform immediately spoke to Ge Ye in a cold voice, “Ge Ye, I am afraid that you will die in the hands of the others, so I want to challenge you first. If you cannot accept, I will withdraw immediately.”

“Ha Ha Ha, I, Ge Ye, will never be afraid of a trivial True Condensation 8th Level junior. I will first kill you, then kill that Chu Yong Xin by the time it takes to prepare a pot of tea....” Listening to the person in front of him who had snatched his challenge, Ge Ye simply roared with laughter. He did not care about it for even half a moment.

Ge Ye’s words caused a lot of people to be unsatisfied. Crazy, he was simply too crazy. He himself was only at True Condensation 9th Level, but called the other True Condensation 8th Level cultivator as a junior. It was simply ridiculous.

This challenger who was called a junior by Ge Ye, did not pay any mind to it, but turned to Chu Yong Xin and cupped his fists in front of him, and said, “Brother Chu, I must avenge my Senior Apprentice Brother Yuan, could I please ask Brother Chu for his permission.”

Chu Yong Xin just laughed and said, “For Brother Situ to ask for taking revenge, although I was called out first, this Chu Yuan Xin is still willing to cheer for Brother Situ....”

Seeing Chu Yong Xin return, Ning Cheng slightly relaxed. He had a hunch that Chu Yong Xi may not be a match for Ge Ye. As for the person who came to challenge Ge Ye, Ning Cheng also knew a bit about him, he was Situ Yu of the Clear Sky Academy. He had the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level, and even scored a total of 45 points in the previous written exams, which can even be considered as a good score. He even scored a good score for the Clear Sky Academy in the second round too.

The tournament at this point of time was full of the smell of gunpowder between the disciples of the different academies. Ge Ye had even directly said that he would first kill Situ Yu and then kill Chu Yong Xin, but that Situ Yu in response said that he wanted to take revenge on him, this basically was not even a challenge.

This kind of bloody conflict that could potentially end with killings, had aroused the passion of the people who were watching the fights.

But as for the old man who was managing the round, he did not seem to mind it at all, to him, who died and who lived simply did not matter. What was most important to him was, who got more points in the end.

After Situ Yu came on to the stage, he first cupped his fist towards the audience and said, “Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu, challenges Ge Ye with 40 points.”

As Situ Yu finished, he did not wait for Ge Ye to speak, and immediately brought both his hands up, sending out a handprint that seemed to have blotted out the sky towards Ge Ye.

This was the first time that someone with a score of more than 10 points came onto the stage, moreover he was even the challenger. As soon as the audience heard his words, they immediately understood what was the matter.

The Clear Sky Academy was mainly dependent of Situ Yu and Yuan Jian for the 3rd round, thus the scores of the other people were given to Situ Yu. Now that Yuan Jian was killed, so if Situ Yu lost, then it would be equivalent to Clear Sky Academy being eliminated ahead of time.

When Situ Yu began, Ning Cheng immediately understood that this person was definitely not a simple fellow. This person’s cultivation was definitely much more powerful than that of Yuan Juan, no wonder the Clear Sky Academy had put all its points on Situ Yu rather than Yuan Jian.

Although Situ Yu seemed to have brought out a handprint that seemed to have blotted out the sky, but in fact the people with a powerful Spiritual Consciousness could see clearly, that Situ Yu had actually brought out a large net Type Artefact. Moreover, this large net Type Artefact was actually very pale in colour, as such under the handprint that seemed to have covered the sky, it could not be seen clearly.

Ge Ye and Situ Yu were standing opposite to each other, so when Situ Yu brought out his large net, he could immediately feel it’s might at once. He immediately brought up his sword Artefact in his hands and casted out a densely packed sword curtain.

However, this time when his sword curtain met Situ Yu’s large net, it was not as relaxed as when he was using it to fight with Yuan Jian. The numerous rays of his sword curtain were completely blocked by the large net, before they shimmered and completely disappeared, they basically could not even explode.

Ge Ye, whose body was in the centre of it, certainly knew his own situation, he could see and feel that his sword curtain had been fully absorbed by the opposite party’s huge net Type Artefact. For him, if he could not get rid of the opposite party’s huge net in the shortest possible time, then even if he could recreate his giant sword, he would still lose.

Ge Ye wanted to get rid of the other person’s huge net type Magic Weapon, he knew that he would not have another opportunity to do so again, the sword curtains around him were making intermittent howling sounds in his surroundings, and in just a twinkling of an eye gathered together. Just like when he was fighting against Yuan Jian, these innumerable sword curtains had gathered together to immediately form a giant white sword.

But this giant sword simply could not even reach the body of Situ Yu, before it was completely restrained by Situ Yu’s giant net. Even though that giant sword was struggling violently in the net, but it still could not get itself out from the large net.

Ge Ye’s heart immediately sank, he did not think that Situ Yu’s net would be so strong. Not waiting for him to continue to bring out another such giant sword, this time a stream of light exploded out from Situ Yu’s hand.

The moment the stream of light exploded out, it instantly covered the entire platform with a scorching hot heat. Even though Ning Cheng was standing far away from the platform, he could still feel the intense heat.

“Bang” Ge Ye hastily brought out a round shield as he escaped from the light explosion by rolling away like a ball.

Because the round shield was not yet fully charged, so when it was hit by the explosion from the stream of light, it immediately cracked open. Ge Ye was retreating rapidly, but at this time, at a speed even faster than himself, a rainbow like stream of light appeared under Ge Ye’s feet.

A light sound could be heard, as Situ Yu’s feet were directly taken straight towards this rainbow, while at this time the stream of light had already bypassed the round shield, and continued to bombard on Ge Ye’s body.

Not long ago this Ge Ye had been too arrogant as he killed Yuan Jian from the Clear Sky Academy, but at this time even the terrified look had still not completely formed on his face, before he was completely blown to dust by Situ Yu’s stream of light. The smoothness and the speed of fight, was not something the eyes of the people in the audience could take it all in. When the others finally saw the scene clearly, Ge Ye had already been killed.

The plaza immediately became silent for a moment, but then once again erupted in a loud discussion.

Ning Cheng frowned and stared at Situ Yu, this Situ Yu was simply too strong. This person was not only strong, but even his thoughts were prudent and meticulous. That Thunder Academy’s Ge Ye’s every step was already calculated by him beforehand, moreover he had also prepared that rainbow light before to make a sneak attack. Moreover, even he did not see how he had set up that rainbow light beforehand to successfully execute the sneak attack.

At this time on the Projection Array Formation Screen broadcasting the score of the 3rd round, the score in front of Situ Yu’s name changed to 60 points, while Ge Ye’s name disappeared without a trace.

Situ Yu calmly put away his spoils of war, as he stepped down from the platform with the body of Yuan Jian, and immediately returned to the Stall of the Clear Heart Academy. Since Ge Ye’s body had already turned into a pile of ash, so no one went to recover it.

“Brother Ning, it seems that with my cultivation it would be difficult for me to beat those people, I think that it would be better to give you my score.” After Min Rui from the God Wind Academy saw the three bloody fights, his heart was already beating like a drum. He was very clear on his own cultivation, if he wanted to win in the next round, then he would have to face countless hardships and sufferings.

Liu Xian also walked up to them, as he nodded and said, “What Min Rui said is correct, since we have Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu, you really made the right choice.”

Meng Jing Xiu who was still standing by the side pursed her mouth, it was apparent that Min Rui not giving her his score caused her to feel a bit dissatisfied. Although Ning Cheng won a fight, but the fact was that she also won a fight. Moreover, her opponent had the cultivation of Peak Stage True Condensation 8th Level, while Ning Cheng’s opponent was just a guy who had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level.

After Min Rui finished speaking, Liu Xian looked at the remaining True Condensation 8th Level cultivator from their side, Gu Hong, and asked, “Gu Hong, what about you?”

Gu Hong said very simply, “Deacon Liu, I decided to try my hand out, but I still am a bit unwilling in my heart.”

After Gu Hong finished, he cupped his fists in front of Liu Xian, and quickly walked out of the God Wind Academy’s Station, and jumped onto the platform, as he called out in a loud voice, “God Wind Academy’s Gu Hong, meets the heroes here with his 10 points.”

Ge Ye had slain Yuan Jian, and then in just a blink of an eye was killed by Situ Yu, so the restlessness and excitement in the people spectating had not yet subsided, so when Gu Hong came on to the platform to accept challenges, it immediately attracted everybody’s attention.

Gu Hong was neither famous, nor was his cultivation that high. Gu Hong only had the cultivation of Peak Stage True Condensation 8th Level. The reason why the people outside the platform focused on Gu Hong, was because Gu Hong was from the God Wind Academy, and so far, he was the person with the highest cultivation from the God Wind Academy to step on to the stage.

The earlier two people from the God Wind Academy, whether it was Ning Xiao Cheng with the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level or Meng Jing Xiu with the cultivation of True Condensation 6th Level, both of them had an easy win. So when Gu Hong from the God Wind Academy with the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level came on to the platform, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous people in the audience.

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