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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0104 – You Must Believe

Chapter 0104 – You Must Believe

When Ji Luo Fei heard about what her own mother had gone through, her mind was already very unstable, but when she suddenly heard that the culprit was Ning Cheng, the person closest to her in her heart and mind, she ended up receiving a massive shock that almost collapsed her mind, it was equivalent to being sneak attacked during an intense battle, and she, who was already filled with grief, finally reached the critical point, and found it totally unacceptable.

When she saw her daughter coughing up blood, Xiong Qi Hua was completely shocked, and really regretted that she spoke those words. Although she and Zhu Hong Wen had calculated everything, they did not take into consideration how Luo Fei would react to this kind of news. In their opinion, when Luo Fei heard this kind of news, other that anger and rage, they did not expect for her to show any other emotions towards Ning Cheng.

But Xiong Qi Hua had never thought that when her daughter heard this kind of news, she would immediately cough up blood, and even the Qi in her body became chaotic to the point of bursting.

“Luo Fei, what’s wrong with you .......” Xiong Qi Hua quickly held her daughter as she fell, and asked in a very panicked tone.

Ji Luo Fei did not reply to her mother’s words, and after a long time, she murmured to herself, “I don’t believe it, Ning Cheng is definitely not such a person.......”

“Whether you believe it or not is a different matter, you should not harm your own foundation.” Xiong Qi Hua was really frightened, if her daughter’s cultivation foundation was injured, then how could she take her back home?

“Mother, did you know that I know Ning Cheng?” Ji Luo Fei suddenly felt that something was definitely not right.

Xiong Qi Hua immediately felt a kind of fear from her daughter’s eyes, and inadvertently made a glaring mistake as she spoke, and stupidly said, “Who is Ning Cheng?”

“Ning Cheng is Ning Xiao Cheng, he had just passed through the Daan Forest, he is my, is my ......” Ji Luo Fei was unable to speak out her relationship with Ning Cheng.

Xiong Qi Hua felt a heavy guilt in her heart, and lowered her head, and remained silent, she did not know how she should explain this to Luo Fei. In fact, in her heart, that Ning Xiao Cheng was quite a good person, and was more than worthy of her daughter. But there was no turning back at this point, since she had already got stuck in such a situation, she knew that she could definitely not go back on her words, otherwise the relationship between her and her daughter would forever remain irreparable.

She knew that she could not bear to give up on her daughter, nor can she bear to give up on her man. She even came up with this idea to let Luo Fei and Zhu Hong Wen talk to each other to make her understand. But immediately abandoned the idea, if she really dared to bring this up, she knew that then her daughter would forever denounce her as her mother.

But because of the words spoken by her just now, how could she even say that the unborn child in her was from Zhu Hong Wen rather than him.

Ji Luo Fei slowly calmed herself, although she was feeling extreme grief because of this, but she started to quell her feelings. Seeing her mother standing in silence with her head lowered, she thought that her mother had definitely let her father down, and moreover let herself down. As for the relationship between her and Ning Cheng, she knew that her mother should have definitely known about it.

“Mother, let’s go.” Ji Luo Fei forcibly repressed her grief in the deepest parts of her heart, and said with a calm tone as she supported Xiong Qi Hua.

“Go? Where are we going? Where can I even go like this?” Xiong Qi Hua felt increasingly guilty in her heart, she had also felt that she had made a huge mistake before, otherwise she knew that her daughter would not behave in such a way.

Seeing the wandering eyes of her mother, Ji Luo Fei felt really hurt in her heart, even now she believed that her mother would definitely not lie to her. But her heart could not generate even half a shred of hatred towards Ning Cheng, it was a type of feeling that she couldn’t express clearly. Although Ning Cheng had raped her mother, but it was under the influence of the poison, not to mention the grace of saving her mother’s life.

Ji Luo Fei could not grasp the meaning under the words spoken by Xiong Qi Hua, and didn’t even ask about the steward Hong Wen who had accompanied Xiong Qi Hua, and simply said to Xiong Qi Hua, “Mother, let us just go to a distant city to live in seclusion, then, then......”

Ji Luo Fei really did not have the courage to let Xiong Qi Hua give birth to her younger sister or brother like this.

Xiong Qi Hua secretly sighed in her heart, it seems that her daughter was not experienced in human affairs, and thus could not understand such affairs. She could only slowly guide her towards mentioning her real step father, fortunately her daughter had finally agreed to leave with her together. It would be better if they did not meet that guy called Ning Cheng.

“Luo Fei, the moment I found you, the wish in my heart had already been completed. I just want to take this child out, and then we could go and seclude ourselves.” Xiong Qi Hua said, sighing in relief.

“Don’t....” Ji Luo Fei first reaction was to strongly oppose it.

Xiong Qi Hua murmured, “But if we really have him/her, even if we went anywhere, we will only be ridiculed......”

“Mother, we have each other, why are you being afraid of being laughed at? I....” Ji Luo Fei just finished speaking those words, when she felt a sense of unease. She had a feeling, that if she left Ning Cheng, then there really would be no other chance for her and Ning Cheng to meet again. But not only did she not want to doubt the words spoken by her own biological mother, she also did not want to doubt Ning Cheng.

Xiong Qi Hua did not expect that Ji Luo Fei would say such words, on the contrary she felt the anxiety in her daughter’s eyes, and could feel that she really did not want to leave him.


After Ning Cheng arrived in Mo Ze City completely exhausted, he immediately came to the inn. Although his harvest during these two days was not small, not only did he obtain a treasure, he also was able to advance to the Peak Stage of True Condensation 2nd Level, but he would still require a few days to consolidate and stabilize his cultivation level.

When Ning Cheng lifted the Restrictions that he placed on his room and entered inside, he discovered that Ji Luo Fei had already left.

Ning Cheng’s first reaction was to immediately go out and look for Ji Luo Fei, he had almost taken a few steps towards Ji Luo Fei’s closed door, when he saw their marriage certificates.

There was no need to pick it up, Ning Cheng knew that it was definitely his and Ji Luo Fei’s marriage certificate, it was initially being kept and preserved with Ji Luo Fei. Before he had always thought that this marriage certificate was already burnt up, and had never thought that Ji Luo Fei would keep it with her safe and sound.

As Ning Cheng picked up this marriage certificate, he suddenly felt bitter in his heart. Why did every girl in his life said their goodbyes in such a way? Ji Luo Fei leaving behind her marriage certificate, didn’t it expressively mean that she did not want to have any connection with him again.

As Ning Cheng held the marriage certificate in his hands, an indescribable loneliness rose in his heart. From the deepest part of his heart, he was still very concerned about Ji Luo Fei.

Regardless of whether he could return back to Earth or not, Ji Luo Fei was definitely one of the most important people in his life.

Ning Cheng took out a Jade Box from his Storage Bag, and took out a dark yellow stone from the Jade Box, and stared at it in a daze. This Qi Gathering Stone was the first thing that he received from someone when he came to the Yi Xing Mainland, this was his first Qi Gathering Stone. This was obtained by Ji Luo Fei by risking her life, as she competed for it in the Fighting Pot to get it. Ji Luo Fei was not willing to use it for herself, her main goal was to help him speed up his cultivation.

Although he had not used this Qi Gathering Stone, he had always kept it by his side, today when Ji Luo Fei left behind the two halves of the marriage certificate here, Ning Cheng’s heart was completely filled with grief, he once again looked at the Qi Gathering Stone that he received from Ji Luo Fei, and remained silent.

After experiencing the things with Tian Mu Wan, Ning Cheng had never thought about the matters between men and women, nor was he willing to think about it. If not for the coincidence of him being betrothed to Ji Luo Fei, he would have not even come in contact with Ji Luo Fei.

Today Ji Luo Fei left in the same way as Tian Mu Wan, without any reason, without any explanation, even without hesitating for even half a moment.

Grasping the Qi Gathering Stone in his hands, flashbacks of Ji Luo Fei started to appear in his heart and mind, her giving him the Qi Gathering Stone, Ji Luo Fei rushing in to save him during the attack from that giant pitch black withered palm in the Thunder Fall Desert, but what kept repeating in his head was the time when Ji Luo Fei had carried him on her back, while she took him to the small black stone house.

At that moment he had felt an unprecedented tranquillity, he did not even feel the shock of suddenly arriving in a strange world.

Because Tian Mu Wan had ruthlessly pushed him away without even giving him even the slightest of an explanation, he had ended up absentmindedly walking onto a highway bridge, and was hit by the descending beam of yellow light. In his most lonely, and most helpless time, it was Ji Luo Fei who had picked him back up, and brought him back to the small black stone house.

The Restriction that he placed on the door suddenly opened, and Ning Cheng immediately woke up from his endless contemplation, he had just looked up when a he saw a familiar figure rush towards him, and flung herself into his arms.

“Luo Fei....” Ning Cheng hurriedly held Ji Luo Fei tightly in his bosom, as an indescribable joy filled his heart. Till before this moment, he had always thought of his relationship with Ji Luo Fei was just that of between friends, but when Ji Luo Fei left behind her marriage certificate and left, he knew that his heart was already filled with Ji Luo Fei’s shadow. Only after losing her once, did he come to know just how precious was she to him.

“Ning Cheng....” Ji Luo Fei cried out aloud, at this time she had already forgotten about the affair between her mother and Ning Cheng and had already wiped the slate clean.

When she had followed her mother out of the Mo Ze City, she finally met that steward Zhu Hong Wen, and the uneasy feeling in her heart strengthened quite a bit. In the depths of her heart, she had a strong desire, that even if she had to walk away, she had to see Ning Cheng and clarify this matter. Without hearing Ning Cheng’s words, she knew that she could not settle her heart.

After she came out from the desert along with Ning Cheng, she had sworn to herself that whatever happened she must believe in Ning Cheng.

Ever since then, she had regarded Ning Cheng as her only family, even her paternal aunt Ji Yao He could not be compared to Ning Cheng’s place in her heart. But the things that her mother had brought when she came, made it difficult to accept the fact that she could no longer be together with Ning Cheng.

After she came out of Mo Ze City, her desire to be with Ning Cheng only grew stronger. From the deepest parts of her heart, she had already decided to side with Ning Cheng no matter what happened, it was not that she did not want to leave Mo Ze City, but because she could not bear to be away from Ning Cheng even for a single bit.

Her paternal aunt was her only other close relative, initially when her paternal aunt had carried her away, she thought that she could no longer see Ning Cheng. But her mother was even more closer to her heart than her paternal aunt, but then when she saw her mother, deep down she always had a feeling, that Ning Cheng was the closest to her out of all.


“Mother, I must go meet with Ning Cheng, I cannot live without him.” After coming out of Mo Ze City. Ji Luo Fei finally could not repress the desire in her heart and spoke out, she must see Ning Cheng whatever the cost. She did not know since when this started, but she knew that she could not bear to not be able to see Ning Cheng for even a single day.

After hearing what her daughter said, she could only helplessly watch her daughter go back to Mo Ze City, Xiong Qi Hua rubbed her tear streaked eyes, and secretly sighed in her heart. She knew that, at this moment, she had finally lost her daughter.

“Do you want me to go persuade her to come back?” Zhu Hong Wen asked as he also looked at Ji Luo Fei as she walked back to Mo Ze City.

Xiong Qi Hua shook her head and said, “No, I feel that Ji Luo Fei’s choice is right, let’s go. I do not deserve to be her mother, I ....”

Xiong Qi Hua then quietly turned her back to Mo Ze City, and started walking away, her stature looking very bleak and desolate.

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