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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0097 – Joining The God Wind Academy

Chapter 0097 – Joining The God Wind Academy

It was only after a short while, that the middle aged man from the Clear Sky Academy Stall had been brought to the main altar on the plaza. At this point of time his complexion was extremely pale and was trembling all over, he also still had the Clear Sky Command Medallion that he had taken from Ning Cheng. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

If he knew that Ning Cheng would secure the first place in the written exam’s round, moreover he also planned to destroy his cultivation later, he would never have ever dared to do such a thing.

“Ha-Ha, Elder Brother Ming, the Clear Sky Academy really does not live up to its reputation, for it to even have this kind of person existing among you, in the end, alas......” The woman from the Thunder Academy deliberately sighed, clearly rubbing salt into their wounds. Her words implied that for Clear Sky Academy to have such a person among them, it really was not a good choice.

Ming Hao Kuo stared at the ashen faced man with the cultivation of Qi Gathering 9th Level, “First hand over the Clear Sky Command Medallion, for my Clear Sky Academy to have such a scum like you, it really is disgraceful.”

This middle aged man, who was at Qi Gathering 9th Level, was shaking uncontrollably as he handed over the Clear Sky Command Medallion, he did not even have the time to explain himself, before he was immediately slapped by Ming Hao Kuo and turned into bloody mist.

After killing this Qi Gathering Cultivator, the anger on Ming Hao Kuo’s face vanished instantaneously as if it never existed, as if this matter never happened at all, as he smiled once again and returned the Clear Sky Command Medallion to Ning Cheng and said, “Every Academy will have some bad seeds and worms, fortunately this man was only a disciple of the outer court. The disciples of the inner court of my Clear Sky Academy are the elites of the elites, in fact, you could just have met the in charge of our stall at that time, if anyone even dared to not follow your Clear Sky Command Medallion, you could have just told me or any other Deacon of my Clear Sky Academy, and we would have definitely solved the problem for you.”

Ning Cheng did not try to be polite again, this Clear Sky Command Medallion was already his to begin with, he just thanked him once as he received the Clear Sky Command Medallion, as he sighed and spoke, “Alas, I had originally wanted to do so, but then an Essence Building Senior from the Clear Sky Academy, who seemed to have been called by Teacher Jing, he did not want to even hear a single word from me, and directly asked me to “Fuck Off”. He said that this was the area of a 5 Star Academy, and did not even allow me to speak. When I left there, I really was very sad in my heart, Clear Sky Academy was my dream that I wanted to enter, but after this incident, all the dreams in my heart have already shattered.”

After listening to the words of Ning Cheng, the complexion of Ming Hao Kuo’s face was not so simple, as his face immediately turned ashen, he could not help but think about the written exam during the tournament for the 6 Star Academy, didn’t they just kicked the opportunity presented to the Clear Sky Academy right in the face.

This time, he really did not have the face to continue and invite Ning Cheng to join the Clear Sky Academy, and directly said to Ning Cheng, “Ning Xiao Cheng, I’ll definitely go look for that bastard, since you want to join my Clear Sky Academy, then you can come there at any time, and would also not require the Clear Sky Command Medallion.”

With that Ming Hao Kuo walked away, and now there were only the 4 other Academies competing for Ning Cheng.

“Ning Xiao Cheng, this time my Falling Star Academy has the most members with the Pure Spiritual Roots, you might as well join my Falling Star Academy.” An emaciated man with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm from the Falling Star Academy spoke to Ning Cheng, the expression on his face resembled a wolf who saw a small white rabbit.

Ning Cheng hurriedly cupped his fists and replied, “Actually before I was preparing to join the Clear Sky Academy, I was going to join the Falling Star Academy. I have a cousin with Pure Spiritual Roots who had joined the Falling Star Academy, I think, that if I went to the Academy with my cousin, it would be really good .......”

“Your cousin is in the Falling Star Academy, moreover with a Pure Spiritual Root? Then why are you even hesitating about, come join my Falling Star 5 Star Academy.” This man with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm revealed an excited expression on his face, he did not actually see Ning Cheng, but only a heap of scores.

Ning Cheng once again sighed and said, “My qualifications were not as good as my cousin, so the Clear Heart Academy’s Senior Sister Apprentice Lan Yin Yue refused to let me in. Actually I did not care about it, as long as my cousin joined the Falling Star 5 Star Academy, it was more than good for me. But I did not think that, Senior Sister Apprentice Lan Yin Yue would dismiss me on the grounds of hindering my cousin’s cultivation, and even chased me all around the place to kill me. I really had nowhere to escape from her, and could only run into the Daan Forest.”

“Fortunately, I happened to find a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool, after cultivating for nearly half a year at this Spiritual Essence Spring Pool, I unexpectedly advanced to the Qi Gathering 9th Level. Afterwards I also was able to obtain a True Condensation Pill from a Pill Master in the Yuan Continent, I really did not think that I would be lucky enough to successfully advance to the True Condensation Realm. Alas, if not for these matters, me and my cousin would definitely have come to the Falling Star Academy, but right now, I really do not have any such thoughts.”

The reason why Ning Cheng said those words this time, aside from digging a pit for Lan Yin Yue, it would also explain his bad Spiritual Roots and also how he was able to cultivate this quickly. As such he did not wait for the others to ask as he took the initiative to explain it himself.

After this man at the Profound Congealing Realm heard Ning Cheng’s words, he also went into the same flying rage, a cultivator from the True Condensation Realm of a mere Clear Heart Academy unexpectedly dared to obstruct the Falling Star Academy in recruiting the person who obtained the first place in the written round. He could still ignore the matter if Ning Cheng had not taken the first place, but since this matter was the consequences of Lan Yin Yue’s actions, he would still go out and punish this Lan Yin Yue no matter how good looking she was.

Seeing that the Clear Sky Academy and Falling Star Academy were both simultaneously refused by Ning Cheng, the old man from the God Wind Academy stood up and spoke, “Ning Xiao Cheng, I think that the God Wind Academy would really be the best for you.”

“My God Wind Academy can not only provide you with an independent Immortal’s Cave, but will also allow you to enjoy the various treatments received by the core disciples. If you are somewhat lacking in your Spiritual Root, even then you would have the freedom to come and go as you like.” The old man from the God Wind Academy said very enthusiastically.

Ning Cheng was really moved in his heart, as he understood the meaning behind the words spoken by the old man. He was very clear on this point, that even though he had grabbed the first position in the Preliminary Round’s written test to join one of the 5 Star Academies, his Spiritual Roots were not very good. In all the 5 Star Academies, the core disciples all have a good Spiritual Root, and were fiercely protected, and to a certain extent, there were even some restrictions placed on them.

Because among the top ten people in the First Round’s written test, the God Wind Academy held only a single spot and that was the 7th Position, from this it could be said that the out of the top ten places in the First Round’s written exam, the God Wind Academy was really the weakest of them all. Because of this, Ning Cheng had already made up his mind to go to the God Wind Academy, as he knew that they would try to do anything to rope him in. Now that the old man from the God Wind Academy had spoken, he was already more than satisfied with it.

Seeing that the other two people from the rest of the two 5 Star Academies were going to speak, Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and bowed to the old man in front of him and said, “Thank you seniors, but this junior had already decided to join the God Wind Academy. Because this junior has only a multi-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, for me to be able to advance to the True Condensation Realm was really a lucky coincidence. Although the God Wind Academy does not care about the strength of this junior’s Spiritual Root. But this junior has just a small request.”

Although the old man from the God Wind Academy had did indeed invited Ning Cheng, but he did not have even a shred of confidence in his heart that he might accept it. Of all the 5 Star Academies in the Hua Continent, the God Wind Academy was the weakest and the worst of them all. So for them to even think about competing in the tournament for the selection of the 6 Star Academy, it was not something that they had confidence in, you could even say that they were just accompanying the prince to his study. But now that Ning Cheng had spoken those words, then at least in the written exam they would be able to get a good score, even if they finally lost, at least they would not have to be too ashamed about it.

Because he also heard about a rumour, that once when one of the five current 5 Star Academies would get promoted to a 6 Star Academy, there would also be a 4 Star Academy that would be promoted to a 5 Star Academy. So if the God Wind Academy obtained a result that was too bad, then there was even a possibility that they may even lose their 5 Star status.

“If you have any request, you can speak them freely.” At this time the old man from the God Wind Academy was the most excited he had been in his entire life. As for Ning Cheng having a multi-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, he had already ignored it. Since Ning Cheng had already said it before, that he had a chance encounter with a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool, and had only just recently advanced to the True Condensation 1st Level, it obviously showed that the qualifications of Ning Xiao Cheng were not good.

“I have two friends, who also want to join the God Wind Academy, I do not know....” Ning Cheng immediately hinted towards Zhu Mu Er, and this time, naturally put forward his condition.

These two friends, besides Ji Luo Fei, the other one was obviously Zhu Mu Er. After getting to know Zhu Mu Er, Ning Cheng came to understand that Zhu Mu Er had a straightforward character, and was always frank about what she spoke, in short she had no brains to think for herself. Moreover, he had got this opportunity because of Zhu Mu Er, so he had already planned to give one of the places to Zhu Mu Er. Whether Zhu Mu Er wanted it or not, that was her own personal choice.

The reason he had to join a 5 Star Academy, besides wanting to go look for an opportunity to go to an Intermediate Class Continent, was because he also wanted to take the advantage of learning in a 5 Star Academy. Because he had not studied systematically, he felt that compared to the other cultivators on the same level as him, he only understood a very few basic things.

“Of course, as long as your two friend’s qualifications are not too bad, you all can enter my God Wind Academy.” The old man from the God Wind Academy agreed to Ning Cheng’s request without any hesitation.

After the man finished, he seemed to have thought that he should really introduce himself, and quickly added, “I am Liu Jian who is responsible for the external affairs of my God Wind Academy, now that you have decided to join my God Wind Academy, so if you have any difficulty in the future, you can come to me directly.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng was determined to join the God Wind Academy, the two other people from the rest of the two 5 Star Academies felt disappointed, they knew that they did not have any alternative to him.


“Luo Fei?” When she saw Ji Luo Fei and Zhu Mu Er leave along with Ning Cheng and the people from the God Wind Academy, Ji Yao He could see it clearly, after she recognised Ji Luo Fei, she almost called out.

Fortunately, she also knew better to not call out her name, Ji Luo Fei was a person who the Shui Clan had settled on, and once the Shui Clan knew that Ji Luo Fei had returned back to Mo Ze City, moreover even living together with Ning Cheng, it would definitely not be good for Ji Luo Fei. Whether Ning Cheng was dead or alive, she did not care, but Ji Luo Fei was different, after all, she was her niece. She had wanted for Ji Luo Fei to be married into the Shui Clan, of course it was for the sake of herself, but that did not mean that she did not want to help Ji Luo Fei.

Although Ning Cheng was now a disciple of the God Wind Academy, it was still not enough to contend against a colossus like the Shui Clan.

Thinking of this, Ji Yao He decided to temporarily not go look for Ji Luo Fei.


“That was Luo Fei, it was certainly Luo Fei, Luo Fei really has come to the Hua Continent....” In the corner of the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, a middle aged beautiful woman was staring at Ji Luo Fei, but her voice was trembling as she spoke, and even her expression was excited. When she first saw the girl wearing a veil walking along with Ning Cheng, she knew that it was definitely her daughter, Ji Luo Fei.

This middle aged beautiful woman was none other than Xiong Qi Hua, after Ning Cheng had recognized her, she could no longer spend even a single day in the Daan Forest, she knew that she had to come out to find her daughter Ji Luo Fei.

As for the man beside her, he was also none other than Zhu Hong Wen, but his heart was full of bitterness at this moment, as Zhu Hong Wen really wished that Xiong Qi Hua did not meet Ji Luo Fei this soon. When Xiong Qi Hua was preparing to go back to the Ping Continent, he had taken the chance to persuade Xiong Qi Hua to first head to the Yuan Continent, so as to start her search for her daughter Ji Luo Fei from there. He had even argued that since the relationship between Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei was not a simple one, he proposed that since Ning Cheng was heading to the Yuan Continent, then Ji Luo Fei was also certainly in the Yuan Continent.

Xiong Qi Hua was his treasure, no matter where she would go, he would always follow the love of his life. So she felt that the words spoken by Zhu Hong Wen were definitely right, and had left the Daan Forest with him, making their way towards the Yuan Continent. After coming to the Yuan Continent, the two people came to know that the five 5 Star Academies of the Hua Continent were holding a joint selection of disciples in the Mo Ze City. Zhu Hong Wen then proposed that since Ji Luo Fei was probably like the other ordinary people, she would definitely head towards the Mo Ze City in the Hua Continent. If Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications were good, then perhaps she could get selected by a 5 Star Academy on her own.

Ji Luo Fei was the daughter of Xiong Qi Hua, so Xiong Qi Hua would definitely not think that her own daughter’s qualifications would be bad, thus she immediately rushed towards the Hua Continent from the Yuan Continent.

If not for Zhu Hong Wen having the map of the Thunder Fall Desert and also the experience of crossing it once before, the two of them would have definitely fallen in the Thunder Fall Desert.

What Zhu Hong Wen did not expect, was the moment they arrived in the Mo Ze City of the Hua Continent, they would really see Ji Luo Fei. Moreover, he had even guessed it right, Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were indeed together. Not only that, this fellow was called Ning Xiao Cheng and had even obtained the first position in the written examination.

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