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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0020 – The Sinister Waters Of The Mingot Sea

Chapter 0020 – The Sinister Waters Of The Mingot Sea

Ning Cheng did not answer, because a sharp breaking sound interrupted his train of thought. A grey shadow, with a roaring sound, flew out not much farther in front of him, a moment later, there was another black shadow that flew past in its pursuit. After a few breaths time, the two shadows disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng’s heart was awestruck, seeing the two shadows, he was reminded of the Flying Type Artefact used by Ji Luo Fei’s aunt. He had heard that there were hundreds of countries, who let their countless forces come to the Mingot Sea for practicing cultivation and looking for resources of dubious origins. Now it seems that it really was so, the two shadows that just disappeared from their visions were definitely not people from the Cang Qin Province.

To have a Flying Type Artefact, one must be an absolute powerhouse, like the cultivators of the Essence Building Realm. It looks like if one wanted to live in the Mingot Sea Area, it would not be an easy thing. The excited moment that Ning Cheng had just now instantly diminished a lot, he finally began to think of how to survive in this sort of place.

Even An Yi could see that the two people who just flew past, their cultivation levels, compared to Ning Cheng and she, it was simply too low. She was not completely sure about Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, however it also seemed that it was not high either.

“An Yi, we have to be careful from here, there seems to be danger everywhere in the Mingot Sea Area.” said Ning Cheng as he quickly pulled down An Yi from the high area, and came down to a small remote place near the roadside.

An Yi also forgot to ask Ning Cheng what he meant by that, she just made an ‘um’ sound, and followed Ning Cheng closely behind. If she was the only person here, then she would not have known what to do in this kind of situation.

“That Storage Bag that you have, An Yi, never expose it.” said Ning Cheng as he thought about An Yi’s Storage Bag. Once An Yi’s Storage Bag was exposed, not only would An Yi be killed off, even he would suffer the same fate.

An Yi hurriedly put her hand on her waist and said, “Big Brother, I will take it out and give it to you, it will not be safe with me .......”

Ning Cheng stopped An Yi and said, “An Yi, your master left this bag to you, you put it close to your skin, and also keep your things inside it, giving it to me would not be very good.”

Ning Cheng also would have liked to see the materials in the Storage Bag, but afterwards thought that since it was some sort of inheritance that An Yi’s master had left for An Yi, if he took it, it would be the same as trying to read other people’s personal thoughts.

An Yi quickly said, “Big Brother Ning, this is not a simple bag, but a Storage Bag. A Storage Bag and a simple bag are completely different, although the Storage Bag looks small, the space inside a Storage Bag is very big. With just a thought, the Spatial Array inside the Storage Bag, will help you place items larger than the bag itself inside it.”

Ning Cheng realised that a simple bag and a Storage Bag had a big difference, one could put a lot of things in the Storage Bag, Ning Cheng could feel an itch in his heart, he really wanted one of these bags.


After going through this matter, Ning Cheng took An Yi away from the road as far as possible.

“Big Brother Ning, there is a relay station here.” An Yi knew that the words she spoke only made Ning Cheng more worried about her. Although her master’s death left a huge scar on her heart, but she also took the initiative to ask Ning Cheng about somethings but she was careful as to not ask about Ning Cheng’s girlfriend. She also did not ask Ning Cheng about who was his girlfriend.

Ning Cheng also saw the distant relay station, it did not look big, but it made Ning Cheng stop.

“Big Brother Ning, Li Shao said that, after the Relay Station at Dawn Town, we would be able to get out of the scope of the Cang Qin Province. Although it is a relay station, perhaps it is not of the Cang Qin Province.” Seeing Ning Cheng stop, there was even some caution in him, so she took the initiative and said those words.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Let it be, we first go over and have a look.”

The relay station was not big, it was just a relay station, in addition there were only a dozen soldiers to guard it and it also doubled up as a small rest stop. In the largest space in front of the relay station, was the dock for keeping the beast carriages. Many of the beast carriage owners were shouting for customers. The board above the relay station, made Ning Cheng completely calm down, it said “Huo Yuan Country, Fu Ye City Relay Station.”

Ning Cheng and An Yi had just arrived when they met up with a short woman with a rough face, “Are you two friends going to the Mingot Sea? Take my beast carriage, just twenty gold coins per person.”

Ning Cheng was shocked, 20 gold coins for one person? Isn’t this too high? Li Shao had previously said before that he would earn only a few dozen silver coins for a single trip, how could there be such a high price here?

“Isn’t the price too high?” Ning Cheng was not certain if this woman would not kill him, as he asked in a hesitating way.

The rough faced woman froze for a moment, there was no answer from her, but a man came up next to her and said, “My friend, this price is not high. Not to mention that it would take more than 10 days to reach the Mingot Sea Area, because of the dangerous waters of the Mingot Sea, such a price is fair regarding the risk. It is the carriage driver who has to drive the beast carriage, she has to keep both her brain and body alert all the times, if it was not necessary, it’s best not to bargain.”

The speaker was a man with some stubble on his face, he only seemed to have the cultivation of Qi Gathering 3rd Level. But he talked in a very relaxed way, and did not let the people who he was talking to feel as if he would suddenly erupt. There was a wide gap between a cultivator at Qi Gathering 3rd Level and the 4th Level, a sort of bottleneck if you will, compared to a Qi Gathering 3rd Level cultivator, a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level was more than 10 times stronger.

Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and said, “Thank you my friend, me and my sister have come to the Mingot Sea Area for the first time to live, but we don’t know about the condition of the market here. As my friend said, that 20 gold coins are really not that high.”

Speaking of his sister, Ning Cheng immediately thought of Ning Ruo Lan, it felt as if his heart was being crushed.

An Yi had a white turban tied up on her head, clearly one could see that she was a nun. Ning Cheng said An Yi was his sister, this short man did not think that Ning Cheng was telling lies, he just nodded and said, “My beast carriage’s Sister He has a very good reputation, I just happened to have to go the Mingot Sea, do you want to board the beast carriage with your sister, or just go by yourself.”

Ning Cheng said in an embarrassed way, “I do not have a single gold coin, I would have liked to go to the Mingot Sea, but it seems it wouldn’t be possible currently.”

On his body, there were only two things that were valuable, one was the sword wrapped up inside, it was taken from the corpse of Gu Fei. The other was the Qi Gathering Stone, which Ji Luo Fei had given him, but still haven’t used it. In addition to it he only had the two thin leather bound books of the Ning Clan.

At this time, he had some regrets after killing Gu Fei, he did not search Gu Fei’s body carefully, maybe there were some other valuable things with him.

The short man looked at Ning Cheng and said with a smile, “Qi Gathering 3rd Level, a friend such poor as you are really not that many. The gold coins for the beast carriage, I can help you out with that, it can be considered as paying for friends.”

Ning Cheng after listening to the short man talk, he was immediately overjoyed and cupped his fists and said, “Thank you my friend, after I go to the Mingot Sea, I will find a way to return the favour.”

If only Ning Cheng had not offended Gu Yuming, he really did not want to owe such a favour. Now for Ning Cheng, the farther he could get away from the Cang Qin Province the better. The Mingot Sea Area had all kinds of people and even if there were people from the Cang Qin Province, it would not count for anything, this place was the most secure.

“It’s just 40 gold coins, you don’t need to return it. My name is Feng Fei Zhang, I usually travel between the Mingot Sea and the Fu Yi City Relay Station. Although the goods go back to the Huo Yan Country, there I can even earn more than double, but truthfully I’d rather sell my things here, it would save a lot of time.” This short man said while laughing.

“My name is Ning Cheng, this is my cousin An Yi.” Ning temporarily changed sister to cousin. They declared before that they were brother and sister, if the surnames were different, how can they be brother and sister?

Feng Fei Zhang did not mind that Ning Cheng had told something different before, and said with a great interest, “Everywhere in the waters of Mingot is full of gold coins, as long as you have to ability and skill. Since I do not have the qualifications to enter into the Middle Stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, so I just want to earn enough gold coins, so that I can go back and establish a family.”

“Brother Feng, isn’t the Mingot Sea full of dangers and killings?” asked Ning Cheng after listening to Feng Fei Zhang say that he has been to the Mingot Sea before, he wanted to find out from him, regarding the situation in the Mingot Sea area.

After listening to Ning Cheng’s words, Feng Fei Zhang’s facial expression becomes solemn and said, “Yes, Brother Ning. In the area of the Mingot Sea, our cultivation levels might be considered to be weakest, but compared to some of the lowest level of adventurers, we are slightly better off. I can only fish for something near the shore, but I do not dare to go too far. The most abundant and resourceful area in the Mingot Sea is far away from the shores, there you can find many people, but trying to acquire things from there, now that would be very difficult.”

After a pause, Feng Fei Zhang continued, “If you want to go deep into the waters of the Mingot Sea then you need to form a team, in the recent years, I also formed a team with many of my friends. But the reality is, many of them could not come back, I have watched many of my friends fail in front me but I just did not have the ability to help them. Maybe one of these days, I will also be like them, forever remaining behind in the Mingot Sea.”

An Yi had been living in a safe place with her master, and did not have much idea of this. But Ning Cheng was worried, although he was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, but his fighting experience was not rich. Last time he was able to kill Gu Fei, precisely because he was at his level. Even then, he had suffered many serious injuries by Gu Fei’s hands before he was able to kill him.

What Ning Cheng was the most worried about was, his aptitude was very bad, basically he couldn’t advance in his level. If he could return back to the Cang Qin Province, then it would not only be very easy for him to raise his cultivation level from the Qi Gathering 1st Level to the Qi Gathering 3rd Level but also solidify and improve his cultivation, and then go to the Mingot Sea.

Feng Fei Zhang saw Ning Cheng very worried, and took the initiative to speak, “In fact, as long as you are cautious, you would not necessarily die in the Mingot Sea. I have been in the Mingot Sea area for almost 10 years, but I am still alive and good. At this time, since we have teamed up, I will also tell you how to survive in the Mingot Sea.”

Ning Cheng felt very grateful and cupped his fists and said, “Brother Feng is very warm, this Ning Cheng would like to thank you.”

The Mingot Sea was such a dangerous place, with teams of people, of course, it would mean an abundance in experience. The stronger the person the better, but he had no experience. Feng Fei Zhang took in Ning Cheng and An Yi, if he did not have any malicious intentions, then he really was a warm hearted person.

“Sister He, does the carriage have a seat, we must go to the Mingot Sea Area.” Along with the voice, two more people walked towards them, one was a man and the other a woman. The man’s appearance was good, but he had a red scar on his face, which made him look a bit disfigured. The woman looked somewhat odd, it was obvious that she was very sexy, but if you looked carefully, she actually looked like a solemn, quiet and a refined young lady.

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