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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0017 – Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words

Chapter 0017 – Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words

“The place where you live, is it far away from here?” Ning Cheng asked again, after taking a small time to adapt, Ning Cheng could already vaguely see that the place he was at was a cave of sorts.

An Yi quickly replied, “So far, I sought out many places but I could not find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia, so I ended up going farther and farther away. Now from the place we are, I estimate it would take about five to six days to cover the distance back.”

“What is the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia?” Ning Cheng was not clear on what kind of grass it was.

“Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia is a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass, I heard that it can prolong a person’s life by 12 years. I want to find this Spiritual Grass to prolong my master’s life. My master said, if she failed to wake up then I should say my goodbyes to her. I am very worried about master, without master, I also do not know where to go......” An Yi’s voice becomes lower and lower, until she finally started to cry.

Ning Cheng remained silent for some time, although he did not know about this Spiritual Grass, but he knew that a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass was absolutely one of the highest existences around here. If An Yi could casually go out and find such a high ranked Spiritual Grass, which many people were looking out for, how could they wait for her?

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng said in a comforting voice, “I think the most important thing is to remain by your master’s side, a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass is not something that could be easily found. Besides this Spiritual Grass called Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia would definitely try to hide its scent, how could such a Spiritual Grass wait for you to find it?”

“No, that’s not it.” An Yi quickly refuted Ning Cheng’s words, “The Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia will hide its scent only just before it is going to be picked. If you remain immobile, it would have no interest, if you do not believe me you can take a look at these.” An Yi said while handing Ning Cheng some thick books.

Ning Cheng did not understand the slightest thing about Spiritual Grasses, and now that he received so many books from An Yi, he hurriedly put them away and said, “An Yi, it is clearly too dark now to read the books, lend me these books for a few days, after you come back again, I will give them back to you, OK?”

“You can.” after An Yi said, she seemed to have remembered something and quickly asked, “Ning Cheng, do you want to come with me?”

Ning Cheng felt that he had gained some strength in his body and immediately said, “Of course, not only will I go with you, we can even go now. If we wait for daybreak, we may not be able to leave.”

Ning Cheng did not want to depend purely on An Yi, he was sure that Gu Yuming would never let him go, as long as he came to know that he had killed Gu Fei, he was certain that that he would combine his power with Cang Qin’s Qin Guo to kill him. Not to mention that the Ning Clan was also completely exterminated by the Cang Qin’s Royalty, even if the Ning Clan was not exterminated by the Cang Qin’s royalty, with Gu Yuming’s family’s status in the Cang Qin Province, it would be utterly simple for them to eradicate someone from the Cang Qin Province.

“Those who are hunting you to kill you, may not necessarily be able to find you here. I have stayed here for two nights; it is very safe.” An Yi did not even mind it a little bit, in her view, there were mountains everywhere around here, even if the people looking for Ning Cheng to kill him came here, it would be absolutely impossible to find them.

But Ning Cheng had to speak the facts to her and said, “An Yi, I am not a bad person, the people who want to kill me are also not ordinary people. It is the King of Cang Qin Province who wants to kill me, so he would definitely send out his army to try and find me. If we stay here, the only thing that awaits us is death.”

An Yi nodded accordingly and said, “Well, I certainly believe that you aren’t bad. Then I will listen to you. Where should we go after we leave this place?”

“We will first go to the place where you live.” Seeing An Yi agree to his idea, Ning Cheng immediately stood up and said. He wanted to send back An Yi, and then go on to the Mingot Sea area.

An Yi was a little too simple and naive, not to say about a person going to look out for Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia, even if she found it, it would have been a strange affair. The scent of Spiritual Grass on one’s body, is something that couldn’t be hidden from other people easily.

“My master has been in closed door training for 7 or 8 days, she should be out soon, I would also like to get back to her at the earliest, but I was not able to find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia.” An Yi was depressed, it was apparent that her inability to find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia was weighing heavily on her heart.

“Come on, don’t think of such things.” Ning Cheng first stood up, and encouraged An Yi. An Yi followed behind Ning Cheng, temporarily putting her thoughts about the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia to the side.

Here it was indeed just like An Yi had said, the place they were hiding was surrounded with mountains one after another. Ning Cheng had been seriously injured, but after An Yi’s treatment, had become much better, plus he was also a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so his recovery speed was also not slow.

An Yi was also at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, that coupled with Ning Cheng, their speed of travelling was very fast. As the two people ran, by the time dawn broke, they were already very far from the cave they had hid in.

“Let me carry you.” seeing Ning Cheng covered in blood and terribly tired, An Yi said with some worry in her voice.

Ning Cheng just waved with his hand and said, “No, if you carried me then our speed would definitely slow down, I would really like it if you went ahead first. So that if we really get intercepted, you would not get dragged into my troubles.”

An Yi did not understand and looking at Ning Cheng she asked, “You mean, we still haven’t yet escaped to a safe place?”

Ning Cheng heavily nodded, he affirmed that they were still not yet safe. With Cang Qin’s forces, the distance they had fled was still within the Cang Qin Province’s control range. Originally when he entered the huge forest, he had thought that he could hide in there, but now he did not think of it. Even though this was a huge mountain range, and although a person could hide here, but he would not have a secure feeling in this forest.

“Then we’ll have to keep on running.” An Yi quickly said.

Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “It would be useless, even if they let us run for an entire night. Even in that situation, we would not be able to escape while running at full speed.”

After a stopping for a bit, Ning Cheng took out the books about the Spiritual Grasses that An Yi had given him, giving them back to An Yi, he said, “An Yi, you really are kind, if you really reach your master, then do not easily leave that place. I give these books back to you, in case I get caught, it would be a pity if those bastards took it away.”

“No......” An Yi hurriedly pushed it back, even though she and Ning Cheng were not familiar with each other, but from Ning Cheng, she could unexpectedly feel a bit of intimacy.

“Clip Clop Clip Clop....” There was a rapid sounds of horse shoes that interrupted Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s first reaction was to pull An Yi and flee.

But he was too tired, and the horses were too fast, in just a short period of time, it had already arrived by Ning Cheng’s side.

“Young Master Ning......” a familiar voice came, Ning Cheng was able to immediately recognize who the rider was, with his face covered with scars, it was the father of the child he had saved earlier in the Cang Le City.

“Is it you?” Ning Cheng asked while also being a bit surprised, he immediately thought about why would a man would rush here with a carriage this early in the morning?

This middle aged man saw the bloodied body of Ning Cheng and immediately came to know what had transpired, he quickly stopped the coach and said, “Young Master Ning, I was in front of the Relay Station in the previous town when I heard some things regarding you. It would be better if you quickly change your clothes, and get inside the carriage, I will take you away.”

Ning Cheng’s heart warmed up, when he had saved his little boy, this middle aged man was terrified to the point that he could not even say thanks. Now that he was in such a difficult situation, he did not even hesitate a bit to help him out, he knew that if he was caught, then he would end up dying a horrible death. It was true that kindness cannot be expressed with just a sentence, this middle aged man did not say much, but manifested it through his actions.

“It is too dangerous; I want to escape into the mountains. If I was caught sitting in your carriage, you would definitely be killed.” Ning Cheng still chose to decline the middle aged man’s kindness.

The middle aged man seeing Ning Cheng refuse, hurriedly said in an anxious tone, “You are the saviour of my little boy, my family’s benefactor. How can I even let you suffer?”

With that, the middle aged man directly took out a set of cloths, handing them to Ning Cheng and said, “Well, first put on these clean clothes, the clothes on you have a strong scent of blood on them.”

Ning Cheng gratefully took the clothes and asked, “Where are you going so early?”

“I go to Dean Town every month, there are many adventurers that come back from the Mingot Sea, they always bring back a lots of skins and various kinds of stuff. Because many of these beast carriages cannot directly go to the Cang Le City, so most of these vehicle come to stop at the Dean Town. Those adventures then hire our coaches to head back to the Cang Le City. I and a few other coach drivers are familiar with the roads nearby, so we usually walk through here, but I did not think that I would actually meet my family’s benefactor here.” This middle aged man rubbed his hands as he said these words that were filled with gratitude.

“Wait Wait....” Ning Cheng’s mind immediately flashed with lightning, and then he eagerly asked, “You said that you passed through the relay station that was not far from Dean Town, right? Also, when did you pass by the relay station?”

The middle aged man immediately replied in a dignified manner saying, “Yes, I did pass through the relay station almost three hours ago, but to reach the Dean Town’s relay station, it would take up almost a day.”

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he did not expect them and An Yi to go all night, hovering between the two posts, while also trying to escape. This An Yi that he depended on was too naive, looking for a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass between the two posts, if this affair was told to others, they would just think of it as some sort of comedy.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, this middle aged man quickly says, “Another coach will come right away, benefactor, please get in the carriage, I will get you out and take you to another remote location, bypassing the Dean Town along the way.”

Ning Cheng knew this was not the time to hesitate, as he quickly changed his clothes. An Yi, at this time, came to know that they were going the wrong way, and was a bit embarrassed, when Ning Cheng took off his clothes she helped him burn them by casting a fireball.

When the middle aged man saw An Yi cast the fireball, his eyes showed an enormous respect.

After Ning Cheng and An Yi boarded the carriage, the man and the carriage quickly departed, after about 10 minutes, the carriage turned around a corner to get onto the narrow mountain trail.

After another half an hour, the sky was brightly lit, and the carriage had entered a more secluded mountain trail, with mountains on both sides, even the sun was blocked off by the mountains. The man driving the coach was very skilled, he was even driving the horse and getting faster and faster. This curving path, he should have gone through numerous times.

Ning Cheng was secretly relieved, he knew that they were going the right way. In this place which was surrounded by mountains on all sides, if the people were unfamiliar with roads leading in and out of this place, then it would be very difficult for them to travel through here.

“Elder Brother, can I ask what is your name? This time I want to thank you.” Although Ning Cheng knew that he was in danger, he still asked the middle aged man as he was very grateful to him.

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